Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Personal Experience With Chakra Work

Working with the chakras is kind of like exploring uncharted territory. It took me a few weeks to get to the point where I was comfortable with actually finding them on the body. That was an interesting process that I’ll go on to describe below. Since then I’ve been pleasantly surprised during most of the sessions. Over the course of my studies I have been able to sense the chakras in three different ways, the first being clairvoyance, the second temperature and the third clairsentience. I’ve separated the 2nd and 3rd as they each served a different purpose. 

When I started learning energy healing I was a little bit lost as to where the chakras were placed. I asked Spirit to give me a sign when my hand was in the right spot, and it gave me temperature. My hand usually felt heat throughout the session, and I started to notice that this sensation turned to cold when my hand was over the areas I came to identify as the chakras.  This went on for a few weeks, until I started becoming a little bit more confident about the placement of my hands. On some occasions I felt cold when I wasn’t working on the chakras, and took it to mean that I should stay there for a while. Overall temperature really helped me find my way during healing sessions. 

Next I started feeling prickly sensations when there was a lot of healing energy coming through. This prickly sensation evolved into a flow of energy that my imagination saw as white light. This is when my experience with the chakras started to involve clairvoyance. At first I saw this as pure white light flowing through the chakras, and I would count beats in my head until it was time to move on. One day, this white light turned to gold after 10 beats, and I took it to mean that my time there was up.  This method helped me establish a rhythm to the healing sessions, especially I’m under time constraints during a healing session. 

When I had gotten used to the pace of a 15-20 minute session, I stopped looking for that gold light and started seeing colors instead. For example, on one occasion I noticed that my client’s solar plexus was bright yellow with a twisted black cord going through it. It was striking because the colors were very defined and the contrast between the yellow chakra and the black cord were impossible to miss.  During the next session, I noticed that her heart chakra had a lot of orange in it. It didn’t feel angry, but I did get the impression of a very passionate attitude towards life. After the session she mentioned that she was tired because she felt like she needed to pour her heart out into her work and her relationships, and was frustrated that she didn’t get the same in return. This helped me understand the link between our daily life and our subtle energy body.  

Finally, on a few occasions I’ve felt tightness, electricity or even discomfort in my own chakras and /or in my body.  It doesn’t happen very often, when it does it’s usually at the beginning when I’m just tuning into the person’s energy. This will let me know what to focus on during the session, and where to direct my attention if I have time left over. On one occasion I felt a constriction in my throat when I was going to ground the client. I went back to that area for another minute before proceeding to ground her.  This has only happened a handful of times; the reading tool I use most is still color and shape. 

My last point regarding the chakras has to do with tracking progress that a client makes. It’s really helpful to see colors and shapes, especially if you take notes on how the chakras evolve over a series of sessions. One of my clients started the sessions with a very dim crown chakra; at the third session it was funnel shaped and a very light blue. By the last session it had grown into a clear cylinder, and when I discussed this with her she was very happy to learn that her crown had opened up.  It was pretty cool because you can talk about it in very concrete ways that both the healer and the client understand and remember. 

Now that we’ve started to work with the aura I’m really looking forward to going through a similar process. Working with the chakras feels familiar even though I still have a lot to learn. The last time I tried to sense the aura layers I had to give up because I forgot how many there were, and what each one stood for. It doesn't really help if you sense heat over the throat in the 3rd layer, unless you remember what that 3rd layer means. We have class tomorrow so I have to go read last month's notes, as we might be tested on these aura layers !



ps ... This is my homework, due tomorrow at my Energy Healing class. 

Hope I get a GOLD STAR!

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  1. It's always useful to read how others perceive chakras and auras - you never know if your perception is individual, or "forced" because of global unconsciousness, so you can actually learn few things on your own :).

    Personally, when it comes to sensing chakras, I sense them as hills and holes within person's energy body - hole means lack of energy, hill means way to much energy, both cases are out of balance. Yet technically, I do not need to sense or see anything, I got Reiki and intuition to guide me in case of energy healing :).

  2. Just got my grades back!

    This "paper" was rated Excellent =)

  3. Wow, Geena! You are way ahead of me! I hope I didn't sound all "know it all" on you on the other forum! Goodness...this is where I want to get to. What was the name of that class you're taking again? I think I need to get me some of that! Sounds a little like the Barbara Brennan books describe the chakras as well. You go!

  4. Hi Leshia, Glad you liked the blog! I'm taking a couple different classes, this one is a 2 year accreditation on energy healing (cool stuff!).

    A lot of it is based on Barbara Brennan's approach but then the teachers add in their own experiences with healing so it makes the whole experience very rich. I'm about 1/2 way through now, really looking forward to the 2nd year =)

    Love & Light


  5. Geena, I believe your tour of CHAKRAS HAS YET NOT ENDED. I m quite ignore of 'Barbara Brennan's approach'. I read,tried, and felt a mostly a drop 'SATTCHAKRA', cultured, develoved and could awaken their CHAKRA AT BOTTOM' and the upmost one. 'PATANJALI' is one the pathfinder in the field. Really, could u explain what u realised in inner u? If so U could'd. Let me know how can I interact u, other that this media. OHM!

    1. Hello! Thanks for the comment =)

      I also think I still have a lot to learn and experience with chakras. It's a world of experiences, knowledge and emotions that we have stored in there! Meditation is the best way to learn I think, and slowly open up. ... If you'd like to chat I am most chatty on Facebook. Here is the link!

  6. hi ... this is important to me ... i need to confirm
    One way or another, i'm involved in this psychic thing

    lately, my baby daughter was sick, and she was very very far away from me that night (in a province)

    so, I was anxious to help her, so I turn on a crash course on the net by reading about psychic healing ...

    so, since it's a crash course, I ended up doing it perhaps with incomplete information

    i followed some simple steps, like asking permission to God, then the visualization of the white light ... and there it was

    I know I am not dreaming, I don't know where I've been or what happened, but I do know that I was doing step 2 and suddenly everything TURNED WHITE, (something like that of the Matrix II when Keannu Reeves tried to talk with architect) ... I am one hundred percent sure that i am not dreaming

    and the next day, I again turned on the internet to further research what has happened, and if i'm not mistaken, that phenomena is called the TRANCE - WHITE LIGHT, a state where a psychic gets a chance for a spiritual healing, or even talk to his god or guardian angels and perhaps even astral body ...

    so, that made me feel sure that I really am not dreaming right after reading and researching after it happened

    would be glad if the owner of the site shed light to what has happened to me ... some clarifications or enlightenment would be much appreciated

    unfortunately, when I tried it again the next night, but to no avail

    however, though I was not able to repeat the TRANCE - WHITE LIGHT, i was able to complete the steps to perform the psychic distant healing for my baby daughter

    and thank god, the next day, even the mother of my baby was surprised that the our baby daughter has 100% fully recovered

    1. Hi Nakita, That sound amazing. I do think healing can be extremely powerful. On some level I do think that your experience with it did a lot to help your child get through the experience. But as with any medical emergency the 1st stop should be proper medical care and intervention.

      I think you may have connected to that divine light and used it to channel healing. It becomes available to us when we need it most, and with practice you can learn to access it on a daily basis as well. If you're interested in learning more I would say the 1s step is to learn to manage your own energy and open up your chakras so that you can see, feel and manipulate it. There is a great meditation by Elliot Jay Tanzer that helped me open up. If you have a look at the My Favorite Books link on the top left of my blog you'll learn more about it.

      Thanks for commenting Nakita,

      Best of luck!


    2. Hi ... you have been very informative. Actually you have awakened my healing powers. Honestly

      You are the only person and blog that has explained to me what that WHITE LIGHT EXPERIENCE is all about. And actually YOU ARE RIGHT!

      Others told me that the WHITE LIGHT is just for protection. But I never believed that's I continued researching and researching and I found your web site and I post my inquiry and you replied just right. YES. You are really right that it is actually the DIVINE HEALING LIGHT because after all, the step that I was doing when I was unintentionally able to accessed it was actually asking for permission to be a RADIANT CHANNEL ... kudos to your explanation.

      Good thing, I was not satisfied by those who said that it's just for protection.

      Guess what. I am now a PSYCHIC HEALER, I can heal using the no hands technique through aura manipulation and I can even do REMOTE HEALING which is one of my favorite technique. And people I have helped are just simply amazed!

      Thanks to your blog for the awakening.

      Good thing for your country that such healing techniques are accepted by the community.

      But unfortunately here in our country, they ridicule the likes of us.

      But anyway, since I can do REMOTE healing even without them knowing. It does not matter :)

      One of these days, I will create a blog inspired by your

      but my version would be THE DIARY OF A STEALTH HEALER

      stealth to mean, that they would not even know what HEALED THEM

      Thanks again, sorry I just got time only now to reply properly.
      The 2 months that has passed in my life was simply amazing.


      May the Divine Light shine upon you ... always!

    3. Hi! Thanks for your comment, I'm glad to hear that my answer helped you =)

      I'd be interested in hearing more about your healings in the future. Let me know how it goes. We do distant healings as well (remote healings as you call them) but I do prefer "in person" healings LOL

      The only thing I would suggest is that you do need to get permission from your healees, unless you are sending healing to a situation, a war or a natural disaster. Etc .... =) So no stealth LOL

      Lots of love


    4. LOL he he he ... thanks for the reply

      here are just some of the feats that divine healing has led me to
      I would just

      1. I was able to de-clog the nerves on my father's feet which is caused by his diabetes, in just one night :) - hands on
      the next morning, the struggles he experienced for the past five months with his feet and legs just suddenly disappeared

      2. a baby beggar named jenski was diagnosed with sever broncho pneumonia and was scheduled for multiple check ups at our community center .. but the night my palm chakra opened, the baby was one of the first recepients ... and the next morning, the mother reported to me that the doctor who diagnosed the baby with broncho pneumonia --- was baffled ... the baby was free of bronco pneumonioa the next day --- hands on

      3. a relative of mine, undergoes a KNEE ASPIRATION for her knee disease every two months ... a week before his scheduled knee aspiration for that month ... we tried healing her knee, and the day after, she returned and canceled the operation ... now we are waiting if the knee disease will return after two months ... i taught here some stuffs to prevent the knee disease

      4. a neighbor of mine complaining that she feels she has a broken bone or muscle inside her thigh ... was healed on the spot in just 20 minutes - HANDS ON

      5. a laborer of mine who has severe asthma, subjected himself to the healing process of the divine light found himself not having an asthma attack for almost 4 months ... funny :) - HANDS ON

      6. another relative of mine who suffered stroke and hospitalized, was a recipient of DIVINE REMOTE HEALING, recovered as fast as 2 days ? even his doctor is wondering how did he recover that fast ?

      up until now, i don't know what to call this healing hands that god has given me

      is it pranic healing?
      is it advance pranic healing ? divine healing ?
      definitely it's not reiki? because I don't even know that
      is it chi healing ?

      but as for my understanding ... it's all of the same nature
      the healing is coming from above --- the divine ... the divine white light experience which you told me is the divine healing light ... whatever they want to call it ... as long as it's for the greater good ... then that's fine with me :)

      much as i would like to ask permission for someone to be healed remotely but believe me, the culture in our country ridicule the likes of us :) ... that's why I do it in stealth mode .... :)

    5. My two problems are only below:

      1. WHEN DO I EXPERIENCE THAT DIVINE WHITE LIGHT EXPERIENCE AGAIN ? the very first experience that awakened me ? i mean that MATRIX WHITE LIGHT THING ... will it just be once? for just for me to understand and believe ? but never again needed to be experienced ? can I not experience it anytime I choose ?

      2. and also the night MY PALM CHAKRA (if I'm right) opened, that hands where radiating MULTIPLE AMOUNTS OF BIO HEALING ENERGY to the point that every one I held can't deny the fact that the hands was REALLY RADIATING SOMETHING ... but that was only 3 times I felt that, the first night, the next week, and the next week ? can't I experienced that again ... although the palm of my hands is continuously heating up ... but I JUST WISH the POWERFUL RADIATION I experienced when the palm opened will be continuous ...

      these things I don't know ... :(