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How to Shield Your Energy

We made it! This is the third in a series on Grounding, Clearing and Shielding the Energy Body. These steps can be done individually, but it’s much better to follow a sequence and get the benefit of all three. It only takes a few minutes when we get in the habit. 

What is Shielding? 

When we shield or protect our energy field, we activate our Auric Boundaries so that we can keep our energy free from other people’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions, frustrations, etc. It also keeps us free from energetic debris that might be floating around on the streets, hustle and bustle, etc. 

This will be helpful if you take public transport or work in a place with lots of people coming and going. It's not uncommon to have a hard time with crowds, if this is the case, grounding and protecting your energy will help a lot. 

For those of us who are interested in energy work, it’s vital to ground and protect ourselves everyday. It’s like getting dressed in the morning before going out. Shielding insulates us from the cold; we still go out, interact and enjoy ourselves, etc. The only difference is we’re warm and toasty!

How to Shield Your Energy:
  • The quickest is to ASK for protection and to TRUST that it will come through. We also have guardian angels looking out for us, they can keep us energetically clear and protected if we ask. If you’re into psychic meditations, be sure to protect yourself and to ask your guardians to filter the energy that comes through. We only want high vibes. 
  • Asking for help is great, but we can also do our part. I prefer quick meditations where I picture a bubble of light around my body. Some people like to try wackier visualizations: scuba gear, astronaut suits, even sleeping bags! Whatever works for you. Maybe a fuzzy wizard cloak ;-)
  • Ground and protect your energy before you go to sleep, and then again when you wake up in the morning. Having a routine makes it part of your awareness, so that you’re grounded and protected day after day. The KEY ingredients are INTENTION and of course, TRUSTING that it will happen. 
I learned most of this at the School of Intuition and Healing in London, where I trained as a Healer. One of the techniques we learned is simple and effective: ground yourself in Mother Nature and then cloak yourself with the energy of LOVE. This is all we need to stay clear. Every now and then I meet people who are interested in energy healing, psychic development or intuition, but they're scared of what they might encounter if they open up. Truth is, feeling grounded, protected and loved keeps you clear. Our thoughts are also magnets - repetitive thought patterns are crystalized in the Aura so keep an eye on mental chatter. And please stay grounded! See below for a great video by Sue Allen from the School of Intuition and Healing. She also covers opening up and closing down during sessions, good to know! =) 

If you're interested in learning psychic development or energy healing, I would encourage you to sign up for a class. For those of you in London, check out The College of Psychic Studies and the School of Intuition and Healing. 2021 Update! I have energy healing meditations on Youtube (See Here!

Shielding and Relationships: 

Some personality types have a harder time maintaining their energy, especially in relationships. Their boundaries might be blurry and they cross them often. This happens when we’re too eager to please, to rescue or to help other people. Or when we don’t feel secure and confident enough to say NO. There will be times when we need an extra boost, for example, when we spend time with certain people. Especially if we feel flooded by their drama, their emotions or their agenda. Our energy and strength could use a boost. Start by visualizing a gold plate over your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra. 

A quick point on the CHAKRAS: 
  • We relate to others on an emotional level through the Sacral Chakra, just under the belly button. Healers often put on weight around the tummy area to add a layer of protection. If this sounds familiar, it might explain cravings for sugar and carbs. There are healthier ways to go about it. Strength training and martial arts can help a lot, especially if you work on your core strength. We can protect the Sacral by placing a hand over it. 
  • The Solar Plexus is our Personal Power Center. It’s located in the abdomen and is representative of us as individuals. We rely on the Solar Plexus for strength in negotiations, be it personal or business. Shielding the SOLAR PLEXUS keeps us clear of other people’s agendas and opinions, so we can formulate our own. You can stimulate your Solar Plexus with core bodywork, like Yoga or Pilates. It’s also a good idea to strengthen our boundaries by defining what we will or won’t accept.  

If you are interested in becoming a healer or an intuitive, it’s also a good idea to keep your energy grounded, clear and protected during sessions. This allows us to read the client’s energy without taking on any of their baggage; after all we don’t want to heal others by taking on their stuff and making ourselves sick in the process. Learning to protect and manage your own energy is a big step. 

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Regina Chouza is an Energy Healer, Angel Medium and author of A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love and Chakra Healing & Magick. She studied angels, tarot and astrology at The College of Psychic Studies in London, and qualified as a Healer at the School of Intuition & Healing. Regina's passion is bringing joy and empowerment to healing pursuits.  


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