Monday, February 7, 2011

1st Steps in Clairaudience!

The past year I've been trying and wishing so hard to be able to hear my spirit guides but whenever I tried to talk to them I'd just draw a blank. Even if I tried to see them, I can feel their presence and see a shadow but that was about it. The only way I've been able to communicate is through the pendulum, the cards, and automatic writing.

Anyhooo, today I threw my roots down and let my chakras open up one by one till we got to the throat. It felt really light, like an airy blue. The brightest palest blue that I've ever seen, and as I imagined myself sitting there I was surrounded by the  light. Suddenly, I felt the urge to let myself speak but instead of hearing my thoughts in my head I could heard myself speak in a very clear tone, but it seemed to echo from my throat into the light. 

I started out by making affirmations, and asking for the changes I want in my life. Then I asked my angels and guides if they were there and if they could hear me. The reply came in echoes, very faint at first and I had to make an effort to silence my mind and just wait for it. All the while focusing on the pale light, and trying to stay in the moment. The answers I got at first were very basic:

"Yes we're here, we can hear you."

It was barely 15 minutes ago but I'm already starting to forget some of the things they mentioned. A new female spirit guide appeared, she told me her name.  Ok, she's not entirely new because I met her in an ascended master class about 6 months ago but I hadn't seen her since. She told me what she was going to teach me, and how she'd help me with the next stage in my life. 

Then she stepped back and let my primary spirit guide step in to make proper introductions. First time I'd ever actually spoken to him and I kept asking all the basic intro questions you'd ask a new acquaintance. "Did I get your name right? Where are you from? How do I know you?  Etc"  

They also told me to keep coming back, and to drop the automatic writing for a while.  Anyhooo, more to follow on this new and exciting subject =)

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  1. That is so cool!! Congratulations on the accomplishment!

  2. wow I wish I could hear or see or even feel :( I know they there and they amazing but wow that is so cool... ok sometimes I kind of feel and since I stop asking I know what comes to my mind is not from me sometimes specially when comes with big goosebumps! ;) x