Wednesday, 17 January 2018

A Little Bit of Reiki In My Life

One of the first things taught in Reiki classes is how useful it is to give yourself Reiki every day, even if just for 10 or 15 minutes. If you're not familiar with Reiki, it is a self-healing practice that involves bring life-force energy into the body (link). The first month after a new student has been attuned to Reiki is devoted to self-healing. After that, students can  share it with others too, so long as they keep up their self-Reiki sessions! The biggest benefit to learning Reiki is using it in your life and with family. 

Up until recently, I took self-Reiki advice literally and went through a hands-on session daily, covering two chakras at a time to get through the seven main chakras in 20 minutes, or just focusing on a different chakra every day of the week. Reiki is refreshingly simple to practice because as soon as we intend to use Reiki, the Reiki energy starts flowing through our hands. You feel it tingle, and when you practice on someone else, they do too. I begin by holding my hands in front of my heart chakra, palms together, while the energy builds, before starting the session. 

A Daily Reiki Meditation 

A few months ago I decided to hold this pose for 20 minutes (also used in Gassho meditations), and it dawned on me that this lets Reiki flow from your palms to your whole body. The Heart Chakra regulates the flow of spiritual energy to the heart and lungs; by breathing in and out slowly, we can intend to fill our breath with Reiki, but also the blood that pumps through the heart and flows through the circulatory system to every last cell in the physical body (this we learned in Energy Healing School)

Next, I went onto visualise white or pink Reiki light in my Heart Chakra, letting it flow up and down my spine through the rest of the Chakras, and then down my legs into the ground. When that was done, I put my hands on my lap,  palms facing up, and intended for the Reiki energy to flow through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of the Aura. In energy healing school we learned to always ground and protect ourselves after a healing session, hence the light flowing into the ground. The last step is to see yourself surrounded by fiery Reiki.

Would You Like to Know More???    

This has been a relaxing way to get my daily self-Reiki dose, even though it doesn't involve putting your palms on your body. If you would like to learn more about Reiki or Healing, click HERE for A Brief History of Reiki, or HERE for more on Energy Healing.  I am thinking of writing a book on advanced healing concepts, to build on the themes in my Chakra Healing & Magick book >> Join The Adventure HERE! 

Reiki Keeps Us Calm and Focused

I took a picture of this Buddha statue in Nepal a few years ago. It stood out because of a sign that read "DO NOT SIT ON BUDDHA" 

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

Monday, 8 January 2018

The Three Wizard Kings

Hi Chickpeas, Happy Belated Three Kings Day! 

In Latin América, where I live, this day is almost as big as Christmas. The Three Kings or Wise Men are translated as Wizard Kings (los Reyes Magos) because little is known of their geographic kingdoms, but they did follow the stars to find baby Jesus, bringing magical gifts including Frankincense and Myhrr, which are still used to create sacred space in churches, and gold to reflect Jesus's lineage. 

The first author that I saw make the link between the magical and earthly sides of these Wise Men was Christopher Penzcak, author of Buddha, Christ and Merlin: The Three Wise Men For Our Age {link}. In the book, Penzcak talks about the divine wisdom, love and power that are taught by each of the three traditions and how we need all three to live balanced lives.  

I haven't read Penczak's more witchy books but I would definitely recommend the Three Wise Men,  or Magick of Reiki. As a healer, the book that best represents the love aspect of Christianity is The Power of Healing Prayer by a healer-priest, also one of my faves. They say not to judge a book by it's cover, but trust your intuition and read the one you're drawn to. If you haven't read my Crystal Healing & Magick book, also a good place to start! 

About Wizard Kings Day

The Christmas season in Mexico officially starts on December 12th, the day that Mother Mary is celebrated, and begins to end on January 6th (Reyes Magos), when we get together to eat a cake called Rosca de Reyes, which typically has dried fruit and yummy toppings that I'm at a loss to describe in English. There is a tiny doll in the cake, and the person who finds it in their slice then throws a tamale and hot cocoa party on February 2nd, when the celebrations officially end. It makes New Year's Resolutions a little bit tougher to follow! Though from an astrology point of view, those are best left until the 21st of March when the Sun moves into Aries =) 

Here is one of my favourite cakes, a modern twist of scones, chocolate and deliciousness. Those of you in Mexico City can find Macorina Bakery HERE

So that is all for now! If you would like to follow up on any of the traditions mentioned in this post, click on the World Religions Label HERE for entries on Buddhism, Christianity, Kabbalah, Mayan Religion and Hinduism. To name a few =) 

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Awaken Your Intuitive Super Powers!

The past few months I have been leading an intuition class where we awaken the Chakras with creative meditations, and through the Chakras, the different aspects of our intuition: sight, sound, feeling, taste, touch & smell. And GUESS WHAT? 

I am taking the meditations to YouTube! Yay! =) 

The focus has been on the Chakras because they each relate to an intuitive skill and a life sphere. For example, communication and clairaudience at the Throat, clairvoyance and thought processes at the Brow, or personal power in the Solar Plexus. One of my favourite meditations involves visualising light as it makes it's way through the body, usually blue or violet in color - a simple way to activate our Chakras. 

By gently healing and clearing the Chakras, we can also change the way we view and relate to the world. We can learn to access our intuitive hunches in our daily lives, while using those insights to boost our personal relationships, career and hobbies ties with fresh energy, passion and optimism. 

In hindsight, taking this visual journey through the Chakras and awakening them one by one (bottom-up) made my learning process easier. It makes is less likely for us to feel overwhelmed - a common complaint from empaths and highly sensitive people. 

A Picture of The Chakras
Courtesy of

Meditation: A Quick Intuition Booster

This format works well as students come back to meditate every week, engaging in practical exercises from my Chakra Healing & Magick book. For the next few months I am going to be piloting online sessions on my YouTube Channel HERE. You can listen to the meditations without reading the book, but the two go hand in hand so it is worth reading if we want to make the most of the intuitive meditations =)

The meditations and the Chakra Healing book are based on tools that I had the pleasure of learning as a student at The College of Psychic Studies, and the School of Intuition & Healing in London, where I felt like Hermione Granger for the better part of 4 years. My sister teased me about that, how I moved to the UK and found a magical school right away! An amazing experience that I'd like to share with others. 

So When Do We Start???

I will upload a guided meditation focused on gratitude after Thanksgiving (Update!!! HERE IT IS). In the meaning, please begin with one of the guided meditations below as they will help you activate your energy, especially the lower chakras which are so vital to grounding and shielding ourselves intuitively. The second one is my favorite! 

A) The Chakra Meditation will guide you through activating your Chakras and closing down at the end, to make sure we know how to activate our intuition and then desensitize it when we are done with our intuitive healing. Otherwise, we can become overwhelmed by crowds, or in social situations with lots of people. Learn more about clearing and shielding HERE.  

B) The Flowerbed Meditation (HERE) teaches us to ground, activate and shield our energy before going into the Heart Chakra to connect with our angels, spiritual guides and our higher self. Both of these meditations are from my Chakra Healing & Magick book, which explores themes of intuition, energy healing, crystals and angels in depth. 

The weekly meditations have been great fun to lead each week, and I am looking forward to giving them online too. For now we are going with YouTube because it is open to everyone. Facebook Live is fantastic, but some of my readers aren't on Facebook (how they have managed to resist, I don't know LOL). We will have a private Facebook group HERE, though. I hope to see you there! 


The gratitude meditation is available HERE! Listen at your leisure and learn to ground yourself in Mother Nature through the Root Chakra, gently clear emotions and/or beliefs through the Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras, before letting your Heart overflow with love, energy healing and plenty of liquid light. 

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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Theta Healing Basic DNA Course (Review)

It has been a while since I was super excited about an energy healing class. The last time I signed up for something totally new was Reiki in 2012. There are lots of different kinds of energy healing and generally, I would say its a good idea to pick one and run with it until you really understand its applications before moving onto something else (assuming it suits you). The past seven years I have been focusing on Energy Healing as taught at the School of Intuition & Healing in London, and on Usui Tibetan Reiki. The two are similar, although Reiki courses tend to be lighter in terms of theory, guidelines and practice. Already having the EH qualification helped loads. 

Whenever I mention energy healing, people ask me if it is like X, Y or Z that they are familiar with - most often Reiki or Qigong. After moving to Mexico, I started getting lots of questions about Vianna Stibal's Theta Healing classes {link} and even met a few Theta Healers. As far as I could tell, it was the same but different: using your intuition and guided visualization to identify and release blocks from the mind, body and emotions. Of course, with the familiar spiritual-energetic slant that I love =)

Two months ago I finally signed up for the basic Theta Healing class, and this was when I discovered that the main focus is on removing limiting beliefs so that our mental patterns don't paint us into a corner. That and awakening our intuition. It totally resonated because that is what my Chakra Healing & Magick book is about: a creative journey through the themes of each of the Chakras, where we question our attitudes and beliefs, using creative tools, crystals, and healing to change our perspective on life. 

Finding and Replacing Limiting Beliefs 

Theta Healing aims to do the same thing, but with a shortcut that involves 'muscle testing' to see where the beliefs lie. For example, is it something you heard  as a kid? Next, the Theta Healer moves onto a semi-hypnotic process where we eliminate the 'negative' belief and replace it with a positive one. So for example, if I believe I am doomed to fail at math or just really bad with numbers, whenever I open an Excel sheet my eyes might glaze over. But if I change that belief to "I rock at math," spreadsheets would be less daunting (I actually really liked Finance, Econ and Analytics in grad school LOL, so maybe not the best example...) 

To summarise, the idea is that we can change the way we see ourselves and how we relate to the world by changing beliefs that undercut our self-confidence or predispose us to generate disappointing experiences. We can also use Theta Healing to download the feeling of what a positive experience would be like. If you've read my earlier posts on manifesting, the feeling or emotion is key because the Universe (and other people) respond to our vibes more than our words. This is also true for affirmations. 

Downloading Feelings and Experiences 

Theta Healing shows us how to release the belief or the fear that holds us back, and to replace it with phrases such as "I know how it feels to do X, Y, or Z" or "I know how it feels to be safe" (or loved). The workshop was pretty cool, but in some instances, the feeling work didn't do it for me. So I'm telling myself that I know what going through the fear feels like, but do I like what I find on the other side of the fear? 

I was thinking about this at the Mexican version of Soul Cycle last weekend (the musical spinning class)  when one of my favorite songs came on, Enrique Iglesias's I Like How It Feels. That is when it finally clicked - you have to download the program "I know what X, Y or Z feels like" and also download I LIKE HOW IT FEELS. That did it, the music (or the workout) helped me release the fears that I was trying to release, and I had so much fun in spinning class. 

Music Makes Everything Better

On a side note, Theta Healing talks about different planes of existence and one of these has music, sound and vibrations. Adding music makes a huge difference, it makes the feeling real! Music is one of my favourite creative healing tools and the first one mentioned in my Chakra Healing & Magick book. The seven notes also resonate with the seven chakras in the human body. That's how we feel a song's vibration as well as the emotion that goes with the tune or lyrics. 

Theta Healing turned out to be a lot cooler than I expected, and I'm psyched because this workshop was the first of six or seven (geek that I am, I've already read the books for two of the advanced classes). If you'd like to try it for yourself the best thing really is to sign up for a class HERE though you can also read Vianna Stibal's books on Theta Healing. I would suggest taking the basic class as having a teacher guide us through the process is essential. Then you can read the books to go deeper. 


Is there a downside to Theta Healing? Not with the technique itself. But as with anything, if you dedicate yourself to practicing it, the results will be better than if you go to a weekend workshop and expect to work miracles straight away. Theta Healing does teach instant healing (and that is FAB) but my understanding was that healing happens in a moment once all the belief, feeling and intuitive work is done. 

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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Finding Your Footing After An Earthquake (Chakra Meditation)

The last two or three weeks I have been leading a meditation class in the evenings, aiming to help students activate their energy fields for self-healing. 

The first session was dedicated to disaster relief after the recent earthquakes in Mexico City. It was a cozy group, and the purpose was to send healing to different locations by connecting with Mother Earth and visualizing streams of white and pink light flowing from our hands, into the earth, and through it to plants and trees in the more affected zones. We used this technique to send distant healing {LINK}

We also charged a few dozen rose quartz crystals, infusing them with Archangel Chamuel's loving energy. Each of the students took a handful of stones to plant and different sites throughout the city, to help with the healing and rebalancing process. I can't even begin to describe how it felt to be here for both of the earthquakes and while my family and friends were lucky,  thousands of families still need help. 

When something like this happens (especially an earthquake, but really anything that shakes us up in life), the Root Chakra may need a lot of attention as it is where we tend to hold feelings about our sense of security in the world, whether physical, material (finances) or with our immediate community. It is about safety. 

In the second week of class, we spent most of the hour on healing meditations to clear and balance the Root Chakra and through it, the physical body. The funny thing about these meditations is that I never plan them in advance, describing the images that come to mind during class. Some of my students see it before I say it too - they are very clairvoyant!

Anyhooo, this time around, I saw the dust, debris and 'hurt' that needed healing as specks of light - almost like glitter - and we visualised red crystalline energy coming up from the center of the earth through our grounding cords to our feet, up our legs and then sweeping through the Root Chakra. That crystal energy dislodged the glitter and sent it down to the fire in the Earth through our grounding chords. 

I had never seen such beautiful 'negative energy' and the message that came through intuitively was that we have nothing to fear in Energy Healing or by looking at the body. By seeing this heavy energy as sparkles of color, dust, and light, we can engage with clairvoyant healing without being afraid of what we may find. 

One of the things that I tend to shy away from as an Healer is telling people when I see blotches of energy or shades of grey in their Aura or Body. Who wouldn't react to a blotch of black with fear, when in reality, these visions show us what we can heal  by using crystals, Reiki or chakra meditations. These images are not there to frighten us, but fear can block healing on mental, emotional and physical levels. 

So yes, next time you try a Chakra Meditation, visualise any extraneous material in your body as light, sparkles or glitter and let it be washed away in a swirl of beautiful colors. Click HERE for a step by step guide to channeling crystals =) 

The only change I have made after the earthquakes, is to visualise these roots going deeper into the Earth, below the layer that shakes when there is an earthquake (tectonic). The more we clear both our Root and Sacral Chakras, the easier it is for us to let go of fear and any emotions that it triggers within us. 

This following healing meditation my also help! It was originally written for my Self-Healing, Cancer & Love book, but it can be used in just about any situation. 

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Miracle Making with Hebrew Letters

Last week I signed up for a Theta Healing workshop that I absolutely loved and I intended to write about that class this week, but since then, I have had an epiphany that I want to share instead. Theta Healing is similar to the type of intuitive meditation that I had done in the past. One of the side effects is meant to be a stronger, more fluid connection to the Universe. It helped me connect the dots =)

Yesterday I was thinking about a project where I would like an influx of prosperity. I asked for guidance and the message that came through was that it is OK to ask for "more of the same" because the idea is to multiply bread, and not divide it. 

That very specific wording reminded me of a Bible story where Jesus multiplied bread and fish to feed a large crowd on a hill. This is where the rabbit hole section of my puzzle-piece epiphany began ...

Puzzle #1: Multiplying with Magic Numbers

In psychic school, one of my teachers told us not to take notes in class because we had our Guardian Angel with us. A teacher might say something that we didn't know how to process, but our angel takes note, and years later when that piece of information becomes relevant and useful, voila! It comes to mind.

This happened yesterday, as I recalled my intuition tutor Amanda telling us that the specific number of fish, bread, and crowds in those Bible stories were the important from a miracle making perspective. 

So I went looking for a copy of the Bible and read the stories. In one, it tells you that there were 7 loaves and an unspecified number of fish. The loaves and fish were multiplied to feed 5000 people, and at the end of the day, there were again 7 full baskets full of food that had not been consumed that day. #7. 

In another account, it speaks of 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread (which add up to 7), being multiple to feed 4000 people in the crowd. Again with a big surplus....

Puzzle #2: Was Jesus a Kabbalist? 

My mind went back to my student days at The Kabbalah Centre in London and how at one point, I scoffed when a teacher implied that Jesus was a Kabbalist, and that was how he performed some of his miracles. 

At the time, I cynically thought that K-Centre was trying to take credit for Jesus's miracles, but now I think that they may have been right. Or at the very least, the person who recorded the New Testament was familiar with the Torah, with Hebrew letters and (if he was a Kabbalist) with the 72 of Names of God, which we will come onto next. But first, what is Kabbalah???  

Over the years there have been different schools of thought. To put it simply, Kabbalah can be described as the mystical side of Judaism, where one reads between the lines to understand the Torah, including parables and even spelling and grammar (the exact way in which Hebrew letters and grammar appear in the Torah has significance). The word itself means to "Receive" and when we study Kabbalah, we receive lots and lots of information and insights. 

The idea is that every story in the Old Testament has layers to it: first a literal description of events, then metaphors or symbolism that can be extrapolated from that description, then the interpretation of those metaphors and under all of that, the mystical meaning that can be hard to put into words. Yesterday I extended this take on the Torah to include the New Testament and some of its passages. 

There is also a book called the Zohar that explains the Torah or Old Testament's symbolism. For example, the Jewish people being led out of Egypt and to Israel, is seen to be about the Human Spirit breaking free from the Ego and finding its way to the Light, to God, or to its own unfettered Soul.... 

Puzzle #3: Numerology in Hebrew Letters

I really liked class at the Kabbalah Centre, but with my Neptunian vibes, I wanted to go down a mystical and less academic route. Rather than read about the Kabbalistic Tree of Life {link} I wanted to astral travel there, and yes it is possible! So I began exploring and found several currents of Kabbalah study that went down a more experiential or mystical approach. 

Along the way, I signed up for a Practical Kabbalah class {link} where we began to link planets and numbers with the Tree of Life. We also looked at the mystical meaning of Hebrew letters and how they have a unique vibratory pattern. Legend says that God created the Universe with specific combinations of Hebrew letters, and that Moses parted the Red Sea by activating certain Hebrew letters in sequence. 

Call it spiritual technology or magic, but we can work with Hebrew letters to create changes in our lives and our communities. I was not sure how, though...

Puzzle #4: The Secret Code! 

Each of the letters in the Hebrew alphabet has a numerical value. I dug out a copy of the Bible and looked up the numbers in the parables. Then I reached for a meditation deck called The 72 Names of God, by Yehuda Berg {link}, with 72 combinations of letters. Each card has a theme, relating to an aspect of spiritual connection. Without even shuffling the deck, it opened to one specific card: Diamonds in the Rough. This is about how to take ordinary rocks (or problems) and turn it into diamonds, or light. 

There were three letters on the card, and I was shocked to discover that the numerical value of those letters mirrors the number of fish, bread, and baskets  in the parables, which were then multiplied into the thousands. I guess this means that if we want to create manna from rocks, this combination is the key.

This isn't a "get rich quick" story or card, but it could be about multiplying resources to help a larger group of people, or about transcending the laws of nature to feed the spiritually and materially hungry. I would love to hear your thoughts on this, or on how to work with the letters in meditation, music, etc. Thank you! 

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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

How To Attract With Joy and Appreciation

Last year I gave an angel reading where manifesting goals and desires came up; specifically, how easy it seemed to be for the client's family to score tickets or freebies to see their favourite bands playing. When it came to other "wants," like a business venture taking off, the process was much slower. Why was that?

Why are some things easier to manifest? 

The message that came through was about the bliss we feel when we're at a concert. The experience is not a stepping stone to anything else, you just want to enjoy the moment. It is not a fancy purse or a car that will do X, Y or Z for you. Not that there is anything wrong with wanting a beautiful bag that we genuinely love ;-)

If we want to manifest other things with the same level of ease, we have to connect with the end goal and not the vehicle that may get us there. We can manifest our Heart's desires quicker than the Ego's wants because the Ego wants security and focuses on things that appear to offer security, whereas the Heart will sense joy and taps into it naturally. It should be effortless but often we get in our own way. 

Allowing vs Forcing Manifestations 

Last year I signed up for a spiritual psychology class. My teacher Camila explained that the Universe responds to how we feel about situations. When we see something and think "oh I like that!" the Universe takes note. The more often we respond with appreciation, the clearer our signal. Every time we respond positively to an idea, we tell the Universe to bring it closer to us. Until poof!!! It comes about in the best possible way.     

I have a work in progress that I would like to share with you (a simple one, but music is magic, and I love listening to my favorite songs). There are two recording artists who for the past 15 or so years have been the soundtrack to my life - one I have seen in concert and the others I have never been able to catch. Whenever they are in town (and it seems like they are always touring), either I am not there, or something is going on, or it sells out, etc etc etc. 

I hear their songs and think "it would be great to see them live!" Then last week, one of my friends from college was visiting from out of town. Her brother is a concert promoter, and apparently, he is going to organize one of their concerts soon!!! Yay!!! It is not a done deal, nor is it anywhere near home, but I can't think of a better place for me to finally go to a concert - and with good friends!!! So voila, it hasn't happened yet, but is showing signs of life. =) 

To recap, the key is to respond with a joyful "I love that!" when we come across anything that we'd like to have in our lives. Whether it is a new purse, a new relationship, a promotion at work, a solid group of friends or even a house on a specific street (this is how I found my flat in Notting Hill years ago...) 

Why Envy Has The Opposite Effect 

If instead, we respond with envy to the world around us, that unhappy and slightly bitter feeling sends mixed signals to the Universe. The Universe isn't a psychologist who thinks "she responds with irritation but deep down, wants it, so I'll give it to her." Instead, the Universe registers envy as an unhappy feeling that arises in response to X, Y or Z. To help us, it pushes the object away from us so that we can be at peace. Not helpful at all is it??? 

There is a great book by Karla McLaren on the language of our emotions {link}. Envy is a tricky one because it shows us what we think we can't have (hence the envious response), whilst repelling the object of our desires. I really believe that the Universe can fulfil all of our needs if we give it time and space to do so, on its terms. The trick is to heal the source of that envy, knowing that we too can shine; eventually feel joy and appreciation for others. The more we celebrate others, the better of we are.  

Some Musical Inspiration! 

With this in mind, here's a link to one of my favourite performances by Coldplay; they are awesome but so is the crowd! Watch it and connect with the feeling =) 

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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Children, Astrology and 12 Learning Styles

I don't have kids but many of my friends do, and lately the conversations at lunch have revolved around schools and how some of the more progressive institutions adapt their style to match the different personality and intelligence types. This is fabulous because kids excel in different areas, and if we only test them in one, we'd be doing a huge disservice to their talents and to their self-esteem. 

If we look at natal astrology for clues, we can also see how each of the 12 zodiac signs assimilates information in a specific way. We can then use astrology to tailor the learning experience to each child's needs, though it may be easier for parents to take this approach at home with their own children. 

Kids Typically Have One of 12 Learning Styles 

These are based on the Zodiac, as each of the signs has a way of learning and communicating themselves. When looking at a natal astrology chart for clues, we look look to Mercury, the planet of communication, and not the Sun.

So for example, if a child has Mercury in an Air sign, then words, logic, and verbal interactions will be hugely important. That child may need to talk through ideas to fully understand them. 

Kids with Mercury in Fire signs may learn best in creative environments where passion and initiative are rewarded, wanting to share their work with others. Those with Mercury in Earth signs like Virgo or Taurus may be quieter and perhaps slower but more precise. When they understand and learn a new concept, it is learned for life. 

Most of my natal astrology readings have been for adults who want to know more about their Life Purpose and their talents. But I have read charts for quite a few kids recently (usually, the mom wants insights on how to approach a little firecracker, as kids with lots of Fire seem to be frequent clients). 

Astrology For The Whole Family... 

I am looking to do more readings that focus on family dynamics and on children in particular - please get in touch if you would like a reading. The children would need to be at least 3 years old and as this is an experiment of sorts, I will be offering the family astrology readings at a special rate. Details below! 
Option 1) A Full Reading for Mom or Dad + 2 Child Summaries. Here we'd do a full reading for one parent and also a summary of the children, focusing on elements that can help the parent redirect their efforts so that the child's natural gifts are better able to blossom. Full readings typically last 60 minutes, adding 10-15 minutes for each of the children. This one is offered for the standard price: 60 USD, with bonus readings for kids. 

Option 2) Family Dynamics Reading: Here we look at what each family member needs to feel secure emotionally, how they think and communicate with others, and if we have time, each person's life purpose and karmic placements on a macro level. These may overlap; we often see kids who help their parents see their life purpose in practice, or vice-versa. 

This second option is the one I am most curious to explore as it sheds light on the entire family and how in a nucleus, we play to each other's strengths and weaknesses. The first people to book this reading will receive it for 30 USD (if there are more than five family members, the price may change slightly.) 

FYI - my natal astrology readings for children are short and offered as an extra on Mom or Dad's astrology reading, as I believe it is best not to create self-fulfilling prophecies. The family reading is a good alternative but still new for me. If you'd like to introduce your kids to astrology, this Kabbalistic Astrology Book is pretty sweet: 

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