Thursday, 18 September 2014

Where does intuition come from?

My Facebook Friends chose this week's A1R Psychic Radio topic: Intuition. A few of them also volunteered personal stories. Thank you sooo much for your help! =) 

What is Intuition? 

The dictionary refers to Intuition as "a feeling that makes a person act a certain way without fully understanding why?" Webster's Dictionary also references "a natural ability or a power that makes it possible for us to know something without proof or evidence." A hunch, if you will. Both of these definitions resonate with me. The only thing I would add, is that intuition comes to us as a series of extrasensory messages. I honestly believe we are being given the answers, all the time. Every now and then we get a head's up too. The more we listen to these messages, the easier it is for us to navigate our way through life.

But where does this information come from? Who sends the message? As far as I can tell, Intuition has two main sources: our guides and angels, and our Soul. 

1)  Angels and Spirit Helpers: We all have a team of angels & guides looking out for us. They send messages, coincidences and direction to help us out. They can also send people to intervene on our behalf. Sometimes they give us direct messages (advice), other times they show us kindness when we need it most.   

This was the case with one of my Facebook friends. Let's call her Lucy. A few days ago she was getting ready to leave for her history class. She was almost out the door, when a little voice told her that it would be a good day to stay home. Lucy decided to skip class. Her upstairs neighbour fell down and hurt herself (or himself?!?). They were home alone, and Lucy was there to help. Its worth mentioning that the reason only became apparent after the fall, as is often the case with our intuitive hunches. Our special team talks to us through thoughts, feelings, visions and also through other people. Next week, we'll talk about psychic skills you can develop to receive these messages, loud and clear. 

2) Our Higher Self (Our Soul) is the 2nd source of intuition. We have a huge amount of common sense stored away, even forgotten. By listening to our body, we can tap into the wisdom that's tucked away in our subconscious. Here's how:

We all have an energy body, it consists of our Aura and Chakra, which are continuously scanning the outside world for information. Whenever we walk into a new situation or meet a new person, our energy scans theirs and makes an assessment. Are they trustworthy, honest and genuine? Would we get along? Is this someone I want to spend my time with, etc. That information is filtered through the Chakras to the physical body, who sends us signs. You might get good vibes from one person. Another makes us feel uneasy and we don't know why. If our energy was clear to begin with, we can trust those vibes. These intuitive feelings can register anywhere, but the Solar Plexus is a common spot. 

Another one of my lovely Facebook Friends volunteered an anecdote to illustrate this point (thank you Kassandra!). Her intuition is in her gut (not uncommon!) and when someone tells a big lie, she gets sick to her stomach. It only goes away when she uncovers the truth. This is probably extreme, but lots of us get funny feelings in our stomachs when something is off kilter. These gut feelings are tied into the Solar Plexus's role as an intuitive alert system. Its also the Chakra through which we handle negotiations and power struggles with other people. So long as our energy is clear, grounded and protected, listening to those intuitive hunches is probably a good idea. We can also work on clearing and healing our Brow and Solar Plexus Chakras of fears that trigger "false alarms."  Try this Stress Relief Meditation to learn how!


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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

More on Eco-Friendly Businesses!

Lately I have been thinking about Eco-Friendly Businesses. This is a topic that I’m interested in but honestly, I wasn’t planning on dedicating any time to it just yet. My focus right now is on Energy Healing: sharing it with the world through this blog, my radio show and with a series of books that I have just begun publishing. Fingers crossed my books will take off, and when they do, I plan on investing in eco-friendly businesses. That’s still a long way off though, I'm just getting started. Then I had this crazy idea and thought I might as well put it out there. Who knows! Maybe someone will put it to practice! …. 

So here it is! 

I really like the idea of a business conglomerate where Nature “owns” a majority share in the company. What I’d like to see, are new businesses and product ideas where Nature is taken into account at every step of the process. The bottom line would still matter – businesses have to turn a profit to survive, but it wouldn’t carry more weight than the economic footprint. The people who work there would ask if the products, services and processes sustainable? What impact do our operations have on the environment, natural ressources, etc. 

Here’s an example of how that might work. 

I'm going to use an example from my own professional life. Before I became a Healer, I worked in consumer marketing. At one point, my job was to manage a line of skin care products. The kind you see in European pharmacies: fancy packaging, premium prices, etc. We had body washes, facial scrubs, anti-wrinkle creams. My job was to pay attention to how the products looked, how they felt, to the experience consumers would have when they used them at home. That includes making sure the bottles look nice on the bathroom shelf. You don’t want them in the cupboard, forgotten. One of my first projects was relaunching our body washes, with new bottle designs, new formulas, new advertising. We were almost ready to go, but one of my colleagues kept pestering me about the bottle caps. He didn’t want the ones we had chosen for new image. 

Let’s call him Michael. 

It was a real problem. My boss had chosen the bottle caps personally. They were gorgeous. Pastel colors, opaque, exactly what we wanted for the brand. The only problem was that we had to ship them across the Atlantic because they were sourced on a different continent. Our next best option was a shiny green cap that was produced locally, much cheaper, but also a little bit tacky. Marketing wanted the pretty caps. Michael, our procurement officer, kept pushing for the shiny ones. He insisted that he pretty ones were a nightmare, they took months to deliver. It may sound silly, but we argued about this for weeks in team meetings. It wasn’t until we sat down for a one-to-one chat that I realised he was mostly concerned with making our products as eco-friendly as possible. This wasn’t part of his job description, it was his personal mission. Michael’s job meant he was responsible for choosing the materials we had at our disposal, and he always put biodegradable and recycled options at the top of the list. That was pretty amazing, I wish more people took a stance like he did. 

Michael was boycotting our choice of bottle caps because of the resources that we would waste shipping them across the Atlantic. Not to mention the pollution. The thought had never crossed my mind. His corporate activism changed that. We ended up going with his shiny bottle caps; it was the right thing to do on so many levels. They were cheaper, orders took a few weeks, etc. This was an eye opener for me. It got me thinking about all of the products we buy and the impact they have on the environment.  My vision for the future is to have more businesses thinking about what’s right for the environment. For that to happen, we also need shoppers who care enough to be informed. As a consumer you'd never know that the bottle cap was shipped across the Atlantic. But we all buy toothpastes and throw the cardboard box away. That's a small piece of waste that is replicated millions of times every month. Why not do away with the box? We can use QR codes and the internet to get the product information, etc. So that’s my big idea! A business where Mother Earth is treated as a majority stockholder, and where consumers and employees care enough to be well informed about the environmental impact of our choices. 

Follow the link for an excellent TedTalk by Fernando Ortiz Monasterio of VerdeVerticalThe opening is priceless. 

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Manifesting with the Proactive Formula

Last week I wrote about the Laws of Karma and how we can use them manifest good luck for ourselves. Today I am going to cover a technique that I learned at the Kabbalah Centre UK. Its often referred to as the Proactive Formula, because it teaches us to pay attention when making even the smallest of choices. Do what’s right and don't let our knee jerk reactions get the best of us. The theory is simple but it does take lots self-awareness and some willpower.

Here is how it works:

1.    We are faced with an obstacle (or an opportunity).
2.    In that moment, we remember that our reaction is the game changer. 
3.    Ideally, we have the presence of mind not to re-act out of fear or anger.
4.    The Universe responds to good choices by opening doors! 

So for example, let’s say your New Year’s Resolution is to get back in shape. Its Tuesday night, you left work early and you have time to go for a run before dinner! Wonderful! But that’s when the inner dialogue starts. Think back to those children’s cartoons where we had a little angel speaking into one ear, and the little devil into another. The angel says “Go on! Put on your cross trainers! You’ll enjoy the run when you’re out there! You can do it!” You think about it, until the other voice starts up:  “Oh but I’m tired! One run won’t make a difference. I need a nap!” Etc. 

This inner dialogue represents the Voice of the Light, and of our Human Ego. The Ego is easy to spot. It speaks out of self-doubt, laziness, fear and sometimes out of anger. Its there to sabotage our plans and to test our resolve. The cartoon angel speaks for our Soul and our Light; it clues us in through our  desires and often through our feelings. These aspects pull us in two different directions. The one we listen to gets louder, and unfortunately it's easier to be swept off our feet by the voice of the Ego. So for example, if we back away from an opportunity because we’re nervous, that's the Ego talking. It pops up in relationships, at work, in social situations, etc. Or if something goes wrong and we react by getting mad and pointing fingers, that’s the Ego. 

It’s probably impossible to completely eliminate our Ego, but what we can do is identify the type of situation where we lose control. One way to do this is to keep a journal and write down what happened each day. How did you react to different situations? When did you let anger, fear, doubt or worry get the best of you. After a while you’ll start to see different patterns, and you can choose one to work with. Ask yourself, WHERE DO I SABOTAGE MYSELF THE MOST and start with that. Its also important not to judge yourself, because you’ll notice how often you listen to your Ego. Observe your reactions for a few weeks and then slowly give yourself the change to choose a different reaction. The change won’t happen over night, be patient and consistent with yourself. 

The better we get at ignoring the ego, the more light we bring into our lives. This opens doors for us in a very tangible way – after all we’re taking steps to accomplish what we really want. And on a meta-physical level, the Universe rewards our bravery and our willpower with lucky coincidences, opportunities that seem to appear out of the blue, etc. We create a lucky streak. At the very least you’ll do yourself a favor by eliminating a bad habit. You might even experience a miracle or two! I have had great results with this, for example, I applied it rigorously for a month and then found a flat in London with unbelievably low rent. At first you’ll wonder if it was a coincidence, until you start to have lots of lucky coincidences.  =)  If you’d like to learn more I would recommend a book by Yehuda Berg called LivingKabbalah. Brilliant book! 

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