Tarot Readings

Our intuition sends messages all the time, though it can be easy to miss the signs if we are distracted or stressed. This is where Angels, Tarot and Astrology readings help. 

Rather than predict the future, we can use tarot readings to ask for guidance on practical matters such as career, relationships and life purpose. I draw on a variety of tools to get the big picture, including astrology, the cards, and my own connection with the angels.  

The advice is often related to our behavior and how we can influence an outcome. Using a sports analogy, our team of angels and guides is here to coach us, but ultimately it's up to us to make a run for the ball.

The goal is to work as a team in co-creating our lives, whether we go through an intuitive like myself or connect with our angels directly. To develop your own intuition, try this Intuitive Heart Meditation or Sign Up For Class Here

I now offer offer Angel, Tarot & Astrology Readings:  

1) 20 Minute Recorded Readings - 18 GBP (25 USD): In depth exploration of 2-3 issues exploring the current situation, where you would like to be, obstacles or influences, and guidance on next steps. We can ask about a specific issue, or for the most relevant message. These Angel, Tarot, or "focused Astrology" readings are delivered on MP3. 

2) 60 Minute Skype Reading - 50 GBP (60 USD): This option allows for the exploration of several issues. I rely on cards, my intuition and messages from the archangels to provide practical, loving and supportive guidance. Click Here For Skype Availability. Please reserve a time before making your payment. This option can also be used for natal astrology readings.   
To book a session, use the buttons below and: 
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  • MP3 readings are delivered in 3 working days *
Email: geena@diaryofapsychichealer.com  



Readings are for entertainment purposes only.
Advice is given in the knowledge that 
the client takes full responsibility for their decisions.