Monday, 23 May 2016

A Brief History of Reiki (And Sunshine!)

Reiki was discovered by Mikao Usui in the early 1920's. A lifelong buddhist, Usui believed that satori (enlightenment) could be reached through meditation, prayer and fasting. As legend has it, thus began the lonely climb up Japan's Mount Kurumaya. Usui resolved to meditate for 21 days and nights until he reached satori or died trying. Instead, Usui got Reiki. 

In the west Reiki is known as a healing technique which can be used to clear, balance and heal the mind and the body. The word Reiki can be translated as Rei = divine intelligence, and Ki = life force energy. Reiki Healers channel this universal spiritual energy through their palm chakras to their clients facilitating the recipient's self-healing process. 

Thanks to its Buddhist approach to personal development, Reiki has evolved into a spiritual path which has been embraced by thousands around the world. At the heart of the Reiki philosophy are the Five Core Principles: 

Just for today, do not worry
Just for today, do not anger
Just for today, honor your parents, teachers and elders
Just for today, earn your living honestly
Just for today, show your gratitude to every living thing 

These principles acknowledge the fact that all we have is the present moment and the choices it gives us. We can choose to be honest, respectful, grateful (and I would add, proactive) today. We can also become aware of the fearful thoughts that affect our wellbeing. Though planning for the future is a necessity, worrying does not help much. It can be hard to keep your cool in this pressure cooker we call life (we are human, after all) and the Reiki Philosophy can be very grounding, practical and gratifying. It teaches us to: 

Do what you must today (with love and gratitude!) for today is all we really have! 

On a personal level, I have always experienced Reiki as the brightest of lights, especially when I received my Reiki Master attunements, which enable us to teach it to others. This Reiki light was a godsend when I lived in foggy London, as I felt like I had a bit of Reiki sunshine to see me through the rain. Likewise we can channel that Reiki sunshine to bring light into our lives, especially if we need a booster. 

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Friday, 13 May 2016

A Chakralicious Healing Meditation

Today we are going to play with sense of smell and color to heal our Chakras - the one that comes to mind is the Sacral Chakra and before we begin, this is why it's so important. Many of us spend a good amount of time thinking about what we want out of life: loving relationships, successful home and family life, rocking careers that pay the bills and allow us to grow, etc. These dreams turn into vision boards almost automatically - we have that picture in our mind's eye and often in our hearts. But have we given birth to that dream in the physical world???

The birthing process happens through the Sacral Chakra. To effectively manifest our desires we need a clear, grounded and healthy Sacral. This week we are going to activate our Sacral Chakra with a sensorial and delicious food meditation. You will need the following: oranges, tangerines, or similar orange colored fruits (though oranges are best because of the fragrance) red, orange or yellow flowers and somewhere to sit outside - it's good to feel the breeze and the sun on your face.

Step 1: Cut the oranges up in pieces so that you can eat them, put them in a Tupperware or a nice little basket and find a place to sit.

Step 2: Ground your energy by visualizing a grounding cord dropping from the bottom of your spine, down through the ground to the center of the earth. This cord anchors itself in a huge carnelian crystal - its orange and red tones send us fiery and passionate energy.

Step 3: Visualize a bubble of violet light around your energy field, this shields your energy so that you can open up safely.

Step 4: Bring your attention to your Root Chakra at the base of the spine, it spins bright red as its filled with earth energy. This crystalline energy continues to rise up through your core to your Sacral Chakra, just below the belly button. Visualize and feel as your Sacral Chakra expands, its orange energy growing stronger and stronger.

Step 5: Think about what makes you feel passionate, enthusiastic and full of energy. Are there any obstacles in your path that keep you from embracing that side of yourself? If so, we are going to send light to those obstacles, especially inner obstacles, and let them dissolve.

Step 6: Fill your Sacral Chakra with light and know that you have the power to manifest enthusiasm, passion and opportunity in your life. We are going to stimulate (or feed) this energy by blessing the oranges with creative fire - so hold the oranges in your hands and see them filling up with light and creative energy. When you are ready, its time to enjoy those oranges (or tangerines, etc) and eat them slowly. With every step your Sacral Chakra sends healed and whole vibrations to your emotional Aura layer, surrounding you with vibrant energy.

Step 7: Close down by bringing your attention back to your grounding chord, drawing your Aura in around your body and bringing your Root and Sacral Chakras back to their normal size. Visualize orange flower petals closing over your Sacral, front and back, and place a disc of white light on your Root Chakra so that it is less exposed, but still grounded in Mother Nature's loving energy.

Take a few deep breaths, bring your attention back to the room (or the park) and have a stretch! Remember to tune in with your grounding roots throughout the day and with your Sacral Chakra, too. Please repeat this meditation over the next few weeks as we have a key astrological window on August 13th, where we can work with crystal magick to choose a dream and manifest it in the world. Subscribe by email if you'd like to follow up; you'll also get a free copy of my new ebook in June. 

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Sunday, 24 April 2016


My new Chakra Healing & Magick ebook is coming out in June! The ebook and PDF will be available as a gift for email subscribers. Sign up below and please tell your friends.

In this Chakra Healing & Magick Ebook you will learn to: 

  • Ground, clear and shield your energy with short meditations. 
  • Work with the Aura and the Chakras for healing and intuitive awareness. 
  • Channel energy from Mother Earth and the Universe, including Distant Healing.
  • Tap into that childlike sense of wonder that so many of us left behind, using creative tools like art, dance, song, crayons and journaling to heal yourself.
  • How to partner up with your team of angels and spirit guides.
  • Magickal rituals for self-healing and empowerment.
  • Available in June 2016!

My blog is on hold temporarily, until the ebook is finished... In the meantime,  I'm still available for Angel & Tarot Readings, which also include a bit of astrology!

Stay tuned for the big reveal
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Thursday, 31 March 2016

My 3 Month Vegetarian Update

It's been three months since I became a weekday vegetarian for environmental reasons and thought this would be a good time for an update. If you read my reviews of Graham Hill's Why I'm a Weekday Vegetarian TedTalk, or the documentary Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, you'll know that cutting back on your meat consumption may do more for the planet than taking short showers or riding a bike to work. Giving up meat on weekdays has been easier than I imagined, and I don't feel silly for making a sacrifice that is big for me, but only a drop in the bucket when you look at the world's population. 

This is what I have learned from being a weekday vegetarian so far:

  • We don't need as much protein as we think and this took a lot of the pressure off when I realized I was aiming for twice the requirement. There are also lots of packaged foods that are fortified with protein. While I would rather get it from a natural source, I do enjoy my new Special K cereal. 
  • My skin looks great and I don't know if it's the diet, but everyone keeps mentioning it. I haven't lost any weight but that wasn't a goal. I'm just glad that I have the same energy levels at the gym.
  • Friends  ask  if I feel healthy and full of energy. I do. We don't miss out on anything by eating animal products just on weekends. I do have cheese and eggs, but I try to drink almond, soy, oat or coconut milk whenever I can. Dairy is bad for the planet too but I'm not ready to give it up =(
  • What am I eating instead of meat?? Spinach, lentils, peanuts, almonds, avocados, quinoa. You can also get pasta made from quinoa, lentils and even black beans, with lots of protein. Good stuff. 
  • The hardest thing has been going to my gramma's house for lunch and trying to tell her that I don't each meat, chicken or fish. Somehow that feels rude. Technically I could eat meat  on weekends but I really love vegetarian food and I am starting to lose my appetite for animal products. 

So that's my first three months of part-time vegetarianism. It would be amazing if we  all cut back drastically on our animal consumption. Sustainable fishing and farming are things we tell ourselves to feel better, when there are too many people on Earth for us all to eat meat everyday. If you haven't watched Cowspiracy, it's available on Netflix. And personally, I really really like Graham Hill's 5 minute Ted Talk on why he became a Weekday Vegetarian. That one did it for me, even though I didn't follow through right away.  

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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

A Meditation for Physical & Emotional Vitality

There are seven "planets" in astrological magic and healing: the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn. Each has its own energy, and we can work with these planets when the time is right to stimulate our lives through the Chakra System. While the associations in this list aren't definitive, I use them myself with good results: 

  • Vitality: Mars & The Root Chakra
  • Passion: Mercury & The Sacral Chakra
  • Personal Power: Jupiter & The Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Love: Venus & The Heart Chakra
  • Honesty: Scorpio (Pluto)& the Throat Chakra
  • Vision: Chiron & The Brow Chakra
  • Intuition: The Moon & The Crown Chakra

Follow this link for an earlier post on the Chakras & the Planets, or watch to my latest VLOG below for a meditation on energy, initiative and Mars. This month, and today in particular, we are working with Aries to Kickstart the Astrological Year. Now would also be a good time to revisit worthwhile resolutions, as discussed in my blog post last week. 

The following is a meditation that we can use on Tuesday mornings to make the most of this fiery energy, especially now that the Sun is in Aries. While Mars does have something of a reputation as a hothead, we can combine the red planet's energy with Mother Earth's to achieve a bit of balance. Please share your thoughts below! I'm still new to video blogging; all suggestions are welcome (even "shut the door Regina!" LOL) 

A Meditation for Physical & Emotional Vitality

I worked on another version where we connect with a power animal and ask it join us during the month of Aries. If you'd like to incorporate this, stay with the meditation for an extra minute and visualise a Ram appearing. You could visualise yourself sitting on the Ram's back and holding on for dear life as it rushes off to embrace the day, full of excitement and drive! If you are wondering, the Ram is the symbol for Aries.

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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Resolutions for the Astrological New Year

Most of us in the western world grow up doing our New Years Resolutions in January, which I have always thought to be a little bit silly because if something is worth implementing in your life, why wait until then? That said, I do understand the value of a yearly milestone that we can tap into, but a part of me believes March/April would be a better time to adopt big resolution. Whereas January is in the dead of winter - a time when most of us would rather crawl under our blankets than go to the gym - the energy around springtime is more conducive to new beginnings, especially if a great deal of effort is required on our part. 

This time of year also has the following advantages:

It's The Month of Aries...

Think of Aries as the Kickstarter of the Zodiac. Full of fire, drive and a fair dose of impatience, the Ram's energy propels us forward. Not only does this sign take the lead at the start of the Astrological Year, it is also ruled by Mars, the planet of energy, drive and ambition. By adopting our New Years Resolutions when the sun moves into Aries, we can leverage all of that fiery energy. The sun is in Aries from March 21st to April 19, or thereabouts

And The Equinox!

There are four major dates in planet earth's calendar, the Summer and Winter Solstices mark the longest and shortest days of the year. We also have the Fall and Spring Equinox, where night and daytime are equal in length. Each of these four dates marks the start of a season, and in Spring, it also marks the start of the Astrological year. If we think about the metaphorical ratio of light vs dark in our lives, the equinoxes also indicate a time when our light and shadow sides are balanced, and by tapping into that energy we can heal and embrace our shadow - those elements that we hide, even though in all likelihood, they are not as ugly or as dark as we think.

It can be helpful to view "Light" and "Shadow" as two sides of the same coin, especially if we bring astrology into the mix. Every Zodiac sign has a polar opposite, two energies that appear to be at odds with each other. If we learn how to tap into that opposing force, rather than shun it, we will be able to leverage its power in our lives. The past few months I have been using meditations and self-healing to help me balance the energy in my natal chart (as seen here). By getting to know our natal charts, we can work that polarity to our advantage. I began by exploring my Sun sign, which reflects our core being, before considering other placements.

My Latest Vlog, on the Astrological New Year!

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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Sacred Sites for Personal Empowerment

One of my teachers at The College of Psychic Studies told us he had more than two hundred oracle decks. My collection is in the low double digits and to keep it from growing exponentially, I  put myself on a one-in-one-out plan where every new acquisition necessarily leads to a gift. It also makes me pause before buying a new deck - is it worth giving up an oracle that I already know and love? 

The answer was a BIG YES when I spotted Barbara Meiklejohn-Free's Sacred Sites Oracle Deck in the lobby at the College last summer. Instead of angels, tarot or archetypes, we have approximately 52 sacred sites from around the world, ranging from Machu Picchu in Peru, to Petra in Jordan and Mont Saint-Michel in France. Each of these sites has an energy that we can channel for self-healing and empowerment. We can also view the cards as an oracle, asking our guides what issues we need to work on, though it may be more exciting to use them as a prompt for astral travel and meditation. Imagine what it would be like to travel there and connect with its energy. Each of these sacred sites has a lesson to teach us.

I found this deck to be intriguing because the images have three layers to them as well, for extra depth. Barbara Meikeljohn-Free refers to the bottom third of the card as the Lower World, or the Past. The Middle World represents  current opportunities, while the Upper World is where we are headed. I sometimes interpret it as the Subconscious, the Conscious and Divine Guidance. Today I am sharing three messages that came through when I tuned into the cards. Coincidentally, these are cultures I am quite drawn to.

Varanasi, India (Lord Ganesh):

The message today is about cleanliness from a spiritual and emotional point of view - I'm not even sure why I'm using that word, but there is something about the image of the Ganges River washing away our fears, regrets, and mistakes that makes me think of cleanliness. It's about having a pure heart, and not letting the very human experience of fear and anger hold you down. The Ascended Master or guide that comes through is Lord Ganesh, the remover of obstacles. If you are drawn to Ganesh ask for his help removing any internal blocks to progress, as those are usually the most powerful. There is also the message to trust the process of life and to trust God to remove any external blocks when the time is right. See here for my post, Let Go & Let God (or Ganesh).

The Pyramids, Egypt (Osiris):

The British Museum was one of my favorite haunts when I still lived in London. You can visit any civilization just by hopping on the London Underground - and sometimes, the sightseeing begins before you even leave the station. That is where I found this turquoise ankh, the Ancient Egyptian symbol for eternal life. When I began studying ancient religions (for fun!) I was struck by the similarities between this one and Christianity. Both believe in eternal life, a day of judgment where our actions are weighed up and to a certain extent, in miraculous pregnancies even though it's likely Ancient Egyptians saw the myths of Isis, Osiris and Horus as allegories for the human ego's death and the soul's ability to rise above and see clearly - represented by the Eye of Horus. The card in Barbara Meikeljohn-Free's Sacred Sites deck speaks of the Ankh, this symbol of eternal life, and of the Divine Feminine and Masculine. I will let you figure out the meaning for yourself, but balance may be the key. Coincidentally, a friend recommended a book called Initiation, on the past life memories of an ancient egyptian priestess - it's on my to read list! =)

Chichen Itza, Mexico (Kukulkan)

Today I'm drawn to the Lower and Upper Worlds on the Chichen Itza card. The first theme is about self-sacrifice, asking us to reinforce our boundaries and our sense of self-worth. Do you go out of your way to help others, putting yourself on the backburner burner until everyone else's needs are met? If so, it's time to start recognizing your own light, and how it needs attention to shine. This brings me onto the Upper World interprentation - a reference to the Mayan "messiah" known as Kukulkan, a figure who came down to earth to teach us how to heal the sick and even how to resurrect the dead, though Meikeljohn-Free tells us that his mythology was largely wiped out by the Spanish conquistadors. Personally, I find it really interesting when the mythology of several religions starts to overlap, as it can point out a mystical truth that we are all grasping.
 Chichen Itza's Equinox

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