Monday, February 20, 2012

Fighting off the neighbour's cold!

Last week my team was off-site for three days at a conference. We spent the better part of 48 hours around a conference table and then going out for lunch, dinner, breakfast. You name it.

One of the regional sales managers went home sick on the last day, nasty cough and cold. By Friday we had another three people down. Today my line manager and desk neighbour came in with a scratchy throat, red eyes, and the urge to sneeze. How do I know she had the urge to sneeze? I started sneezing as soon as she came through the door. And when we sat down for a status update my throat started feeling all scratchy. Foggy head. I've been fighting it off since she walked through the doors, and now that I'm home alone my nose is still sniffling. So annoying! Hopefully my trip to the gym will sweat it out of me. Even now as I'm writing about it I can feel my throat scratching up again. 

We talked about this in class a few weeks ago, often we might pick up someone else's aches and pains when we're out in public. It's true of public transport and it's also true of the people you work with. No need to be psychic, this is how all human aura fields react. 

The key is to notice when the symptom first appears, and to ask yourself if it belongs to someone else (i.e. are you feeling someone else pain, etc?). If so, tell your body "I'm not having that" and send it back to where it came from. 

Just kidding!

I'm not planning on directing my would-be cold at anyone. What I have been doing all day is working on my grounding and making sure that anything that does come my way is disposed of via the grounding cord. Staying grounded and in your body is a good way to stay healthy. Or so I'm told. Apparently people who tend to be ungrounded catch colds often. I've also been conscious of my aura field, making sure it's protected. That works and then when I think about it I can feel the symptoms again. So this is the last I'll say about a cold. Off to the gym and looking forward to a bright and healthy Tuesday! 

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. Geena I know exactly what you're talking about. Recently learning about the grounding cord and sending things back where they came from has helped me wo much. Can't even being to tell you about all of the phantom things I pick up from other people. I can hear about someone else's kidney stone pain, hives on their body, tummy ache, migraine etc and then I will experience these things as well. Not a good way to live! I opened up my solar plexus and cleaned it all out before I got home to a roomate who had told me his stomach was hurting all day. Phew I didn't get that pain! Hoping you feel better soon and that you had a good work-out :)

  2. Hi Emily, So true! That grounding chord is great, I kept using it all day long. Feeling other people's issues is useful during a healing session (for a minute or two) because it gives me an idea of what to work on. But the rest of the time I'd much rather turn off the switch and get on with my life.

    I've been making an effort to be more aware of my aura, making sure it's sealed and having a fifm boundary for what is mine, and what stays out there. I'm hoping that will allow me to notice things without hanging on to them, if that makes sense =)

    The gym was really cool! I felt fine when I got home