Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Magical Law of Individual Realities

I have been getting ready for the New Year with a series of posts on Achieving Peace and Prosperity. My New Years Resolution will be to apply these insights in my own life. It's time to put my theories to the test. Last week I covered The Magical Power of Compassion, and how we can use kindness and generosity to consciously transform our lives. Compassion is an essential quality on the road to Peace and Prosperity

Today I'm going to discuss The Magical Law of Individual Realities, and how we can work with it to influence our surroundings. The theory is that our unique experiences, and how we interpret those experiences create a set of beliefs. Those beliefs act as mirrors and magnets to create and attract situations that reinforce said beliefs. We create our reality: what is true for me may not be true for you. And what's possible for one person may not be possible for another. We all live in the same physical world, in theory we're all capable of the same progress, but sometimes our beliefs get in the way. There's a terrible anecdote I heard a while about about circus elephants, and how one of the baby elephant's legs is chained to the ground. As a child the elephant isn't strong enough to break the chain and it grows up believing it can't. As an adult, that false belief is the only thing that keeps it from breaking free and escaping the circus.  

This is why its vital to examine our beliefs, our assumptions and to release the ones that colour our worldview in a negative way. These might be the result of conditioning, what we grew up hearing from our parents - or even things we experienced in past lives. There are plenty of tools that we can use to release these beliefs, including energy healing, affirmations, introspection and even education, if there's a topic that we are not particularly knowledgable of. To give you a human example, someone with a business background may tell you that you have to spend money to make money. Invest in your business, in yourself, build and strengthen your capabilities, etc. Whereas someone with a miser mentality may be prone to hoarding their wealth and seeing it dwindle over time. A good finance, marketing or business class would help the miser expand his or her perspective about wealth creation.  

It's about unlearning beliefs that hold us back, so that we can unlock our true potential. Our beliefs influence our actions, and these shape the outcome. So take some time to consider your beliefs, your fears and any assumptions about the world. The idea today was to give you food for thought. Please comment with any ideas, questions or experiences related to individual beliefs and realities. 

This was the transcript from my A1R Psychic Radio show dated December 16th 2014. Listen to the recording here or browse more show topics here

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

New! Online Angel Reading Lessons

The past year or so I have been toying with the idea of teaching angel readings and energy healing online, but my immense sense of procrastination kept getting in the way. No more! Today I finally went ahead and tested Google + hangouts as an online teaching tool. It went well! I was also lucky to have a very enthusiastic and talented student. Thank you Sara! As luck would have it, the others called in sick, which gave us a chance to iron out the technical glitches without having everyone on the line. :-) 

I also discovered that these Google chats can be taped and uploaded straight to Youtube, which could make for a fun video blog. But I digress ... I wanted to log on today to let you know that my live, online workshops will be starting in the New Year. With one teacher, a handful of psychic students and plenty of angelic TA's. Though in all likelihood, I'll be the facilitator, and the angels the real teachers. 

Please get in touch if you'd like to sign up. Today's class was an intro to energy management tools like grounding, clearing and protecting yourself, before "opening up" and connecting with the angels. In my psychic school days, I attended weekly classes like these, where we'd hone out skills in a fun and friendly environment. Now that I have moved abroad, I'd love to take that lovely angelic energy wherever I go! 

Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Magical Power of Compassion

Today I’m going to write about The Magical Power of Compassion. That's right! Just one of many levers that you can pull to bring Peace and Prosperity into your daily life, and to your community as well. This post is the second in a series on Peace and Prosperity, leading up to the New Year (see link below). 

1) Channeling your Generosity     

A couple years ago I took classes at the Kabbalah Centre, London. This is where I discovered that generosity is a marvellous tool that we can use to bring good luck and "miracles" into our lives. The K-Centre calls it spiritual technology, and I found the process to be truly magical. The theory is based on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and the ten spheres of light (or the ten luminous emanations), one of which corresponds to our physical world, the rest to the spiritual realms. 

The theory is that by restricting and sharing 10 percent of our resources, be it time, energy, knowledge or money – we can tap into the unlimited source of abundance on the other side of the veil, bringing it into our physical reality. You can do this by volunteering, mentoring or coaching others, by donating to a spiritual, social or ecological charity, etc. It's also possible to share less formally, by taking time out of your day to help a family member or a colleague. It's about sharing with no strings attached, and trusting that the Universe will reward you at the right time and place. The 10% ratio is the secret, whether its time, money, or energy shared. 

It's been a while since I took this class, but two ideas are etched in my mind: Sharing (generosity) and Restricting (see here). You can transform your life by using both of these tools. Please note, this is how I apply the Kabbalah Centre's spiritual technology. To learn more, please read Yehuda Berg's The Power of Kabbalah

2) The Magical Power of Compassion
Kindness also brings light to the world in other ways, and this is where The Magical Power of Kindness and Compassion come into play. I’m sure you’ve noticed how some people, especially strangers, will be visibly surprised when you help them. It’s so unexpected that their faces light up. Unwarranted acts of kindness restore our faith in humanity, at a time when the world sorely needs to believe in itself. Whenever we surprise someone with kindness, we erode the energy of cynicism that has found its way into the collective unconscious. This feeling is heavier in some places than others. 

Earlier this year I moved to Mexico, a beautiful country that has, unfortunately, been plagued by crime and corruption. While I love the culture (after all this is where I was born) it has been been sad to witness the belief that everyone is a crook and that no one can be trusted. A myth that I like to dispel by telling a story. My sister came to visit this summer and on her way back to the airport, she forgot her iPhone in the taxi. Now, people here tend to be especially wary of cab drivers. Don’t take gypsy cabs, make sure its tracked, etc. Well wouldn’t you know it, the cab driver saw the iPhone, got out of the car and ran after her into the terminal, making sure she left with her phone. Whenever people start to moan about the situation here, I tell that story and the mood lightens. 

While it may be basic human decency not to steal a phone, that’s what we need to hear right now. These experiences change the way we approach the world. We can all be agents for positive change if we make a conscious decision to let kindness and compassion guide our actions. If you're wondering, compassion comes into play when we remember that everyone is equally deserving of our attention. Put yourself in their shoes ask yourself you can do to be of service. 

This was the transcript from my A1R Psychic Radio show dated December 9th 2014. Listen to the recording here or browse more show topics here