Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meditations with Nature

Opening up to the spirit world requires a lot of discipline, I find that no matter how fun it can be, I still struggle to quiet my mind so that I can start practicing.

Our teacher tells us we have to adopt a "daily spiritual practice", even if we only  meditate for 3-5 minutes everyday. The sitting down is where I get stuck in the first place, I need to make an effort to unwind before the meditation takes.

On weekends I have an easier time of it, as I'll start with a power walk in t park, and by the time I start to get tired I will sit down on a bench to rest and listen to the sound of the trees and the breeze. This is what I did before my chat with Seamus, the tree spirit in Kensington Gardens. The trees vibration also helped ground my energy and get me in listening mode.

Some of my classmates have commented on the same thing, its so much easier to tune in when you're out in nature. I think that the wide open energy of the grass, the trees and the sky amplifies your communication with the stars. On some occasions I can almost feel like something is up there waiting for us - and no! Not aliens ;-) lol

I've enjoyed the energy in the park and am now becoming very curious about going fishing (not that I want to catch anything). But the thought of sitting on a lake with a blank mind seems so appealing. Water has its own calming energy, and it also helps us get in touch with our emotions. I used to tease people who said fishing was a sport, but now I am starting to think it will be good for me.

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