Monday, April 30, 2012

The Gluten Free Craze

Have you ever gone on WebMD? I was just on there Googling a few symptoms of mine. Wish I hadn't, it would be so much better to visit an actual doctor and have them give an assessment. When I was done filling in a list of symptoms the calculator spit back about 3-4 conditions and diseases that I could potentially have, and what other condition those can link to. In the space of 3 minutes I read the words: celiac disease, anorexia nervosa (yeah right!), Diabetes 1, small intestinal cancer. Etc etc etc. 

While I was reading it I had to tell my body that 

"I am not having that!"

The only explanation that made a bit of sense from a symptomatic point of view was the gluten intolerance. My little sister thinks she is gluten intolerant and I have had some of the symptoms for the past year or so. A couple weeks ago I asked my Guides to point me in the right direction. Will cut back on gluten for a week or two and see how it goes. I'm also up for affirmations to remove the allergy from my energy system. I really love spicy food and would rather blame the gluten than my special hot sauces. Is that the peer of suggestion working for or against me? We'll see how it goes. 

A couple years ago my dermatologist had me alternate between various types of foods over the course of 3 months to see which one was making me break out. The culprit was cheese and milks. I quite cheese and milk for a couple months and now I'm on it again with no problem. I think it may be time to go through a trial and error phase to find out what it is that I'm eating that has my tummy worked up. That and cutting back on the stress! As of last week I've made a point of choosing not to stress out at work, at home, over my healing homework's, or anything else. You can still get things done without stressing about them! It's a life lesson for me. 

What shall I add to my trial and error list?

  • Gluten
  • Coffee
  • Spicy Food 
  • Over Eating in General! 
  • Any other ideas?

Not even sure what contains gluten, will need to do a quick Google search.  I might give it two weeks and then move on to the trial phase. Don't try this at home, and if you do, go see a doctor 1st. 

I'll make a quick trip to my neighbourhood NHS GP for an assessment as well. Think it is great that medical care is still free in this country. Especially with the taxes we pay! Tough stuff ... 

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 

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  1. Oh honey, are ready? You made need to grab hold of something. Gluten/Wheat is in EVERYTHING. It really is. Labels will be your best friend. You also need to note that 2-3 weeks wont do anything for you if you are really trying to see if you have an intolerance. It takes two full months to get wheat/Gluten out of your system. Starbucks DOES have acidic beans (having worked there) but I know your fave is their Chai. That should be fine. No acidity there. Dairy /Lactose is another biggun but if you were fine when you went back on that, doesn't make me think that's the problem. Also pay attn to your guides because they knocked that box of pasta off the shelf for you and that was Gluten free *ding ding!* also during this time ask Raphael to help assist you in getting rid of your cravings for Gluten. 'He' will help if you ask. It's going to be hard but worth it :) -Emili-

    1. My gluten free week has been a bit of a joke! Had a lunch meeting today and they only had sandwiches, brownies and some fruit. I do love my fruit but a girl needs to eat so I went for the yummy carbs LOL

      We'll see if next week is better! =)

  2. Gosh you have a big one in front of you... but why?? What does that mean to you? If you like food and special types, as long as all that is in moderation there is reason for your body to be unhappy. Unless he is wanting to tell you something?
    Allergies can be related with accepting that you here on Earth, very base chakra related. Belonging, home, family. Is your immune system over reacting to things... being too sensitive. What are you too sensitive to in life?
    Intolerances I would think they are related to it too, but is more like that you having too much of something that your body is fed up. Issues with self acceptance of accepting life circumstances, stress! Lack of life force!-Over working and giving.
    Look into it! My daughter when she was about to come to this world changed her mind and turned around!! Yes that give me a lovely 32h of horrendous labour! When she finally arrived by force she just screamed! And then became allergic to the world! With food allergies and Eczema! When she was christening at 3months the Priest was so shocked with her skin he give her an extra blessing :) Over time she got better from the skin and as she become more accepting that this life is not that bad... her allergies are going too. So my message here is do look into what it means to you all this. Love and light to you xxx

    1. LOL I think the "moderation" is the problem hahaha

      I've been having lots of pastries and cereals for breakfast, instead of sitting down and having a proper meal (on the run). Maybe that is part of it???? What do you think ...

      Sensitivity is a good thing to look at too (thanks for the idea!)

      Will have to journal about it lol

  3. Goodness MC! You poor thing for such a long laybor. Also, I think I would have turned around too if I'd had the common sense. I popped out not crying at all and they had to smack me a whole bunch to get me crying. I must have known I was supposed to be here. I didn't cry at all as a child even though I was briskly taken away from mum and rushed into surgery. The nurses all commented on how quiet I was for a baby. Now? I'd be crying all over the place if I had the knowledge then that I do now. (Ie: I know had that knowledge as a baby and in other lives, but our mental earth mind forgets it etc)

    1. Thanks Emili for the sympathy :) it was ok after I sign the paper to have an epidural! lol yes that was not our first choice with my back injury but at that point... after it was bliss and looking at those big eyes with a Liza Minnelli hair cut was love at first sight :)
      As for your story it sounds you were under shock, some of us go silence :) when it is overwhelming... Yes do cry and scream now...never late to make yourself being heard :) x

  4. HOLY CRAP what synchronicity - I literally have a post saved on my blog (but unpublished) about allergies (wheat) and weight!!

    WOW MC and Emili, great insight! I have to completely agree that allergies are a reflection of a spiritual, perhaps not spiritual but subconscious, rejection of certain aspects of physical life. I don’t want to use the word "spiritual" bc our soul, higher self, is totally cool with being here on Earth... after all, we did incarnate! Maybe it's about connecting to the higher self, releasing fear, etc.

    Anyway, speaking on a much more mundane level, if you are indeed allergic to something - allergies are often "chronic" and not crazy reactive, such as a person with a peanut or a bee, etc.

    The most common chronic allergies I know are dairy and wheat, and I am sure soy, sulfates and egg may not be far behind.

    Consuming something you are chronically allergic to causes your body stress, which releases adrenal hormones, which causes a slight "fight or flight" response 24/7 and a part of flight or fight is GAINING WEIGHT so you can handle the stress (that your body is likely interpreting as a tiger, lol).

    Looking into letting go of allergies, no matter how complicated is a great thing and might be super healthful!!


    1. I love synchronicities!

      Hmmm, if I'm rejecting something would it be something in particular or just a general feeling??? I haven't been feeling the symptoms until recently, not sure if its because I've been having carbs/gluten too often? I also haven't gained any weight ....

      What would you recommend to reverse the intolerance, if it is that??? =)