Sunday, May 15, 2011

Musical Chairs and Psychometry

I went back to school today for a full day healing workshop. The first lesson had to do becoming aware of our own energy field so that we could detect intrusions. At one point our teacher had us play something like musical chairs, imagine yourself sitting on a chair and feeling your own energy before you get up and swap with the person to your left. We were instructed to sense our classmates' energy, with the intention of spotting the differences. We made note of what we saw, then focused on sending our own energy into the chair and owning the space - thus eliminating our classmate's energetic imprint.

We started out by sensing our own energy. The teacher asked us to pay attention to the way we felt and to scan our body for anything that might be out of place. My left leg felt heavy, I spent all day yesterday on a transatlantic flight and this will usually affect my circulation. A couple years ago I had a thrombosis after a long flight, and I usually make myself walk every hour or so to make sure the circulation keeps going. I was wearing my compression stockings during the class and it was a little uncomfortable, so that didn't surprise me. 

That was the strongest sensation in my physical and etheric body. The classmate that I swapped chairs with sensed this, telling me that she felt pain down my left leg. The mental layer had a big surprise, as you may recall I had an eye infection a few weeks ago and have been complaining of tired eyes. This was actually manifesting in the mental layer, about a foot and a half in front of my eyes! I could sense it very strongly, and I'm guessing that my eyes were still getting cloudy because I hadn't cleared it out. Thankfully one of my classmates cleared my brow chakra during a distant healing later that afternoon. 

This went on for a few minutes and then we switched chairs. Once again, the instruction was to observe without passing judgment or trying to change anything. We have used this chair swapping technique a couple times in my psychic development classes and my brain instantly switched to psychometry/psychic reading mode. Rather than feel her energy, my third eye popped open and I saw was the big seashell from Disney's The Little Mermaid, if you remember the story the evil sea monster Ursula takes Ariel's voice  and gives her human legs.  

Ariel then sets off for dry land, looking to win over the prince that she fell in love with. The problem is that without her voice, the prince doesn't recognize her and he keeps looking for the girl he met on the beach, who he recalls by her song.  With the visual of the seashell came the sound of Ariel's voice, which I heard clearly the melodic Ah-Ah-Ah from the movie.  

If you remember the story, Ursula uses the seashell to lure the prince away from her, and its only when she gets her voice back that the humans recognize her for who she is. The moral of the story, was that my classmate needed to use her voice to express her personality and her opinions, instead of censuring herself. I think this resonated with her, but unfortunately we only had about a minute to talk it through so I'm not sure I got the message across.  

All in all the exercise was really cool, and it served to illustrate how we can sense other people's energies. In my case, I went straight into clairvoyant reading mode, but if I had been working clairsentiently I might have felt a constriction on my throat. The way that my classmate sensed the pain in my leg illustrates the danger - for lack of a better word - that mixing with other people's energy can pose. 

If we take a seat on the subway and the person who was there before us had a headache, we might feel the headache and mistake it for our own pain. The idea is that we can absorb other people's energies and feel their pain, and if we're not careful we can hang on to it. The practice of owning the chair by infusing it with your own energy will be a lifesaver on the public transport system. I like to fill the seat with white light before I sit down, and then concentrate on sending my energy down through the chair and into the earth. This begs the question of what the next person will feel when we leave, so responsible energy management might call for a little light shower before we move on.

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