Sunday, March 11, 2012

No Show Clients

Feeling a little disappointed as one of my healing clients was a no-show. Will do my best to get past this and enjoy the rest of my afternoon. 

At least I got some much needed housecleaning out of the way while I was waiting for her to turn up. It's a really sunny day and I am kind of annoyed that I spent the past couple of hours indoors when I could have been enjoying myself outside instead.

It's a small setback but I still have time to get the rest of the sessions done before end of term. Always an awkward moment on the phone when you realise they forgot to come. Never know quite what to say.

I am going to start sending out confirmation texts before the appointments.

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. That's absolutely RUDE. They wouldn't do that if you were charging. Too bad you can't implement a fee that must be paid if they don't show up, otherwise it's free. That is just the rudder thing. Esp since the services you are offering are very unique, healing and rare to come across. *Hugs* Emili

  2. I am afraid this just happens! As a counsellor my self I see this, people have resistances for changing. Plain and simple. Plus they don't value themselves therefore don't value us and what we are offering. Sometimes there is a lack of understanding on the potential of what we offer (I find this the hardest to deal with). So there are various reason, just never take it personally!This is not about you, this is about them! They show resistance too by arriving always late :) or often. Of course there is the money side as well but it always comes back to the readiness for changing and the value. (Need a client?-I come!) :)

  3. Have you ever missed an appointment? Maybe this is a lesson you needed. Maybe the client was not going to be receptive and it would have been a disaster anyway - always a reason is my belief.

    Now you have a way to make sure it doesn't happen again, sending texts the morning of is an awesome idea :)