Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Story of Our Past Lives

I am reading a brilliant book called Past Lives, Present Miracles by Denise Linn. It's about using past life regression to identify blocks that might be stemming from other incarnations. For example, someone may have vowed to never love again after losing their husband or wife. Imagine what that would do to your relationships now. Others may have vows of poverty that limit their ability to manifest abundance and wealth in life. Having visibility of our past lives can be useful because it will help us lift blocks, and also identify strengths and talents that we may have no idea about. The past lives we are shown are relevant to what we experience now, as it would be overwhelming to see everything. Most of the past lives I'm sensing at the moment have to do with spirituality and healing. 

For example, I am convinced that I've had at least one life as a Tibetan  Monk or a Claustered Nun, like the character in the Sound of Music before she leaves to become a governess. I think I've also had lives as a scientist, a medicine woman, a lawyer, and not so pleasant lives during the witch trials and Inquisition. The life in the convent was fairly recent, and it came after several lifetimes where I was persecuted by my community for being a seer or a healer. This life in the convent would have been an attempt at spirituality away from prying eyes. A vow of silence also keeps you from saying anything that will land you in hot water. The solitude was sure to be overwhelming at times. I get the sense that it was a brief interlude before going back to the outside world. 

As a child, I had strong reactions to stories of Catholic saints that lived their entire adult lives in monasteries. Saint Terese is the first one that comes to mind, especially because she joined at a young age. I was horrified by the isolation and I remember thinking I didn't want to do that (again?). Funny thing is I do enjoy spending time alone writing and meditating, though I also need to socialise. I tend to alternate between the two. The message I got yesterday was that I can draw on that  inner peace and connection; taking it with me wherever I go. That short life in the convent gave me a tool that I can tap into now. The time for being quiet and discreet is over, especially as we now live in a day an age where you can be intuitive without being ridiculed or mocked. That's a gift too. 

Two years ago I thought of writing a novel that revolved around the protagonist's past lives.  I could use my own past lives to write this and self-heal while I'm at it. That would make for a nice journey of exploration, especially as so much of what we see in these types of readings is wrapped up in our imagination. The combination of emotions and clairvoyant images tell a story that clue us into what is happeneing with our subconscious. This can be really useful, whether it really does portray a past life or just a block that we're dealing with at the moment. I'm going to start writing these next year and see where it takes me.  It could also be fun to write past life stories for other people. Let's see where this goes. 

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Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. Hi :) wow Denise Linn... It takes me a long was back... I don't if I have read that book but I have met her in person, done some of her cd works and my two past life regretions were done by a close helper of hers who at the time I knew and helped with one of the workshops I did with her. Yes past life's can be very useful in the understanding of the present. I am quite sure that a lot of us bring upon ourselves more then we need! Specially guit and ways of make us 'pay' for what we think we done and that we think we deserve. I wish I would know as good as the person I did it with, I would love to find more... But I highly recommend people never to do it only out of interest. You can go where you don't wish to or see what you not prefer to. Love to you xxx

    1. Hi! I also think its not something to do just out of curiosity. That being said, if I'm giving a reading past lives only come up if they are genuinely relevant to whatever is happening in the present. In those cases I think they can be helpful - though our focus should be on healing now so that we can move on =)

  2. Good story Geena and I love your picks of favorite books, the only one that I have read is Sacred Contracts, it was very good, Caroline Myss is a very good teacher...Much love Paula