Monday, May 9, 2011

Is there a gene for psychic abilities?

This week I'm on holiday in Mexico, enjoying time with friends, family and lots of down time. Before I left London I bought a book called A Discovery of Witches. There's a Wiccan pattern emerging on my Kindle list, first the History of English Magic and now a romantic thriller filled with vampires and witches. 

It's a cross between Twilight and Indiana Jones, the protagonist is a dormant witch who takes up a career as a college professor in the history of alchemy, chemistry and science. Along the way she stumbles upon an enchanted book, falls for a 1,500 year old vampire and manages to antagonize her entire community. The fictional story delves into the DNA of vampires, witches and a 3rd species of creative geniuses referred to as daemons (think tortured artists) 

The vampire in the book is a geneticist, and he's recruited a team of geneticist vampires to research the origins of the 4 species on earth. Humans being the last boring group, who have unfortunately evolved over time to lose their supernatural abilities. They mention certain genetic markers in witches that indicate proclivity towards specific magical powers, i.e. there is a gene that enables you to speak with spirits, another one that helps you cast spells, one to see the future, another one to help you levitate, control the four elements, etc. So this got me thinking, is there a gene for psychic abilities?

When I tell people that I only started developing my psychic abilities in my late twenties, they ask me if anyone can do it. I went through basic meditation for at least a year before I started getting solid impressions, and even though I try to tell them that anyone can follow this path a lot of my friends are sure they have no natural talent for it.  And then a few others are obviously psychic, even though they are not aware of it. Now that I've learned to recognize the markers I will often see signs of psychic ability in others, especially in the way they empathize with friends and how they guess my thoughts before I voice them. Telepathy as a concept is already engrained in our modern day culture, even though few people have a grasp of how it works.  

My theory is that our thoughts can be projected inwards when we are reflecting on something, but they can also be projected outwards when we are engaging with people and reacting to what they say. I'm not sure how to describe it, but sometimes my inner voice is louder than usual and my intention directs it at the person I am speaking to. I usually follow up by repeating the statement outloud, but I've noticed that certain people will actually respond to that thought before I voice it. It's happened a lot with one colleague in particular, a thought will pop into my mind and as soon as I mention it she exclaims that she knew I was going to say that. Or I send her an email and she tells me that I popped into her mind just before she received it.

The last time it happened she chalked it up to knowing me pretty well, even though we've only known each other for a few months. I think some people get to know me quickly because they are able to sense the subtle communications that I send out on an energetic level. Most people would describe me as calm, quiet and discreet. A lot of them say they can never guess what I'm thinking, and the reason for that is that I use energy to react rather than facial expressions. One of the reasons I've always thought psychic friends would come in handy, is that unless people can tune into those messages they might interpret my silence as aloofness or lack of interest. 

Most of my close friends know about my supernatural hobbies, and some of them are also accepting the fact that they are a little bit psychic even though they aren't interested in developing it. If they tried I'm sure it would come very easily, so back to my question, can anyone become psychic or do we need to have a predisposition towards it?  I still believe that with discipline anyone can learn at least one psychic skill, but there is a lot of evidence pointing to pockets of light that are waiting to be untapped in certain individuals. Does my telepathic colleague have a gene that lets her hear my thought-projections? Not sure, but something makes her different from the other people we work with.

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  1. Because the physical world reflects spiritual world like a mirror, we might (theoretically) say that soul's "save game", a patter of the etheric bodies that opens our chakras early, might be reflected in the genetic structure of the DNA - and I would say that everyone have such gene, that is dormant, simple as that - the point is to activate it.

    Of course, I'm not bit fan of science behind psychic phenomena for some time now, so I prefer pure spiritual explanations. But you know my thoughts about it - everyone is psychic, just not everyone knows about it :)