Friday, December 14, 2012

Distant Healing of Relationships

One of the things I love about distant healing is the singularity of each session. For starters, I have two healing techniques, one that I use for individuals and another for groups. The technique used to send healing to an individual entails visualising a beam of healing energy entering my crown chakra, flowing down to the heart and then going out the front of my heart chakra to the person who is receiving. 

The second technique is easier for sending healing to a group. I’ll imagine a sphere of rose quartz energy floating in front of me and I invite the recipients' higher self to put them in that space. This makes is easier to get a sense of healing a group as I can imagine their miniature selves in the sphere. I hold that sphere in my hands and channel the healing from my heart chakra, down my arms and out my palms. This is similar to what I would do in a contact healing session with the person sitting in front of me.  

Yesterday I used this technique to send Reiki. I also listened to a sound healing meditation that is meant to cleanse the energy body. So far so good, the reason this healing was different is that I was prompted to focus on the three lower chakras only:  root, sacral and solar plexus.  I sent healing to the root chakra with the intent to ground the recipients and to send healing to any physical ailments. It didn't require as much healing as you might think. Most of the Reiki was drawn at the sacral chakra (emotional health, relational cord healing) and solar plexus chakra (self-esteem). 

I'm going to focus on Relational Cord Healing because this is where most of the Reiki went. I'm also reading a book called Reiki for Life; one of the things the the author mentions is that a change in consciousness may lead to lasting healing. Without that awakening, we end up falling in the same traps that led to our energy imbalance in the first place, whether it is emotional or mental. So here it goes! 

Relational Cord Healing is about clearing stuck, stagnant and heavy energy between people, which enables us to heal relationships. It clears the aftertaste left by misunderstandings, quarrels, jealousy, etc. There is some debate over cords and whether they should be cut or cleared. Cutting the emotional bond to another is done under certain circumstances, and they need to be evaluated on a case by case basis. Yesterday there were 50+ people in the group and it was easier to facilitate the healing by asking the recipients' higher selves to let go of any emotional baggage they'd like to be rid of.  Quite a few cords were cleared, though not everyone was ready to let go. This is an important caveat, the recipient has to be ready and willing to move on. Some people still need to grieve and feel the pain before letting go. Others like to  nurse old grudges, as a healer it can be very difficult to help them. I like to think of Reiki and Energy Healing as assisted self-healing, and as a healer you can only go as far as the client is sub-consciously willing to take the healing. 

I think healings are more effective when the recipient engages with the process. If you received distant Reiki this week I'd encourage you to build on it by observing your interactions with others. How do you react when your buttons are pushed? Do you hang on to the feeling? This healing may have given you a clean slate to work with. I'd suggest releasing the energy before it starts to build again. 

This can be done by:
  • Speaking your truth with compassion, especially if the tension and conflict if passive aggressive. If this isn't possible try journaling about the experience and releasing the energy that way. I like to write about what bothers me, get it all out and then tear it up. If I had a safe way of burning the paper I'd do that, but I don't have a fireplace so it's not feasible. =)
  • Visualising yourself telling the person how you feel. Listen to them as well. This can be done by sitting in quite meditation for 15 minutes, imagining yourself in a safe open space and meeting them there. This is useful if you want to clear the air but don't feel comfortable speaking to them directly. Helpful if it's your mother-in-law, your boss or a difficult family member, etc.
  • On a deeper level you can also send healing to the "your buttons" with the intent to dissolve them and release the mental pattern that triggers your negative reaction in the first place. People don't anger or annoy us, we react to "neutral" situations with negative emotions because that is how our ego is programmed to react. When that programming is gone, the unpleasant experience goes with it. This is the topic of a longer post =)

It's a good idea to keep your energy clear going forward, as our thoughts, actions and feelings cause this energy to build both in our own energy body, and in our relationships. Find an outlet to help you  work through your emotions and release them, and be sure to speak and act from the heart while standing your ground when it comes to being treated with respect and fairness.

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Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. A very important post, especially the first paragraph. Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you for that =) I was actually wondering if the 1st paragraph was useful or relevant!

  2. I love your work Geena! This subject of relationship healing and holding onto something that is harmful is exactly where I am today. I suspect I have respect issues from many lives to heal. I would appreciate any healing Reiki energy you send. Group or individual. I will be open to it either way.

    Thank you for all you do for us. Nan Peterson