Monday, May 16, 2011

A Question for the Ages

This post is a question so I will keep it short and sweet. The whole thing came about when I was watching a channelled message from Archangel Michael on Youtube. One of the things we hear about Michael is that he's the captain of an army of Angels, and that he's spent his entire existence fighting evil. After all he was the one that took to Lucifer and kicked him out of heaven.

So my question is, when the Angels descend upon the Earth to help us fight "Evil" what are they really fighting against? And to clarify I don't like the word evil,  I'd rather think people are selfish, misguided, egomaniacs, or megalomaniacs. So my question is: are the angels fighting unseen forces or misguided humans? With the exception of natural disasters, most major tragedies have been caused by people. I'm not going into details but I'm sure you can think of a few. This is the video that got me thinking about where the problems lie, please share your thoughts in the comment box below. 


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Reiki hugs, Regina