Sunday, March 6, 2011

Do Clients Mirror Our Own Issues?

One of the aspects of healing that comes up a lot in my classes and in books, is how clients will mirror our issues. They come to us hoping to get positive energy and to clear their own blocks, but at the same time their issues will prop up a mirror that gives us a chance to see our own problems. My cynical mind tends to ask if this is really a part our spirit guide's plans, or if we're just projecting our own issues onto the clients.

Sometimes you won't even notice that it is a mirror until someone points it out.  For example, I get the impression that one of my clients burns herself out. I've been careful with giving this feedback because I wasn't sure where the idea was coming from.  Last week I went in for a healing session of my own, and I got the same feedback from my supervisor at school. It wasn't until then that I realized that the issues I'd seen in that particular client were also part of my own problems. There was another piece of feedback that I haven't given my 2nd client, and as it turns out the message was for me. This girl tends to have a very concrete idea of how things should be,  accompanied by very high standards.  Guilty as charged! I often set myself very high goals, and I won't celebrate the little wins till I reach the big one (if I ever get there). This came up during my healing session last week too, my crown chakra was cluttered with all the pressure I'm putting on myself.

As a student healer,  I haven't passed this feedback on to my case studies, except for a few instances where my intuition told me they were supposed to hear it. Instead, I've sat with this observations for the past few weeks, until it finally dawned on me that the messages were meant for me.  The thing that I've come to appreciate about healing, is that we pass on the positive energy regardless. The healing ends up benefiting both the healer and the client.

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