Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Language of the Pendulum

Over the past few years I have tried different tools to connect with my Higher Self. Some have been more trustworthy than others, including runes, angel cards, automatic writing and crystal pendulums. 
The latter can be least reliable; if you're not careful the pendulum will tell you what you want to hear.  I like to write questions on pieces of paper and fold them up in a pile before I start. It's important to keep a clear mind when you're writing the questions down, and when you're actually using the pendulum. The best approach is curiosity and neutral emotions. 

Next comes grounding, attuning and connecting to be sure I tune into high vibrational energies. The pendulum can be guileful, if you are not clear and centred  you will tune into your emotions instead of receiving accurate messages. When I'm ready, I go one by one and ask the pendulum to show me the answer. This approach yields three sets of answers: 

  • YES means whatever I'm asking about is aligned with my highest good. I will sometimes ask if a particular outcome is possible or probable and by what percentage. 
  • NO usually means what I'm asking about wouldn't be aligned with my highest good, it's not an option. Sometimes it also means that I shouldn't waste my time and energy on that. 
  • SILLY QUESTION comes up when the pendulum doesn't know the answer or when it can't be answered as it's been phrased (is it a yes/no question?). This doesn't come up as often. 

It can also be useful to include "Am I Asking the Right Question in the pile, as we have a tendency to get bogged down in details that aren't part of the big picture. If you get a NO to that question then the issues you're concerned about are not the ones that should be top of mind. Lately I've noticed that if you do ask a relevant question, the pendulum will  highlight it by saying YES to that and NO to everything else. This happened to me recently and I assumed that I need to put my energy and action into that scenario (do I pursue a particular path).

I like to ask the pendulum questions about what is real or possible now, rather than what will happen in the future. For example, three years ago I was looking for a new job at work and decided to inquire about potential vacancies in the wider marketing team. I ask about each brand team and when I got a YES for one brand, I asked about the individuals on that team. The pendulum told me that a particular person was leaving, and 2 days later I heard she'd quit to take a new job outside the company. She quit before I asked the pendulum, so it wasn't predicting the future. It gave me visibility of what was happening behind the scenes. This can be useful if you are trying to navigate a situation with incomplete information. The pendulum can give us direction, though fact-checking the information is a good idea. And obviously, don't stake your life on the answers. 

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