Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Little Ancestral Clearing ...

What a great week! I had two great readings and a distant healing all the way from Mexico! I actually feel much better because of it, and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The 1st reading was about my job and how I should just chill out and enjoy it. What I'm going through now is a stepping stone that will help me reach my goals in the next couple years. 

"Enjoy it!" 

The second reading actually came with the distant healing, and it was about family, career, relationships and a bit of ancestral issues that needed clearing and healing. My mom went to see a healer in Mexico who worked on clearing my family's spiritual DNA, and then cleared me through my mom. Based on what my mom told me after the session, the healer worked on clearing psychological and emotional traits that can be passed down through the generations. For example, someone might have a stubborn streak running through the family.  There can also be positive streaks like optimism, joy. The positives you want to keep, the negatives you want to clear so that you can move upwards and onwards.

What I really like about healing is that you can take something that is pretty good to begin with and make it even better. We have no idea how great we can have it. It isn't until someone shows you what life could be like if only you worked on your ego, etc, that you start to register the possibilities. The other great thing about healing (as if there were only two great things about healing!) is that the healer can clear blocks that the client isn't aware of. If you've been wearing blinders all your life, you wouldn't realise it until someone takes them off. The healer may also be able to pinpoint something that the client is already working on, and facilitate the process by shifting stuck energy. I think this is what the distant healing session has done for me. Will let you know when I start seeing major breakthroughs in my life.  =)

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    1. thanks! I love how Facebook is shaping our vocabulary =)

  2. Yes so true :) Clearing what we don't know we have or intensify for a time something we already have... so that something moves and changes. I like and believe that. Can't wait to hear more about that :) x