Sunday, February 6, 2011

Getting Past the Butterflies!

Finally got over my stage fright!  Don't know if this means that I will never clam up again, but this week I was cool as a button and I managed to get very good information for myself  =)

It was our 1st day back from holiday and I think my confidence was boosted because I knew what to expect from the class. Its the first time that I've stayed on the same course for more than one term, and being one of the "continuing students" helped. When you're the new kid there's an element of fear that goes with not knowing what to expect, and more often than not I'm worried about being out of my league. This time around I didn't block myself and knowing that I was reading for myself took some of the edge off, I'm usually a bit nervous when I'm reading for someone else. Pressure to deliver and all that.

Another thing I finally noticed is that the messages I get are often encoded in the scenery.  For example, last term I was reading for a classmate and I saw a house that was tidy on the surface, but with all the dust swept under the rug in the living room. The obvious interpretation here is that issues are being ignored, and that she needed to stop turning a blind eye to the problems at home. Yesterday the message my guides gave me was delivered the same way, and even though the objective of the meditation was to meet and greet a guide by the time I got to him I had already received the message.

I used to put a lot of pressure on myself when it came to hearing them, but I guess I've finally noticed that not all guides communicate through clairaudience. And maybe I'm not ready to hear them, but interpreting these visuals can be really interesting so that's good enough for me!

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