Sunday, January 13, 2013

Psychic Student seeks Tutor/Class!

I was really looking forward to my new psychic development class at the College. We were going to make our own runes, learn to read tea leaves and other fun stuff. It just so happens that this class has been cancelled. The back ups I had in mind have also been cancelled because there weren't enough students! There is one last class that I was hoping to get into if there are spaces left. 

If I can't get into an ongoing class I will have to step up my extra-curricular activities. Use it or lose it. Last term I was giving 15 minute readings in class, which I really enjoyed. Maybe I can keep this up with Skype readings or by practicing on friends. The new Angel Reading Hour should also give me a chance to practice. One of my former classmates is also organising a weekly intuitive circle so that could be a good alternative to enrolling in a proper class. 

That or a writing workshop would come in handy! 

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