Sunday, February 19, 2012

Working with Chakra Pairs

Had a really nice healing session today with one of my clients! Spent the whole thirty minutes working on the chakras and just finished with a white disc clearing through her aura. That and grounding and protecting her at the end of it, of course!  

This session I worked with the chakra pairs, clearing and balancing them in conjunction as I went along. So for example start with the root chakra and the heart, then move on the sacral and the throat, the solar plexus and the brow and finally the heart and the crown. 

I like using this session because you can spend a lot more time on the chakras when you work on two at a time. I also like to place my stronger healing hand on the active chakra in the pair, and send the energy through the client's channel to the other chakra. The channel is a beam of white light that runs into the crown through the chakras, out the root chakra and into the ground. The way I see it, it appears to go on and on forever. 

I've been using this beam of light to clear through the chakras, especially the ones that are paired. It is a nice way to clear and balance chakras without putting your hands on them directly. Today I tried this with the throat chakra, so I had my right hand over the client's sacral chakra and used my intent to send the energy to the throat.  I used three techniques on the throat chakra: 

  • With my right hand on the sacral chakra, I visualised the energy flowing from the sacral to the throat where it cleared and healed any blocks. 
  • I visualised a white disc of light travelling through the throat chakra from front to back. All along I had my left hand on the floor and my right hand over the sacral chakra. 
  • Finally I placed my left hand over the client's throat chakra and my right hand on the floor beside me. I then pulled any excess energy from the throat chakra down my left arm and out my right arm into the ground where it was grounded and cleared. 

This last technique is similar to the grounding we have learned to do at the end of couch healings, where the healer places their hands on the client's feet and ground their energy through the healer's body. In these instances I visualise myself as a grounding cord and all of their excess energy goes through me into the ground where it is cleared and purified. None of that energy is held in my body, every last bit goes into the ground. At the end of the healing session I will step out of the client's energy field and visualise a huge bucket of water being poured over me to wash away any traces. 

When the session ended the client commented on this without me asking any questions. Her feedback was that she had felt a very strong energy on her throat and opened her eyes expecting to see my hands above her throat. Instead my hand was over her hips. I went on to explain that those 2 chakras were paired and I could work on clearing the throat by keeping my hands over the sacral.  She was impressed. 

There are so many things that I might visualise or put intention on during a healing session and if the client feedback un-prompted it gives me proof that I'm not making things up! At this point I shouldn't need confirmation, but I still like getting it and in some way that feedback session also gives the client a better understanding of how the subtle bodies work. 

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. Is seeing auras like those of the chakras? Sometimes when I meditate I see colors of purple and yellow glowing globules

  2. Hi! I haven't seen auras but I've heard that people will see, feel or sense colours in people's energy fields.

    Actually now that I think about it I did see/feel blue during one of my healing sessions. It was around the leg area and my client was kind of homesick so I thought that might be about missing her roots (family).

    Where do you see he purple and yellow globules? Is it in your own aura or someone else's? If it's outside your energy field I think it might be an angel or a spirit guide (how exciting!)

    Love & Light,


  3. Boy the Earth sure does have a big job cleaning up all of the things we send down into the ground. Luckily, our Earth is very talented and healing and can handle it. Do you ever send in a cleaning Angel to clean/clear the space you used for healing after the session is over? The other day at my psychic playground our teacher called upon one of the angels whom i cant recall the name of at the moment, (though I thought it was St. Raphael?) Who had a big broom with a firey purple end to it and he went about the room cleaning everyone's auras and sweeping all of the energy from the room so that we didnt leave any traces that we had used the room. (If that makes any sense?)

  4. @Geena, Thanks for reading my comment :) I see those colors when I close my eyes while meditating/attuning to God. I have a mentor online too who helped me attuned well, that's why when I came across to your page I was interested to share my experience hoping you could relate too. :)
    Sometimes they're like yellow and purple swirling in my vision when I'm closing my eyes and praying.

    About angels, haven't met my angel or know my angel's name yet. And I'm looking forward for that. Though, I always call upon St. Michael, St. Raphael, St. Gabriel, and St. Uriel at times. But haven't seen them clearly yet what they look like. I just see swirling purples when attuning to them when I'm closing my eyes. And thanked God that little or biggie things they make those come true or bring good vibes when I ask for guidance. :)

  5. Hi Emily! I do clear the healing space after every healing, sometimes I bring an angel in, sometimes I use space clearing sprays and other times I use white light tornados to clear it. I wish my house was so tidy.

    Thanks for the comment =)

    @VSF: I see the archangels as colours or light, won't see them with human features. The main exception is Gabriel (St Gabriel) as you call her, I sense her with female energy and she has long blond/brown hair. With her I see a flash of green and the long hair ...

    They are really great for miracles too!

    1. @Geena, noted. How do you do the reiki stuff? Are there connection between reiki and auras?

    2. Hello! This is a loooong one so I might come back with a post on it Hahaha

      I'm not really a reiki practitioner, I learned with a technique they call energy healing (though to be honest I'm 100% sure its the same healing energy I'm tuning into, the approach is just a little bit different).

      To make it very very simple, we have chakras on the bottoms of our feet and our palms as well as the other spots that are covered in most chakra books. Before a healing session I will sit down and visualise the chakras on the soles of my feet opening up, and dropping beams of light to the centre of the earth. Then I see earth energy coming up the beams of light, and travelling all the way to my heart chakra.

      From there, I will use my minds eye to visualise the highest source of energy and light in heaven. I visualise a ray of Divine energy dropping from the highest level, until it reaches my aura, then my crown chakra and it keeps coming down until it reaches my heart. I sit with this for a couple minutes and let both of the energies mix. Our heart chakra is connecting to our palms through the arms, so I also visualise the light travelling down my arms and out my palms. All along I use my intent to stay grounded (beams of light in the earth), and I mentally program a bubble of protective light around me.

      Staying grounded, attuned to divine light, centred in the heart and protected in a bubble of light is the trick. Its a lot to do at first, but after a couple months it becomes a habit and you don't have to think about it. ...

      In summary that is how I tune into the healing energy. In Reiki I believe they call that energy Chi but I'm sure there are people out there who can clarify =)

      During a healing session I will use my palms to scan the client's aura and chakras, when there is a block I might feel heat, cold or electricity. Sometimes I see colours, feel emotions, and sometimes I hear a thought that tells me what is going on. ...

      For more info on how a healing session goes look up my post called "Healing with Intent and Visualisation." ... That is in a nutshell how I tune into the energy, the post I mention will show you the steps in a basic healing session.

      During a healing session the healer can also scan the client's aura and clear it. I could write a book on the aura but luckily I don't have to! If you're interested in learning more about the aura and the chakras there is a book that I'd recommend:

      Your Aura & Your Chakras: The Owner's Manual - Karla McLaren

      Take care =)


      ps ... Hope this makes sense, I didn't proof read it! LOL

    3. Wow, it all made sense to me. Thank you for sharing your experience!! I'll check your post though.

      "when there is a block I might feel heat, cold or electricity. Sometimes I see colours, feel emotions, and sometimes I hear a thought that tells me what is going on. ... "

      No worries, thanks for your time!! Blessed Be!! :)