Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Angels, Trumpets and Gold

My new psychic class began today! Our tutor Michelle came in with loads of Christmas Cards, postcards and photographs and told us to choose one we were drawn to. I spotted my picture even before she was done laying them on the table: a purple Christmas card with two lovely angels blowing their trumpets over a gold path. So cute I had to take a picture. We then went on to swapping readings on each other's cards. The messages were spot on, especially as I am new to the group. Have a look at the card: 

These messages came through in the readings: 
  • There's an overwhelming sense of purple, gold and silver which for spirituality. I pegged the gold for healing, and my tutor chipped in saying it was also Christ Consciousness. How awesome is that. The card feels so Christmassy to me. I love the fact that it has purple, gold and angels. 
  • One of my classmates saw the gold path and told me I was on my way; though where it ends isn't clear. I'm going in the right direction and the door at the end of the path leads to a new life. 
  • The trumpets represent an announcement coming up soon. 
  • The yellow and purple angel represents spirituality. The one with the red rim represents grounding in the physical world. They're equally prominent which means I'm spiritual and grounded. Apparently I'm not "off with the fairies."
  • Apparently I'm also into angelic energy. So much so that I'm thinking of working with angels in my career. Oh my gosh =)
  • The dark purple represents intuition and spirituality. Light purple represents compassion, a calm nature and happiness. 
  • I keep my life compartmentalised which is also true. My job sees one side of me, my healing circle and my family another. It recently dawned on me that I need to integrate better.  
  • For some reason, no one mentioned that lovely star. I think its guiding me and helped me find my way to that gold path. 

All in all an amazing start to the new term! 

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