Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Healing With Astrology & Magick

You know you are a geek when the highlight of your day is the new astrological ephemeris that arrived in the mail, courtesy of Amazon that now delivers to Mexico! If you've never seen an ephemeris, it's a book full of numbers that tracks the movement of the planets, moon and the stars through the zodiac.

Astrologers traditionally turned to these numerical tomes to generate natal charts, using the movement of the planets through the signs to predict events in a person's life. Personally I'm still on the fence about predictions - would I rather know, or not know?). We can also use these windows of time to heal ourselves by connecting with the planets at a precise time and integrating its energy into our lives in a way that balances out our personal seesaw (you'll see what I mean below...)

Special Offer On Astrology Readings!

To celebrate the arrival of my new ephemeris, I'm offering 60 minute astrology readings for 45 USD dollars (15% off). The focus of the reading will be on your natal chart from a personal power point of view, looking at the range of behaviours, attitudes and instincts that come naturally for each of the major placements in your chart. The theory is that for each of the major placements in our chart (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars) there is an empowering and productive way to lean into it's energy, and an opposite behavioural pattern that plays into our fears instead.

In the reading we would explore these placements and think about how our lives are unfolding, bringing self-awareness, healing and empowerment into the mix by shedding a light on our patterns and making a conscious decision to transform them. As a bonus, we can also work with the moon's transit through the zodiac to connect with specific zodiac signs to balance us out. The idea would be to connect with a specific energy that could be underrepresented in our lives, working with the Moon and crystal magick to bring that sign or that planet's energy down to us.

The image that comes to mind is that of a seesaw on a playground, where we might have an 8 year old child called Aries on one end, and a 6 year old called Libra on the other (Libra and Aries are opposites). By virtue of Aries size and weight, he will be planted firmly on the ground and quite possibly keeping Libra out of play (a floating in the air). By studying our natal charts and working with healing, moon and crystal magick, we can add a bit of weight to our Libra side so that both of the children's feet are able to touch the ground, keeping both of the children in the game. 

Please email me at geena@diaryofapsychichealer.com for inquiries. I'll need your time, date and place of birth to do a full reading though we can look at most of the major placements without the exact time. Let me know if you have any questions. 

This Little Book Speaks Volumes...

If you are curious, this is what an ephemeris looks like. We have rows for every day of the year (2000-2050), and a column for each planet. I have been using these primarily to ascertain which of the New and Full Moon's will have an influence in my life, as the moons need to fall at 60, 90, 120, or 180 degree angles to planets or house cusps to be felt. There will be moons that make many aspects, influencing many spheres of life, and others that go almost unnoticed, influencing those around us instead.

I keep also keep a cheat sheet tucked away in my book, making it easier for me to spot transits that impact my sun, moon, my ruling planet or my Ascendant. We could go into a huge amount of detail with astrology, making it very complex. But it doesn't have to be a mathematical problem... one of my goals it to write a very very very simple astrology book that explains the basics from a healing point of view in terms we can all grasp. For now I'm still wrapping my head around it. 

This Ephemeris Spans 50 Years!

So that's all for this week! Please get in touch if you would like to book the special astrology offer - valid until the 31st of October. Angel and Tarot Readings are also available on Skype & Email as usual (HERE)

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

How To Dispel Negativity From Our Lives

Don't you love crystals and how they talk to us? Just this weekend I found a pocket of joy where I least expected: at Seattle Tacoma Airport. My younger brother got married on Saturday (hoorrayyyy!) and on our way home from the wedding I stumbled across a shop full of crystals at the airport. I had been looking for a decent size Black Tourmaline for months and this is where I finally found it. I tend to carry crystals with me in my purse and this particular one is a must have. 

Image: www.rainbowdoorways.com
This shiny black beauty is known for dispelling negativity, whether its our own or other people's - as well as for grounding us, calming or focusing the mind, and shielding us from psychic attack (when a third party's envy or unfriendly thoughts come our way). Black Tourmaline is also said to protect us from the harmful effects of WIFI, so initially I was looking for one to put at my bedside while I slept at night. 

As far as crystals go, Black Tourmaline is also an easy stone to work with. It is one of few that does not need to be cleared energetically or programmed when we first acquire it - Tourmaline just does what it does, automatically. The only drawback as far as I can tell, is that this beautiful stone crumbles easily so if you would like to carry it in your pocket or in your purse, wrapping it in tissue paper is a good idea.

On the way home I held it in my hands and sensed the Tourmaline's energy. I was already in a good mood because of the wedding, but the rock made me feel even happier. Who knew that a shiny black stone could put me in such a fantastic mood? It got me thinking; we are made of pure joy and happiness. Anything less is transitory, and we can dispel negativity from our own lives by embracing three simple qualities. This phrase came to mind as I held the stone and I'm making it my motto: 

Be Kind, Be Happy, Be Forgiving.

The first bit creates the energy that we send into the world, which also doubles as a boomerang so that we receive kindness from others. The second reminds us that happiness is a choice - choose to be happy today. And finally the third sets us free. When it came to forgiveness the key words that came to mind were "don't take things personally" and "don't hold it against them" whatever happens, because the way people behave towards us has more to do with who they are, than who we are.

If you'd like to know more about healing negativity, follow this link for a blogpost on healing unhappy vibes and how we can release them from the Mind, Body & Aura.  

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ps ... Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone. I'm told that Smoky Quartz could be a better option for the highly sensitive, as it dispels negativity with softer vibes.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Getting Past The Magical Learning Curve

The past six months or so I’ve been taking part in a spiritual circle where we study a variety of topics, ranging from healing and astrology to tarot and most recently, how to create and consecrate your own magic wand. This weekend’s homework involved making use of the New Moon in Libra to create a magickal wand and attune it to our energy. I had a wand already, one that oddly enough, used to be part of a set of chopsticks (though I never used it to eat, LOL!)

The funny thing about magick wands is they do work, as I discovered when I tried to activate a carnelian crystal with the help of my wand a few years ago. Wands are associated with the element of Fire, and that fiery energy flows through the wand into our physical reality. I don’t know what I was thinking (probably that the wand do anything) and I held the crystal in my left hand and pointed the wand at it. After a few seconds I began to feel a burning sensation in my palm and I had to stop what I was doing. My mistake! One that I learned from quickly. 

For months after that day, whenever I thought about that wand or that “rookie mistake” my palm would start to hurt all over again. It was like the memory triggered the pain. Not unlike Harry Potter’s scar, the one on his forehead, and how it was triggered whenever he thought about the person who created it. But as a healer, I couldn’t leave the wound open in my palm and eventually I stumbled across a crystal that can be used to repair tears in the energy field: Fluorite. A few months after the incident I healed the tear by placing a fluorite crystal in my left palm, using my right to heal my energy field with Reiki. It worked - my left hand is pain free!

While that tear was energetic and the result of improper use of magical wands, it made me think about emotional wounds, and how when we think about pain from the past we often relive it. Rather than dwell on the past, or worse yet, bury it, we can work with healing, crystals and yes, even magick to heal and release it. Most of you have already downloaded my Chakra Healing & Magick book, I’d encourage you to go through the chapters slowly and heal yourself inside and out with the techniques that are included there. The crystal healing chapter towards the end is one of my favorites, but please work your way through it slowly. If you haven’t downloaded your copy, follow this link for details; the Chakra Healing ebook is gift for subscribers! 

If you would like to read a proper introduction to magick (my book focuses on chakra healing primarily with a magical slant towards the end), I would also love to recommend Practical Magic for Beginners, by Brandy Williams, one of my faves!

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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Reiki for Life (And Stress Relief!)

I tend not to blog about Reiki because it is so simple. That simplicity fools me into thinking there is not much to write about, but maybe that is where its value lies... 

Reiki is a spiritual healing technique that was discovered by Mikao Usui in pre-war Japan. Reiki healers draw on Rei (divine intelligence) and Ki (life force energy) bringing that energy through their Crown and Heart Chakras, down their arms and out their palms. Once we are attuned to Reiki, it switches on whenever we need it - "Hands On, Reiki On" - we don't even have to think about it! 

Giving yourself or someone else Reiki is so simple that it is sometimes (sadly) mocked by energy healers that have invested a great deal of time learning complex healing modalities (like the one that I also studied and practice) but I have to say that the simplicity comes in handy when you're in a pinch. Just this week, I have been saved by Reiki twice!

Scenario 1: Stressed Out Pets

I had been dreading our yearly trip to the veterinarian for 11 months, three weeks and six days, ever since my two-year old Yorkie lost it at her last check-up: clawing, growling and biting with heart beating a million miles a minute. Let's say this dog and needles are not friends. We can't even walk past the vet, let alone go into the building. Then came the day when her vaccines were due and this time, I decided to fill my pockets with crystals to see if she would chill out. I also carried her all the way there, giving her Reiki on the way and again when we were in the vet's office. She did snap at me once or twice but it was nothing like the nightmare we had last year. 

The cool thing about Reiki you don't have to think about what you are doing while you are channeling Reiki, so you can hold onto a squirming and scared dog without having to put yourself in a meditative state! 

Scenario 2: Reiki In Traffic

If you have ever been to Mexico City, you'll know that traffic jams become an Olympic sport when rain is involved. Last week we had a downpour and what would've, could've, or should've been a 20 minute drive turned into THREE LONG HOURS. For a while I had been wanting to focus on healing my "lower chakras" and I did just that, Reiki-ing my Root Chakra for an hour, my Sacral for another, and my Solar Plexus the rest of the way home. The funny thing is that by the time I got out of the car, I was in the best of moods. Reiki has always felt like a burst of sunshine, cheering up my day. It's my Vitamin D. 

The other fantastic thing about Reiki is that being so easy to teach, children pick it up very quickly. Once a child has been attuned to Reiki they have it for life, and they can use the "Hands On, Reiki On" concept to calm their nerves through their stomach, or to fall asleep peacefully by placing their hands over their hearts. At that age we tend to be curious and adventuresome, which helps the process immensely. 

Want to Know More?

To practice Reiki we have to sign up for class and be "attuned" to the energy by a teacher, which is just a fancy way of saying that the Reiki Teacher activates the pathways in our Crown, Heart and Hand Chakras so that we can give ourselves and others healing. The attunement itself only takes a few minutes although the class is a full day. Once you have been attuned, I would suggest following up with Penelope Quest's book, Reiki for Life. The amount of information given in Reiki courses can vary and this book is an excellent resource for all Reiki levels (even for Teachers...) 

With time we can also get creative with our Reiki uses. Follow the link to read a funny blog post of mine: Invisibility Spells & Magick {Click Here}; I had fun with this one!

I hope you enjoyed this post! 
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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The 13 Original Clan Mothers & The Moon

Six months ago I joined a weekly circle where we meet up at each other's houses and take turns presenting metaphysical subjects that we are into. Its been lots of fun; earlier this year I got to teach tarot and astrology and I am now I'm back as a student, which I love. This week we kicked off with a new round of classes on Mayan spirituality, specifically the 13 cycles of the moon, from New Moon to Full Moon and what we learn about ourselves as we start to peel back the layers of the ego. The round of classes will span 26 weeks, I may be blogging about it into the New Year.     

Exploring The Mayan World View

This week kicked off with a bit of theory on the Mayan "World View" of the human being as a functioning, sentient being that is part of the Universe but not all of it, just like a kidney is a functioning organ that is part of the human body and not separate from it (but also, not one and the same with the whole). The idea was that we each have a function to complete on earth, just like the kidney has a specific role, and that by fulfilling that function all of our needs would be met. This contrasts to our modern world view where the belief could be that we are competing with each other for jobs, money, resources, promotions, etc - and that through that world view, we have created a system that validates and reinforces those beliefs. I'm not sure how this fits in with the 13 moons, but the idea was intriguing ... 

Yesterday's overarching theme was relationships - our relationship with the world whether it is a human being, a tree or an animal. The teacher encouraged us to sit in meditation and connect with plants and animals to receive their guidance. We did this in a short meditation where each of us was guided to meet one of our power animals, and to connect with a particular kind of tree and ask it what kind of healing it could give us. The tree that came to mind for me was the Eucalyptus, and it told me that we could receive its healing by chewing on its leaves. Afterwards, our teacher told us that Eucalyptus trees were about taking a breathe and resting, if you will. With regards to my power animal, I saw three: a spider, which I ignored and asked my intuition to give my something else. Then came a flying squirrel, which I saw as a cartoon character from the Sword in the Stone. I also got the lyrics to Seal's Fly Like an Eagle, along with a visual of an eagle flying over a lake and diving into to cool down. 

After the meditation we discussed what we'd seen - the spider represents creativity so I guess it says something about my current creative process when I ignored the spider and waited for it to move along. The squirrel I think was about finding freedom, stretching your wings and also finding a bit of magic in our daily lives. Finally I'm not sure what the eagle represents and my homework was to connect with its energy in my daily meditations. It was pretty cool overall. The class we are taking is based on books by a woman called Jaime Sams, who has written extensively about Native American spirituality. I believe this specific course is based on the material in her book, the 13 Original Clan Mothers. She also published a set of Medicine Cards that I have been eyeing for years: The Discovery of Power Through the Way of Animals. 

Relationships As Reflections of Ourselves

The first moon's overarching theme is relationships as mirrors; how what we dislike in other people is often something that we are disowning in ourselves. And what we like in others are often qualities that we like in ourselves. So our relationship with the world is largely dependent on our relationship to ourselves, and in order to soften those triggers, we need to look within. Here's an example, let's say I'm super annoyed by people who show off. Is there a part of me that wants to show off but doesn't? Or is there an aspect of my life where I can't help showing off? 

Along the same lines, when we think about what it is about a person that makes us like them, could it be that we have that same quality and it is one of the things that we like about ourselves? So for example, I am drawn to people who are happy and smile a lot (aren't we all?) and its usually people who are uncomplicated and happy that I like spending time with. Though it may be an aspirational mirror as I am quite  happy and uncomplicated, but I could probably have more sunshine in my life. I think that is why I'm so drawn to Reiki, it is like a burst of sunshine in your mind's eye. 

Our homework is to try and be more aware of what it is that draws us to other people (or away from them) and how those traits could be a reflection of ourselves. This is a theory that I was already familiar with, especially with regards to opposites in astrology. For example, as an Aquarius, I can be put off by Leo's drive to shine but really, it is just the opposite side of my coin. What I see as separate from myself is part of my disowned shadow. Let's think about what that means...

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