Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Pushy Healer

Today I discovered I am BRIGHT RED when it comes to energy healing. By RED I mean the result oriented, goal chaser you will find in the corporate world. It is a term I've learned to use in my day job. A couple  months ago a consultant came in to show us how we can go about identifying people's thought processes by observing the verbal and non verbal communication they use. You would then use this to speak to them in their own language, finding common ground and then using that to move business projects forward. The training lasted six hours, I will sum it up in a few sentences.

There are four colour coded stereo-types used to identify communication styles:

RED - Result driven, fast moving, timing is off the essence (I need this yesterday), natural leaders who delegate easily and are bored or impatient with details. My marketing department is full of REDs and I am one of them! Yes it's true! The best way to deal with this type is to Raise Your Voice. 

YELLOW - Friendly, outgoing, chatty, like to to establish a rapport before getting down to business. They can do anything, and if they don't they know someone who can do it. They don't enjoy the analytical-numerical side of things but they are still good at numbers when they are needed.  

GREEN -  These are the Mother Teresa's of the world, they care about people and will go out of their way to make sure people are comfortable and happy before moving on to anything else. It is important to make them feel included and cared for in any work environment. Few and far between in business. 

BLUE -  This is my natural habitat. Very analytical, like making To-Do Lists and crossing them off as they go. Very comfortable with huge spreadsheets, numbers, rational. Not emotional or chatty. If you run into a blue person at work make sure you have your facts straight. They will look at the nitty-gritty.

Have you noticed a pattern? 

The colours match the chakras these behaviours are associated with! For example, a very driven and ambitious person will have a strong root chakra, an outgoing and confident chatter box might have a strong solar plexus. A caring Ghandi-type would have an overflowing heart chakra, and finally a very analytical type will most likely have a very active brow chakra. I am oversimplifying things, but the idea popped into my mind when I was  sitting in the Colour Sessions at work, and again this weekend when we were discussing our approach in Healing School. It made me laugh, it really did. They used a different word for RED today .... 

How does this fit in with my personality? 

I used to be BLUE with a GREEN undercurrent, but after six years chasing numbers and launch deadlines I have morphed into an odd combination of BRIGHT RED and GREEN. Red because I am focused on results, and green because I feel bad about pushing people relentlessly until we/they get the job done. Red and Green are polar opposites and these types will seldom get along (same is true for blue and yellow). When I read my report I finally understood why I feel so conflicted at work. I don't like the person I become when I have to chase deadlines. It is also one of the reasons that I've thrown myself into energy healing the past year and a half, these GREEN activities are a lot closer to my natural state of bliss.   

Today I realised I have become even BRIGHTER RED than I thought. Our tutors gave us a list of YES/NO questions to answer about our approach to healing and client management, and one of the answers I gave was driven 100% by my RED side:

Do you find yourself challenging clients in your healing sessions? 


On some level I think I have still been working with a positive outcome in mind, and in truth I don't know what outcome would be positive for the client. I might also expect the client to pitch in to get results, for example by doing grounding meditations a couple times a week if they are ungrounded. I wouldn't question them if they didn't do it, but in the back of my mind I might be asking myself how they expect to get a different outcome if they are not changing their behaviour.  I suppose clients change when they are ready to move on and shift energies. The healing will always have a benefit but the results won't be as immediate as my RED personality type would like them to be. In conclusion, I need to dial down my red, dial up my green, and keep my yellow/blue in place. 

For more info on the colour wheel click here    =)

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  1. Just wanted to pop by and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLESSINGS !

    Love and Light...

  2. Being pushy can be a good thing! As long as it's done in a loving, judgement-free, non-emotionally-invested way (which I'm sure is how you do it, by what I can tell about you)

    For my own practice, I've learnt to differentiate between people who just want to have healings to 'recharge and unwind' (who probably aren't interested in being challenged or coached etc) and people who are using healing as a way of awakening and transforming (who are much more receptive to that sorta thing).

    Guess which kind of client I prefer to work with? ;-)

    1. The 2nd one? =)

      Me too for the most part, though one of my most interesting healing sessions to date has actually been on one of those clients who comes just for rest & relaxation.

      Take care!