Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Has technology made us more or less psychic?

I read an interesting article the other day. It caught my eye because the BBC was reporting a set of telepathic goggles that the military is working on. At 1st I thought they were trying to teach soldiers telepathy, not the case! Men Who Stare at Goats probably talked them out of that idea, if it ever came up! This article was about goggles that will somehow read thoughts, encrypt them, and broadcast them to the rest of the team. Sounds a lot like the telepathic communication that the pack of wolves had in the Twilight series. I suppose if you're in a combat situation it comes in very handy. In civilian life though, I would much rather be intuitive and tap into psychic and energetic pathways. 

The army isn't the only group that is mimicking psychic skills with technology. Google is rumoured to be launching a new set of reading glasses that include Google Search, Maps, GPS and a host of other things. You can ask questions and it will give you the answers along the way! How cool! That is just what my spirit guides do, though to be honest I have only used them once or twice with direction. At the time I was driving, lost, and without a mobile. Their assistance and clairvoyant messages came in really handy! Google's glasses are probably a huge win for technology, but what will they do to our intuition? I really think that a lot of these huge investments in technology are only compensating for the fact that as a society we have lost many of our natural gifts.

I've also been thinking about the impact that mainstream media can have on our intuition. As a kid I spent a lot more time reading books than watching TV. I really loved seeing the stories play out in my mind and immersing myself in these alternate realities. Your mind's eye can bring these to life and take you to that location so much better than a movie or a TV show can. I think my being a book nerd has really helped me develop my clairvoyance. My visualisation and imagination are strong, the only thing that changed is the source of the inspiration. I really think my being a book nerd as a kid has helped me develop my clairvoyance throughout life. Reading books and visualising the scenes works your clairvoyant muscles. This makes it a lot easier to step into a guided meditation, or to give a clairvoyant reading. I think reading has made me a lot more psychic. Watching TV, the news and constantly being bombarded by messages from other media will probably have the opposite effect. It is harder to notice your intuitive guidance when you're being saturated by the media. 

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  1. I quite agree with you. Media gives not always a truth idea of the reality and takes us away from connecting with the truth within. Everything becomes more of an illusion and a mind focus need instead of a grounded and organic reality. I too found my spirituality within my lonely, private moments as a child. I read Tintin! :) he give me a grounded real view of the world. Not of a superman, even though at times he did survived thing a bit too much but they were never impossible things. He give me a sense of rightness and truthfulness as well as the idea of being a good person, real, with courage and kind and helpful to others. A good role model.
    I believe as well that were the times trough play and imagination that I learn to listen and connect with myself. To be happy with my own company. Kids nowadays don't! They get bored! I was never bored alone! I had my mind, my soul...
    As for psychic and technology... lol just the other day we were trying this App that allows you to command your computer at home from an IPad anywhere in the word... we were moving things in the screen of the computer from another room... and though: wow this could really scare someone! 'I have a ghost moving things in my computer! Help!' lol x

    1. Hahaha telekinesis is one of the things that I used to be really curious about. Even read up on techniques to develop it, but gave up after all of one week because its a huge hassle with no real spiritual or personal gain. LOL.

      When I have had things fall of shelves for me it was my spirit guides (I hope!) that pushed them. I'm thinking about those noodles from my Pop Tarts and Spirit Guides post!

      Anyhooo, I do watch TV because I really enjoy series but I do my best to stay away from 24/7 news channels and celebrity magazines. I think its good to know what's happening in the world, especially when it comes to helping people who are going through tough moments.

      Thanks for the comment MC!

    2. I remember going out with someone who had a big mediumship and he used to like to read spirit book aloud for the 'other ones' and they sometimes would play up with us... with changing tv channels and kitchen lights... once one was over stubborn but so am I!! hehe and he didnt win but I did left the light on for a while for his delight. :) I never been scared, I love it! I will talk to them... mind you once I was quite scared when I was awaken by one suffocating my neck! But that was another story and I survived because I didn't panic and instead I started a medium/mental conversation with him... gosh interesting stuff but I am glad they are kept away from me... hehe x

    3. I think you need more protection!

  2. :) thanks but it is fine... this was like 18year ago!!! lol

  3. 2011-03-18T08:40:19.131Z
    Religions? You don't need religion for anything, religions are the source of hate, destruction and negative spiritual patterns.

    True spirituality focused on God - the Source of all that is, and the "God" within you, your Buddha mind. Spirits, entities, angels, deities, saints, they're just wrong because sorry, but you never really know if you're talking to some archangel, or damned astral critter who's just feeding on you.

    Now to difference between meditation and prayer. Prayer is your pure intend supported by love and trust, which you direct to God (or The Source, The Universe). Meditation, on the other hand, is a practice of expanding your consciousness - to be aware of everything, yet to be focused on nothing.

    That's my point of view :).
    STC Technologies

    1. Hi STC ... Funny this comment seems to have copied over from another post. I'm not going to delete it because I don't censor things unless there is lots of profanity. Etc =)

      The comment is copied word for word, my original reply is on this link: