Saturday, 16 July 2016

Your Crystal Cracked - Now What???

We've all been there; crystals crack, especially when we use them for healing. It starts with small fissures on the inside that let us know they are working. Or in the case of amethyst and citrine crystals, the colors fades with time - or in just a few weeks, it depends on how much energy they transmute. 

When a crystal cracks, we thank it for its healing vibes and put it back into the earth so that it can recharge its energy and eventually be reabsorbed (or pulverized) by the natural cycles in the earth. 


You might be wondering if there is anything we can do to keep them with us longer, and a fair bit of crystal care will go a long way to keeping them intact:

- Clear new crystals by putting them on a bed of sea salt for 2 hours. Then fill them with divine light (or reiki) and ask that it clear the crystal on a daily basis. 
- Rinse regular-use crystals once a week: cold tap water is ok!
- Hold it in your hand and fill with light (after each rinse). 

We can also get a feel for a crystal's energy levels by holding it in our left, receiving hand, and sensing its energy levels. They crystal's energy might say "give me a rest!" in which case you might bury it in a potted plant for a month.  Taking care of crystals keeps them with us longer. When the crystal is ready to come again it will pop into your mind. You can feel it's energy with your left hand, to be sure.

A few months ago I was wearing a lapis lazuli pendant and a moonstone bracelet and they both fell off their silver chains the same day - a sign that they needed some rest as I had been wearing them for months without a proper rest. Crystals that are worn as jewelry may need more rest and cleansing  because so many people admire them on us. Take care of your favorite crystals and they will be with you for a long time. 

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Reiki Hugs, Regina

Monday, 4 July 2016

Two Minute Meditation

It's been a little while since my last post and I feel like I am cheating with this 2 Minute Meditation where I do and say nothing, but that is what mindfulness is about: bringing your attention back to the moment and enjoying or observing what it is. The goal is not to close your eyes, quiet the mind or to lose yourself in cool darkness. Instead, we seek to turn down the volume of our thoughts by bringing our attention to our breath and focusing our relaxed gaze on one spot.  

This is my favorite meditation spot, though if I am honest, I do not go there enough. If you would like to join me please pull this up on your computer's big screen, sit in a chair with your back straight, bring your attention to your breathe and just observe the plant. You will also hear water in the background ... 

Two minutes to relax your mental, emotional and physical bodies - that is all it takes!

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Monday, 20 June 2016

Dive Into The Ocean of Your Thoughts

I've been meditating for six years but I didn’t know what Buddhist meditations were about until recently. And even though admitting this makes me feel incredibly foolish, I thought I’d share my findings in case you’ve been reading this blog for years and are equally clueless about meditation, beyond contacting angels, which we all love =)

There are different kinds of meditation and the one I have practiced all along is focused on connecting with my intuition, chatting with my angels and asking for guidance. It has been wonderful, but it can also take you away from the real world, instead of bringing you to a place where you can feel peace in the moment.

Then last month, I walked into a shop and a bright yellow book caught my eye. It had a mandala on the cover. The color drew me in even though the title was a bit of a downer: The Tibetan Book of Living & Dying, by Sogyal Rimpoche. 

I was drawn in by the themes of healing, compassion, reincarnation, life and death. It is full of jewels, but for me, the Buddhist take on meditaiton was the first eye opener:


1) We Meditate to Witness the Light of the Mind. 

This happens when the clouds clear and we can see the sun in a clear sky, because the author likens our thoughts and emotions to tempest floating across the sky. Our true mind is the sun and the blue sky. We don't tell the clouds to go,  instead, we just look at the sky, clouds and all, and wait for those brief moments of clarity. These moments of clarity might be brief, small spaces between the clouds, and with time, those gaps become longer and longer but still. we are never attached to the gaps. They come and go, like the clouds and we just watch the sky.
2) Posture and Breathwork Are Key. 

By keeping your back straight and your breath calm, and natural, we prepare physically. I had experienced this already in my angel meditations, intuition flows when you are sitting up straight and when your breath is rhythmic, not forced but it just sustains your rhythm. The Tibetan Book of Life and Death also suggests crossing your legs to represent the intersection of good and evil, where things are neutral, try it if you like =)
3) Keep Your Eyes Relaxed, but Open! 

Whereas my intuitive and psychic meditations usually involve closing your eyes and taking your attention away from the physical world to the spiritual realms, in Buddhist meditations you want to keep yourself fully in the moment so your eyes stay open, and you are aware but indifferent to your surroundings, including noise and distractions. I quite like this and with my dreamy Piscean mind (mercury in Pisces), I find this to be incredibly helpful. It keeps me from floating away and then when I stop meditating and go on with my day, I am also more easily present =)
4) Focus on a Mantra, an Object or Your Breath. 

The goal is to slowly train the mind so that you can observe your thoughts and not get stuck in them, or carried away by your emotions. To do this, we focus our attention on an specific thing - not obsessively - the author tells us to keep between 25 and 50% of our attention on the mantra, the object (a crystal, a flower or an image of Jesus, Ganesh, Buddha, etc) or on your breath. The rest of your attention will drift, and that is OK, we are learning to relax the mind.

5) Making Peace  With The Ocean Of Our Thoughts 
Finally, the author gives us a second metaphor for the mind and emotions, one that resonated even more than the sky with the sun peaking through behind the clouds. Imagine that you are sitting in front of an ocean or a lake and watching the ripples across the top - those ripples are our thoughts, while the currents, changing temperatures and everything that goes on below the surface are our emotions. Sometimes our mind will be calm, with just a few ripples, sometimes the heat of our emotions lights it up and we have turbulence under the surface. 

In either case, we turn to our physical body for grounding, observing the ripples and the turbulence with love and with compassion knowing that it is just a temporary state and the peace will come soon enough. I thought that was quite beautiful, and I have been meditating on different mantras and crystals ever since. It has been grounding, and that is just what a grounding meditation is supposed to do, help us find solid ground when we are overwhelmed by a sea of emotions. 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Open Your Heart With Rose Quartz

I tend to write about healing techniques as I try them out and a few months ago, I was meditating with a Rose Quartz Crystal when I suddenly felt the urge to hold it in my hands and circulate its warm, loving and healing energy through my arms. The feeling I got, is that by doing this, I could also intend for it to flow through my Heart Chakra. Instantly I felt like it opened my Heart Chakra, making it easier for me to give and receive love which is a key step in opening ourselves up to abundance of all kinds. I should also mention that I began by grounding myself, as I always do

If you have a rose quartz please try this at home - if you don't you can still do this meditation by visualizing a huge rose stone in the center of the earth and bringing its energy up through your legs, to your heart, and then circling it through your arms.

I'm still figuring out the tech details for my video blog but I'll be recording quite a few of these to complement my Chakra Healing & Magick eBook, now availalbe as a gift to email subscribers on this link. Read the book and please follow me on YouTube!

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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Things Every Psychic Explorer Should Know

This morning I taught an intuition workshop where we flexed our Chakras and connected with our spirit guides. It dawned on me that there are things  I should have known, or perhaps believed, in my student days: 

First of all, we are all psychic even if we don't know it. I was vaguely aware of this in school; intuition is a natural ability that we all possess to some extent, and we can meditate to develop it further. But I didn't understand how very psychic we really are until the years flew by and I began teaching myself. At first I couldn't help smiling when a student mentioned feeling intense heat during class, often a sign of energy healing abilities, or when several students saw the same clairvoyant image in their mind's eye during meditations. These comments rang a bell.

Second, awakening our intuition is a process. We may start by feeling temperature changes, seeing flashes or color, fleeting thoughts, and eventually with our angels and guides revealing themselves in our mind's eye. All of these events are signposts along the way, letting us know that we are on the right track. I was lucky enough to keep a journal of my own advances in the form of this very blog, as I see my students evolve, I recognize some of the steps that I went through four and five years ago. As a teacher, it is easier to trust the process than it was as a student. In the early days, there were plenty of times when I was sure I would never be able to give a reading.

Third, we open up and advance at our own pace. Some of my classmates went through the intro and intermediate levels in six months; others took years. I think this may have something to do with our astrology. I suspect that people plenty of Water (intuition, emotions) and Fire (divine spark) in their charts are naturally more intuitive than those of us who have more Earth (material practicality) and Air (logic) in our charts. There are benefits to having lots of Earth or Air - as we have more grounding to build on, or and the intuitive thoughts flow quickly when they start to appear. But to begin with, that practical materialism and my rational mind were big hurdles.

The fourth point is one that I did know, thankfully, as my teachers at The College of Psychic Studies and the School of Intuition & Healing were always fantastic. We need to begin this journey by learning to ground, clear and protect ourselves. Grounding keeps us safe, clearing releases any energy or emotions that we may have absorbed along the way, and shielding keeps us clear and safe. You can learn to do all of the above, and connect with your angels and guides, by reading my new Chakra Healing & Magick book, which is now available as a Chakralicious gift on my blog here

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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

How Many Psychic Abilities Are There?

I have great news! And it will answer your question about psychic abilities too ... My new Chakra Healing & Magick book is done! The eBook is a gift for email subscribers {here} and the paperback will be published on Amazon this summer. One of the key themes are psychic abilities, and how our 6th sense is in fact, made up of a whopping seven psychic abilities. We have the potential to develop all seven, while being more inclined to a particular ability. So for example, one person might see mental pictures, symbols or colors (clairvoyance) where another would hear words, phrases or music (clairaudience). Psychic sight and sound are well known, but there are plenty of ways to receive intuitive messages - which give us hints when something is on the horizon.  

The question, then, is how to discover our gifts? In my new book, we look at the seven psychic abilities through the lens of the Chakras, using meditations to awaken and develop each of our psychic abilities. You can read the eBook by downloading it here - it is a gift - and listen to this meditation below. I plan on uploading more vlogs and meditations to YouTube in the coming weeks to complement the book - enjoy! =)  

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Monday, 23 May 2016

A Brief History of Reiki (And Sunshine!)

Reiki was discovered by Mikao Usui in the early 1920's. A lifelong buddhist, Usui believed that satori (enlightenment) could be reached through meditation, prayer and fasting. As legend has it, thus began the lonely climb up Japan's Mount Kurumaya. Usui resolved to meditate for 21 days and nights until he reached satori or died trying. Instead, Usui got Reiki. 

In the west Reiki is known as a healing technique which can be used to clear, balance and heal the mind and the body. The word Reiki can be translated as Rei = divine intelligence, and Ki = life force energy. Reiki Healers channel this universal spiritual energy through their palm chakras to their clients facilitating the recipient's self-healing process. 

Thanks to its Buddhist approach to personal development, Reiki has evolved into a spiritual path which has been embraced by thousands around the world. At the heart of the Reiki philosophy are the Five Core Principles: 

Just for today, do not worry
Just for today, do not anger
Just for today, honor your parents, teachers and elders
Just for today, earn your living honestly
Just for today, show your gratitude to every living thing 

These principles acknowledge the fact that all we have is the present moment and the choices it gives us. We can choose to be honest, respectful, grateful (and I would add, proactive) today. We can also become aware of the fearful thoughts that affect our wellbeing. Though planning for the future is a necessity, worrying does not help much. It can be hard to keep your cool in this pressure cooker we call life (we are human, after all) and the Reiki Philosophy can be very grounding, practical and gratifying. It teaches us to: 

Do what you must today (with love and gratitude!) for today is all we really have! 

On a personal level, I have always experienced Reiki as the brightest of lights, especially when I received my Reiki Master attunements, which enable us to teach it to others. This Reiki light was a godsend when I lived in foggy London, as I felt like I had a bit of Reiki sunshine to see me through the rain. Likewise we can channel that Reiki sunshine to bring light into our lives, especially if we need a booster. 

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