Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to Clear Stubborn Fat and Cellulite

Recently I did a chakra meditation at the gym intending for emotional baggage to slip away. It was a fun way to combine my healing studies with my workout, and you know what? It worked!

Many people meditate with their eyes closed but I like to keep mine open. The Third Eye works even when we are jogging or doing crunches. 

Why energy healing and weight loss?

I should mention I am already pretty thin, but there are pockets of stuck energy (or fat) that I would like to clear. Most of it sits on my bum, hips and stomach. There is not much of it. The reason I go to the gym is to stay toned and rid myself of stress. Why not kill three birds with one stone and heal myself as well? 

A lot of us can relate the topic so I'm putting it out there even though I'd rather not write about  cellulite. How we feel is more important than how we look, and I'd rather focus on emotional baggage and how it can lead to extra weight on our bodies... 

Louise Hay on Stubborn Fat:

Fat can represent fear and the need to protect ourselves emotionally. In healing school, we learned that many healers and empaths gain weight around the belly because it shields them from other people's stress and drama. This is easily remedied by shielding your Aura

In her book, Heal Your Body, Louise Hay tells us that fear masks hidden anger and the resistance to forgive the past. Where it is on the body clues us into the meaning: 
  • Cellulite is stored anger and self-punishment
  • The buttocks represent power, or loss of power. 
  • Fat on hips and thighs represents stubborn anger from childhood (often at our parents)
With this in mind, I set out to do a clearing meditation that would wipe away traces of anger, self-punishment, fear, need for protection or a perceived loss of power in my life. I don't weight myself often but I can feel a difference in my clothes, and better yet, how I feel about myself and my life.

Try It Out! (Eyes Open, Please) 

Step 1) Intense Workout With White Light

I began with 20 minutes on the cross trainer at a comfortable speed, visualising white light scrubbing away and releasing traces of anger from my body. I then placed a huge grounding cord at the bottom of my Aura and let that energy fall to the center of the Earth for purification.

Wherever I felt I had pockets of fat or cellulite (the last stubborn lumps), I focused my attention and asked my intuition to show me what it was. The flashes I had were from my first job. I wasn't living up to my potential and felt powerless to change it.  

Eventually, I quit and moved to London, where I now work. Some of that energy was still with me and as the workout continued, I let the frustration slip away.  

Step 2)  Walk It Off ... 

Next, I moved to the treadmill and power-walked it off. I intended to walk away, leaving all of those memories in the past. My third eye popped open and I pictured myself walking in a forest. The terrain became a bit steeper and I adjusted the treadmill to reflect this change of scenery (eyes open, always!)

As I continued, I could sense the trees around me, the wind in my hair and the moonlight shining down between the tree branches. All along I had my eyes open and was perfectly aware of my surroundings. 

I could feel my spirit soaring and soaking in the light, the air, and also the nutrients from the soil under my feet. This went on for a few minutes, and then the mental image shifted to a slight downhill slope, and it finally disappeared. At that point, I went to do a light "toning circuit" and then went home. 

One Last Suggestion!

Read my Tiny Buddha article, Stop Crash Dieting: An Enjoyable Approach to Weight Lossfor a comprehensive view of emotions, self-esteem, food patterns, and generally being kind to your body.

Reiki hugs, 



Regina Chouza is an Energy Healer, Angel Medium and author of A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love and Chakra Healing & Magick. She studied angel intuition and astrology at The College of Psychic Studies in London, and qualified as a healer at the School of Intuition & Healing UK. Her passion is bringing the qualities of self-love, joy and empowerment to healing pursuitsRead her books to heal yourself.  


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  1. I am a huge fan of Lousie Hay and it was her book, "You Can Heal Your Life", that made a huge impact in my life. I was able to stop smoking and drinking after 20 years of use. However, the most difficult part of journey has been my weight gain over the past 3 years. A total of 35lbs. I eat healthy 75% of the type, hardly any processed food and excerise at least 3 times a week. I know I must be angry about something but do not feel angry. I did suffer great pain from both my parents as a child, and sometimes my heart still feels hurts. I meditate often and talk to God and the angels but something is blocking me and my body is shutting down.

    1. Hi Anonymous, Have you seen a doctor (nutritionist or a endocrinologist)? I'm not sure what you mean by "your body is shutting down" but it sounds like you might need one.

      On another note, if there is a spiritual or emotional reason you can also ask your subconscious mind to tell you when you are sleeping. What do your dreams say?

      Take care,


    2. Hi Anonymous,
      I can highly recommend Inner Child work, to say it is profound and fundamental would not do it justice. The major shifts I have had with this simple and easy process is far more than I can put into this little box. Our emotional patterning, belief system, self image is all created when we are kids, and these are often formulated by childlike views. So by addressing current issues right at the core level, you pull the weed from the roots... And the joy with doing this type of process work, is that it is gentle... You, as your grown up self,are managing the process... So you approach your Inner Child in the way you always wanted to be treated. You become the 'parent' you always wanted. The Inner Child heals, which affects you currently, your relationship with others changes too, as your relationship with this aspect of yourself developes more. I find that now, when I see myself reacting to something, I connect with my Inner Child immediately and find out what is going on with her... Often it is because she feels unsafe. After reassuring her and giving her the comfort she needs, she is fine... And I then see my current situation differently. As your relationship with your Inner Child strengthens, you might find your relationship with your Higher Self does too. If you need assistance in getting started, you can ask a Hypnotherapist to connect you with your inner child or a Reiki Master to use guided meditation. WIshing you all the best, in love and compassion Dawn Penny

    3. Hi Dawn, That's really interesting, thanks for the comment. I hadn't thought to connect with my Inner Child in that way. Why do you suppose the link with your Higher Self also strengthens?


  2. Gosh what a great idea... yes energy and fat sounds a good one... I have always been on the big side of everyone else... and I can relate with protection. Plus some how I sense as well it might be something to do with my spirituality but not sure what. Great inspiration! Thank you. x

  3. Great meditation. Louise Hay is awesome. I have several of her books, some cd's and her movie. Love her!

    1. Hi! I didn't know she has a movie, what is it about? =)

  4. In addition to physical exercise, good anti-cellulite massage helps.

  5. hi, i had 3 surgeries for intramuscular lipoma in my thigh. 1st time, they removed around 1.5 kg, 2nd time around 1 kg was removed and this time around 2.5 kg. and i had absolutely abusive childhood. even my mother died of cancer. my father is a terror on face of this earth. now that i know, my anger and frustration towards him is the cause of the my lipomas in thigh, still i am not able to forgive him. pls tell me how to do so.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Thank you for reaching out. Forgiving is extremely personal and I like to think it is about setting ourselves free from the past. I would suggest to start by doing meditations where you send yourself love, to the past, and to your family, including your parents. I also believe prayer can help us chip away at the shell of emotions that keeps us from forgiving. I personally like the Our Father and a Hawaiian healing & forgiveness mantra known as Hoʻoponopono.

      It consists of asking your inner child for forgiveness; the idea is that there is a little part of ourselves that holds onto anger, guilt and resentment. We work and pray with that part of ourselves to let to of any anger in our body and mind. The mantra for this technique is: "I'm sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thank You" and the idea is to repeat it numerous times every day. We apologize to our inner child for putting it through that situation, we send it love and we thank it for opening up to forgiveness. Sometimes I visualise my 6-7 year old self filled with love. Or I imagine moonlight filtering through every part of me, past, present and future, and clearing and healing. It takes time to let go of these feelings and if its hard for you, I would suggest seeing a psychologist to talk about your past.

      The Ho'oponono can also heal feeling of guilt, which can often arise when we regret our past behavior. We may wish we had done things differently for ourselves. This might not be the case with you, though I thought I would mention it, just in case. Please remember that healing is complementary to medical care and any self-work should be combined with treatment from a medically trained doctor. Thanks

      Let me know if you have any more questions on these techniques, if you'd like more information you can find it here:

      - The Our Father as Healing and Manifesting Tool: http://www.diaryofapsychichealer.com/2012/08/manifesting-with-our-father.html

      - I have also just published a book on healing, forgiveness and cancer. If you'd like more information on these topics please follow the Amazon buttons on this link:


      Love and Light,


    2. Hey what if you remember that you planed to have your dad and mum with those experiences. What if you remember that you were the one who gave those responsibilities to them so you could go higher on your spiritual growth. Ask your higher self show you in your dream before you sleep why you needed the plan of your childhood.

  6. I know this for sure!!! And actually I wasn't able to shed weight until my visa got resolved! I still need to shed 20 pounds, so I need to visualize and meditate more on this!!! Love it Regis!

    1. Hola April! You can also walk around everywhere and meditate as you go (eyes open)

      =) Especially as you live in a BEAUTIFUL city =)