Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Own Personal Wizard

Sometimes clairvoyant meditations come with images that seem so unreal and so unlikely that we're tempted to dismiss them. In my case they tend to be linked to fiction books, movies or even sci-fi. scenes.  In one meditation I saw myself leaping off a skyscraper in a Matrix-style coat , and I was even more suprised when it resonated with the readee.

One of my favorite visions is of a Wizard in dark  robes, a Dumbledore style hat and long white hair. I've been a huge Harry Potter fan since day one and I've always been attracted to magic & special powers, so I thought this had to be my imagination. This image kept popping into my mind when I was trying to meet my spirit guides, and though I've learned to trust it there has always been a corner of doubt in my mind. How much of what we see is wishful thinking?

Today that doubt finally went away, there is nothing like external validation to gain confidence in  the messages. We had an exercise that involved chatting with our classmate's spirit guides. Funny enough, my classmate was approached by two of my guides but she instantly dismissed one of them because she thought he couldn't possibly be for real. It was an old man in dark robes,  long white hair and a pointy hat!!!  The most meaningful part of the meditation for me, was that he hung around in he background and waited for a chance to send through his message.  When my classmate asked for a symbolic gift that would help me through my day-to-day, I was sent a cauldron.

If you're wondering, my tiny London studio can't accommodate a cauldron, and I'm not the least bit interested in learning to cast spells or draw up potions.  Intention and positive thinking are  about as far as I'll go. Thank God it was just a symbolic gift, it's supposed to represent a pool of knowledge and life lessons, all ready to be thrown into the mix.  I like to think of it of my own little pensieve, much like Dumbledore's pool of memories in the Harry Potter books. Anyhooo, I'm happy to have my Wizard Guide. Next time I hope I catch his name!

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