Monday, 28 July 2014

Working Through Your Fears

Last week I had technical difficulties with my A1R Psychic Radio show.  Skype malfunctioned and I had to cancel at the last minute. We ended up running the recording from my first show. It's only been a couple months since I started, and I was bummed to miss it. The funny thing is that, had this happened one month ago, I would've been secretly relieved to be off the hook for the night. 

Being on air can be scary at first. It took 5-6 weeks to get past the stage fright. Now I am finally enjoying it. The main reasons I took this gig were that: a) hosting a radio show would be fun, and b) I was terrified by the idea. Speaking in public has never been one of my joys. At least on the radio, you don't see the audience and that makes it easier. Doing a weekly show is good practice. 

A couple years ago, I took a class at the Kabbalah Center in London. One of the things they mentioned was how our fears became bigger whenever we run away from them. Say you are scared of skydiving. An opportunity presents itself, and even though you'd love to jump from a plane and plummet to your death float through the sky on a parachute, panic sets in. You wimp out. For a second you feel relieved. Then the adrenalin goes down and you start to feel disappointed in yourself. The next time you have a chance to skydive, the weight of that "failure" makes it even more daunting. It's only when you take the leap that your fear loses its grip on you. Skydive a few more times and you will find yourself enjoying it. The fearsome hurdle disappears. 

It's also said that our greatest fears stand in the way of our greatest joys. I don't know if my joy is on the other side of this radio show, but I am enjoying myself a lot more every week. I was really disappointed to miss the show. And not the least bit relieved to be "off the hook" for the night. My first goal is done: I got past the fear. Now its time to enjoy the show and hopefully you will too! 

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Healing Attunements with Extra Oomph

Last summer I gave healing to a family friend who had just been diagnosed with cancer. We both felt the energy very strongly. My hands burned like never before. I was particularly drawn to the Solar Plexus Chakra where we hold the energy of fear, and to the Heart Chakra which, in one way or another, opens the door for us to heal every aspect of our lives. As the healing was drawing to a close I realised that he would need a lot of sessions. I also got the impression that he needed to heal himself. So right then and there, I improvised and attuned him to Reiki (sort of) by modifying the standard Healing Attunement and extending it to the palms of his hands. Let me explain ... 

Reiki Masters learn to do two kinds of attunements. The most common, the Reiki Attunement, connects you to Reiki in the most powerful way. It kicks off a cleansing process that can last up to a month. It's also for life. Reiki is a way of life, as much as a healing modality, so people have to choose this path (or maybe it chooses them). There are also three levels to the Reiki Attunement, adding more healing tools to the existing connection. A Healing Attunement, on the other hand, brings a gentle stream of Reiki into a person's energy field, especially their Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras. This connection lasts for 2-3 months and we're taught to give it to people with chronic conditions who will need an extra boost between sessions. The standard Healing Attunement doesn't include the person's hands, so they can't use it for hands-on-healing. The cleansing aspect of the Healing Attunement is much softer too. It is better suited to cancer patients, who are already going through a hard time. 

That day I improvised by carrying out a Healing Attunement, and extending it to the hands so that he could give himself healing. In this case, I also intended for it to last as long as it was needed. It has been a year and he is doing well. I haven't given him another healing and honestly, I don't think he needs it (see note below) That's the value of self-healing. I hadn't mentioned this before because I wasn't sure if this was the "right way" to share Reiki with others. For all it's simplicity, Reiki has a lot of rules. And on some level, I was worried about what other Reiki Masters might say. Straying from the original teachings is sometimes seen as a bad thing. Though by now almost everyone has. The branch that I studied, Usui Tibetan Reiki, blends Usui's original approach with Buddhist influences. Its lovely. Personally, I think creativity is a godsend. 

It has also dawned on me that the healing is meant to suit the client's needs, not our thoughts about what it should look like. From now on, I'm going to offer this boosted Healing Attunement to clients with chronic conditions. And maybe to others as well. It's time to put my creative stamp on the Reiki lineage! Though I wouldn't be surprised if someone else has been inspired to do the same thing before. =) 

*** Reiki and Energy Healing are complementary to medical care, not alternative. This client is also seeking conventional cancer treatments. Follow this link to learn about healing as a complementary therapy to cancer care. 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Compassion and Self-Healing

This is a transcript from my A1R Psychic Radio show, dated July 15 2014. Listen to the recording on the Archives here or choose another topic here

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Diary of a Psychic Healer

Last week we talked about Energy Healing, what it is and how we can use to heal different aspects of our life: mental, emotional and physical. Today we’re going to talk about compassion and the role it plays in self-healing.

But first, let’s define compassion: seeing a person’s faults and not punishing or judging them for it. When we’re compassionate with others we give them the benefit of the doubt. We also recognize the fact that we’re all human, we make mistakes and we’re continually evolving and growing on this path of ours. 

Quite a few religions speak of compassion: Christianity and Buddhism both do. The framework I have enjoyed the most is the one Kabbalah uses. If you’re not familiar with Kabbalah, it’s an esoteric understanding of both human nature and divinity. It was originally discovered by Christian monks in the middle ages, and has since been adopted by the more mystical side of Judaism. I’m not an expert on Kabbalah or a practicing Kabbalist, though geek that I am, I took a few lessons. 

  • One of the topics we studied was the Tree of Life (or the 10 spheres of light). I won’t go into it in too much detail now, only to say that the 10 spheres of light are each said to represent aspects of the Divine, including Wisdom, Glory, Mercy, Judgment and Manifestation, to name a few.   
  • You’ll have to Google the Tree of Life to see an image, but the ten spheres are placed on three pillars of light, with the harsher elements on the left, the more caring elements on the right. For example, we have Judgment on the left, balanced out by Mercy and Compassion on the right hand column.  
  • We need to be Objective, Rational and Discerning, in so far as Judgments are concerned. If however, we lean on Judgment without bringing Compassion and Mercy into the equation, we risk going too far. Both in our personal lives, and on the global scale. So many of the conflicts we see nowadays are due to people leaning heavily on harsh judgments and forgetting to show mercy in their actions. We really need both of these.   

Let's bring this back to Energy Healing. 

Professional healers are taught to be compassionate, objective and non-judgmental. This is the only way to create a space where clients can feel safe opening up about the character traits that they might be self-conscious about. Or even feelings that they might be ashamed of, like jealousy and envy.  

We all have a shadow side: that side of us that we don’t broadcast to the world (and sometimes, we won’t even acknowledge it ourselves). Our shadow side makes us act out of fear, anger, worry or jealousy. And its 100% human. Self-healing involves accepting these ugly bits with the more appealing ones that we show the world. The more we work on our self-confidence and self-love, the easier it is to heal and release the shadow. Even though it will most likely, never be gone. And that’s OK too. It’s all part of the process. With time we’ll start to appreciate the beauty in our imperfections. 

So be kind, be compassionate. Start with yourself and let it spill over to your relationships and the people you meet. It will bring lots of love into the world!

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