Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolutions for a Happy New Year

I don't have much to say this week but I still felt like blogging. Maybe it is therapeutic? So the holidays have come and gone and once again most of us are back to work. It's time for New Year's Resolutions. I have never really understood the concept of a resolution. If it is that important why wait until January? If you're going to diet, start today. If you want to make time for friends or family, start today. If it's worth it, start today! It doesn't matter if it's January or October. That being said, I have three habits that I want to build and they've become my New Year's Resolutions. They came to mind after I read Tolle's A New Earth over the holidays.  

These are my life changing habits  =)

  • Bring Awareness into my Life: I have a habit of getting lost in thoughts and daydreams. When I was in kindergarten my teachers would call out to me saying "Earth Calling Regina!" I could be sitting in my chair and my energy goes somewhere else. Though this can be fun in guided meditations, it's not the best way to live your life. This year I'm going to make a habit of living in the moment and being aware and available. 
  • I think I may need to work on my grounding; though I might need to center myself instead. This habit will be a mix of daily grounding and centring throughout the day. One of the reasons that I want to be grounded, centered and aware is that you are more likely to enjoy life when you're in it. I love living in London and I'm not sure how much longer I'll stay. Being grounded, centered and in the moment means I can enjoy it more. It's the only way to really experience life. 
  • Now moving on to the last resolution. I am going to enjoy everything I do this year. If not everything, then just about everything. Granted, it will be a lot easier now that I'm leaving my day job to do what I really love. But part of this habit also means getting on with the changes I've planned and not stressing over what will happen. Working towards a goal is good. Channeling your energy and drive into a goal is good. Stress is no help at all. I'm looking forward to an exciting year. 

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. Great post, thanks!

  2. wow, Regina...I can so identify with this. I could have written the whole post myself word for word...except for the part about living in London of course!! I hope we both stick to our are you doing so far? I think I'm still on track...(fingers crossed) lol ...Terry Fr.