Thursday, July 5, 2018

An Experience with Crystals and Chemotherapy

Last December, someone very near and dear to me was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had surgery to remove the tumor and began six months of chemotherapy to reduce the risk of it coming back in the future. My cousin and I went to the hospital to give her energy healing before the surgery. 

At the School of Intuition & Healing, we learned a technique called Medical Intuition that involves communicating with the body to ask it what might be going on behind the scenes. Another aspect involves explaining medical procedures to the physical body before they take place, to minimise shock and assist with recovery. This happens intuitively, in our thoughts. 

Energy Healing Before Surgery

As always, I called on the archangels for help during the session. At one point, I was trying to run through the surgery mentally and I felt Archangel Raphael's presence, suggesting that I didn't know the specifics and that he could explain. So I pulled back, holding my hands around the outside of her Aura and letting him take over.

All in all, we had three people giving Healing before she went into the operating room: my cousin, myself and the patient as she had previously been attuned to Reiki. One of my favorite healing tools are crystals, and wands in particular because we can use them to gently massage the chakras during a healing session.

That day I took a Selenite wand with me to the hospital. The translucent white stone is one of my favorites because its energy is very similar to the white light (Divine Light) that we channel during healing sessions. It makes it easier for us to feel the archangels around us, including their love & support.

The patient held it in her hands and massaged her Solar Plexus while the rest of us gave her Energy Healing. This particular chakra is where we feel anxiety; the idea was to help her relax before surgery with Energy Healing & crystals.

A Magical Experience with Crystals 

She seemed to like the wand so much, that the next day I gave her a brand new one. She used it throughout her recovery and six months of chemotherapy. The amazing thing about crystals is that we can fill them with Reiki or Light and then give ourselves healing by holding it or with a little massage. Over time, crystals can start to show striations on the inside, as the crystal's energy shifts when it works hard.

Last month I went to see her at the hospital for her last chemotherapy session; the 16th in six months. When we started chatting, she pulled out the Selenite wand and pointed out what looked like bright white loops and lines. It looked like someone had switched on a light in the crystals.

She was surprised because she hadn't dropped the wand, keeping it tucked safely in a case when she wasn't using it. I explained the bit about how crystals appear to crack or lose their color when we use them a lot. She laughed and put it back under her quilts, holding it in her hands during chemo...

Thirty minutes later, her eyes opened wide and she pulled the wand out from under the covers. It had fallen apart in her hands, splitting into 5 separate pieces along the same lines that we had seen inside the Selenite crystal. 

We were both really surprised and happy. We took it to mean that she wouldn't need that crystal anymore. It had been there for the duration of the cancer treatment, from the first days of recovery and through 16 chemotherapy sessions, only to fall apart on her last day at the hospital as a patient.

It was the most beautiful experience that I have witnessed with a crystal, and there have been many over the past few years since I began collecting them. 

Please share your experiences with crystals in the comment box below! 

Reiki hugs, 



Regina Chouza is a qualified Energy Healer, Angel Medium and author of Self-Healing, Cancer & Love and Chakra Healing & Crystal Magick. A graduate of the School of Intuition & Healing in London, she is developing a new technique that combines natal astrology, energy healing and crystals. Subscribe for an introduction to grounding, clearing and shielding your personal energy HERE.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Have You Met Archangel Michael?

Nine years ago I discovered the archangels and ever since I have been meditating with them a few times each week. Our intuition wakes up when we start to meditate, and soon enough, you see and feel them. 

One of Sonia Choquette's books, Ask Your Guides, is what got me started on this path. I stumbled across her book in the Fall of 2009 and discovered The College of Psychic Studies soon after, signing up for my first workshop in December.

We can call on the archangels easily, but for me, the best way to make their acquaintance was in weekly meditation and angel intuition classes at the College.

Archangel Michael (by Villapando)

There are more than 12 archangels, but I tend to call on Archangel Michael - the angel of protection and  courage - asking that he send the right angel for the job. Each of the archangels has a specific mission or theme that they can help us with.

Today I would like to share a meditation that we can use to connect with Archangel Michael intuitively, activating our inner power so that we can work more closely with the angels. Find it on YouTube HERE. 

If you would like to get to know the archangels, try my meditations on YouTube and read the introduction to my Chakra Healing & Magick book, A GIFT HERE. The PDF will teach you to ground, clear and shield your energy before activating your intuition. 


Regina Chouza is a qualified Energy Healer, Angel Medium and author of Self-Healing, Cancer & Love and Chakra Healing & Magick. A graduate of the School of Intuition & Healing in London, she is developing a new technique that combines natal astrology, energy healing and crystals. Subscribe for an introduction to grounding, clearing and shielding your personal energy HERE.

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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Book Review: Hands of Light, by Barbara A. Brennan

When I signed up for energy healing school in 2010, the first book on the recommended reading list was Hands of Light. Written by a former NASA scientist-turned energy healer, it is a classic in healing circles.

The author, Barbara Ann Brennan, explores the Aura and Chakras in terms that are precise but also quite technical. As a new student, I skimmed the first few chapters and put it away. It has been sitting on my shelf for years, through several relocations, only to be consulted briefly when I had specific questions about an Aura layer or Chakra. 

When I began teaching Reiki last year I decided that it was finally time to read it, cover to cover. The book is fantastic, and while there weren't many surprises as we covered most of the themes in class, I learned a lot from it (or remembered what I had forgotten). 

Here are some of the concepts that stood out: 

1) Chakras Have Two Components: 

If we look at the body, the major chakras cross the spine at seven points, from front to back. While we can say roughly that each of the Chakras has a specific theme, for example, vision at the Brow or creative drive at the Sacral Chakra - the front and back sides of the chakras have specific roles to play. 

This information ended up being incredibly useful for me when it came to accessing Brow Chakra. The front side helps us create a vision of where we'd like to be, or what we want our life to look like. The back of the Brow tells us how to get from Point A to Point B. We need both sides to make our dreams a reality. 

I realized that I had a clear vision of what I'd like to do with my healing practice, but no idea how to get there. So I began to give myself lots of Reiki on the backside of my Brow, and a few weeks later I was introduced to a fantastic publicist who gave me dozens of great ideas, which I am now applying on my Spanish language site in Mexico City =)

Starry Chakras by Xime Chouza

2) The Chakras Are Psychic Gateways 

This I have known all along thanks to my time at The College of Psychic Studies in London. And intuitively, when I was writing my Chakra Healing & Magick book, I assigned each of the seven psychic abilities to a different chakra (there are seven along the spine).

The surprise was that Barbara Brennan's correlation of psychic abilities to chakras is very similar to what I had guesstimated for my Chakra book. She has emotional empathy at the Sacral Chakra, below the navel, taste and smells at the Throat Chakra, and physical sensations, temperature changes, chills, and feeling the presence of angels at the Root Chakra. 
3) There Is Science to Healing 

Most healers work intuitively, placing their hands where they feel drawn to in the Aura or Chakras. If a healer isn't especially clairvoyant or sensitive (they don't have to be), they may not notice anything out of the ordinary, other than tingles and temperature. 

Because Brennan is clairvoyant and scientific in her approach, she breaks the Aura and the Chakras down into specific levels, each with a function for the human body or spirit. She also illustrates mental, emotional or physical imbalances. As a roadmap for any healer, it is specific, precise and quite colorful. 


Regina Chouza is a qualified Energy Healer, Angel Medium and author of Self-Healing, Cancer & Love and Chakra Healing & Magick. A graduate of the School of Intuition & Healing in London, she is developing a new technique that combines natal astrology, energy healing and crystals. Subscribe for an introduction to grounding, clearing and shielding your personal energy HERE.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Conversations With An Atheist

Last week I logged onto Facebook to share information about angels and how we can reach out to ask for help. An atheist replied with the statement that if angels and God exist, why don't they come together with a huge miracle to find food and shelter for everyone? 

His comments were spot on; I have asked myself the very same thing many times and I was glad to receive that question in a public forum because it is important. 

Also, if there is one thing we can learn from Facebook communities, it is that interacting with people from other walks of life can and should push us to question our beliefs. 

Human Problems Need Human Solutions 

When I have asked the angels that question, the answer is obvious: that many of the systemic problems in the world are human creations: extreme poverty, wars, climate change and even the health care system and who has access to it. Human problems need human solutions, and it is up to us to fix them because our civilization creates these issues on a global scale. 

The angels help us with ideas, courage, confidence and by introducing us to people with cooperative dispositions, but they are not magicians in the Fairy Godmother Disney way. Though Archangel Uriel can help us find our footing with our mission in life, and to pay the rent, bills and other financial needs. As the angel of the element of Earth, he looks after money & matter. 

Angelic Help In Our Daily Lives 

In our day to day lives, angels can also help us spot opportunities that already exist, but that we haven't seen. They give us strength and courage to go after them and often huge amounts of luck. We can also help them for help with small tasks; I asked Archangel Michael to delay a train for 2 minutes once so that I wouldn't be late to work (Read About It HERE)

Each of the archangels has a mission that the look after, and the feeling that I have always gotten is that they want and NEED us humans to team up with them. Whether it is with peace efforts, economic growth and equality, sustainability or looking after vulnerable adults, children and ecosystems. The archangels are our friends, they support us and they want us to view them as teammates so that we can all work together =)  

How Do We Go About It ?? 

One of the themes of my Chakra Healing & Magick book is how we can a team up with the archangels by activating our intuition and channeling their energy and guidance into creative solutions. Please follow the links below to Amazon for more on the Angelic Dream Team: 

One more thing! The guy who commented on Facebook, his name was URIEL. If that is not a sign, I don't know what is! I'm thanking both Uriels for the message =) 


Regina Chouza is a qualified Energy Healer, Angel Medium and author of Self-Healing, Cancer & Love and Chakra Healing & Magick. A graduate of the School of Intuition & Healing in London, she is developing a new technique that combines natal astrology, energy healing and crystals. Subscribe for an introduction to grounding, clearing and shielding your personal energy HERE.

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Image Source: James Powell and Sons of Whitefriars Foundry, 1888. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Jesus Mysteries by Tim Freke (Book Review)

SPOILER ALERT: Do NOT read this post if you are devout Christian, as it takes a lot of getting used to (even for moderates). Read it if you are interested in Ancient Egypt. 

Three years ago I watched a BBC documentary on the first centuries of Christianity. Among other things, it looked specifically at a subset of pagan religions that were very popular 2000 years ago and how Christianity absorbed them. There were several scholars discussing passages in the New Testament and how some events in the account of Jesus' life were taken directly from these pagan 'mystery' religions.  

I put off writing about this because it was seriously depressing. One of these events was Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey on Palm Sunday. Another was the actual date of December 25th, when a pagan god known as Mithras was said to have been born. Historians place the likely birth of baby Jesus in the spring, as there is evidence of the census that was ordered at the time that Jesus was born. Another similarity is the visual of Jesus on the cross - the picture to the left is from a pagan relic B.C. The cross is recognized all over the world, but the Gospels sometimes say Jesus was hung from a tree.   

This BBC documentary drew many parallels between Christianity and various pagan myths, especially the mystery religions in Ancient Egypt and Palestine. 

One of the speakers on the show was a man called Timothy Freke, co-author of the most jarring and controversial book I have read, called The Jesus Mysteries: Was the Original Jesus a Pagan God? In the book, Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy go through almost every scene in the New Testament, telling us what pagan religion it was taken from. There were 5 or 6 pagan myths with somewhat similar storylines, all part of a broader spiritual movement. The book is detailed, it is obvious that a huge amount of work went into writing it. But even for me, a lapsed Catholic, it was  the most depressing book I had ever read. If it was true, it would make me doubt everything. 

There was a bright side to the book, or I wouldn't review it. The authors suggest that mystery religions were about establishing a direct connection with God through mystical means, using the story as a spiritual guide. The story itself was not to be taken literally, but even with mystery religions, the public often did. They advocate viewing the Gospels symbolically and gleaning messages that will help us grow spiritually and emotionally, like Eckart Tolle's interpretations in A New Earth. 

It is worth reading, but I have to admit that I didn't enjoy the book at all. In part because of the tone, which is often antagonistic to the Church. And sensationalist. I may not be a practicing Catholic, but I still value my upbringing, and I do connect with Mary, Jesus and the saints in my own meditations. I was half-hoping none of the things in the book were true, so I set out to fact check it. That is when I stumbled across a term paper written by Dr Martin Luther King Jr, which was published at Stanford: The Influence of Mystery Religions on Christianity {LINK}

Dr King's paper takes a much friendlier approach with Christianity. He mentions most of the parallels from Freke's book - thereby verifying the facts - without discrediting Christianity or making us feel like Santa Claus doesn't exist (multiplied by a 1000). In retrospect, there is nothing inherently depressing about the facts that are laid out. It was just the thought of having it wrong all my life, or only having half of the picture. 

Freke's book advocates Gnosticism which involves viewing the Bible as symbolic and using it as a path to develop a personal connection with God - finding our Inner Christ. The Church chose the literal interpretation where Jesus dies and comes back to life, but if you major in History at a Jesuit university, you will learn about the ancient mystery religions and the massive crossover they had with Christianity. I asked a friend who studied History at a Jesuit University in Mexico and she knew all about it. 

Go figure. 

On a personal Diary of a Psychic Healer note, the intuitive meditations that we use to connect with archangels can also be used to connect with Mary or Jesus (Below). When we activate our Aura and Chakras the first beings we sense are angels, then guides, and then the big guns, like Mary and Jesus. On a spiritual level, I am certain they exist and think there is more to Christianity than we know. I don't often blog about religion, but this has been in my drafts since 2015 and I wanted to share it. 

An Intuitive Meditation (20 Minutes)


Regina Chouza is a qualified Energy Healer, Angel Medium and author of Self-Healing, Cancer & Love and Chakra Healing & Magick. A graduate of the School of Intuition & Healing in London, she is developing a new technique that combines natal astrology, energy healing and crystals. Subscribe for an introduction to grounding, clearing and shielding your personal energy HERE.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Can Energy Healing Be Miraculous or Instantaneous?

About six months ago I signed up for a fantastic class called Theta Healing 'Basic DNA" where we covered a huge list of energy healing topics over three full days. I had lots of "Aha Moments" but the most significant shifts were with the following ideas: 

  • Healing can happen in an instant. There may be cases where we need to heal and release dozens of beliefs, feelings and patterns, but that doesn't mean that it will take months of healing and introspection. How this plays out will vary person to person, for example, a simple headache can evaporate on the spot, or maybe a childhood belief vanishes and we are no longer painted into a corner. Often, it is felt as a deep relaxation and knowing that we have nothing to worry about - or that we can handle what is in front of us. 
  • Releasing BELIEFS is HUGE. In both of my  books - the first an energy healing and meditation guide for families that are coping with cancer (HERE), and the second, a creative Chakra Healing adventure (HERE) - I discuss beliefs: how they shape the way we view the world, how we interact with others and how beliefs can paint us into a corner. Beliefs can generate lots of unnecessary stress, especially if they lower our self-esteem or confidence. 
  • How do we spot those beliefs? Theta Healing involves a technique where we use muscle testing to identify beliefs that can be held on different levels - in the body, subconscious or our spiritual DNA. There is a whole process where we use relaxed brain states to guide the client (or yourself) through a series of questions, looking for the false belief that props up all other beliefs. When we remove that belief, the Jenga tower crumbles and the obstacle disappears. 

I really like Theta Healing and knowing myself, I will probably take all of the workshops at some point. But a few days ago I got to thinking... Why do we have to be so specific with the belief clearing? So I tried something not recommended in class: I used the Theta Healing meditation & script to release all spiritual or religious beliefs, replacing them with pure light and with the feeling of unconditional love. The beliefs that I wanted to remove were the ones that humans tend to argue over when it comes to religion - and just generally ideas about spirituality, energy or vibration.  

It felt amazing and I went on to clear beliefs related with lots of topics, replacing them with light. In class, we were advised to search for limiting beliefs and leave in place the empowering ones. But my intuition tells me that pure light is an excellent substitute; that light has more oomph than any of us do. I think it is important to listen to our intuition and let it guide us, as classes and training give us tools but they won't always be a perfect fit for our situation. 

Try This Intuitive Heart Meditation =) 

- Clearing Beliefs With Reiki 

Then I thought, wouldn't it be cool to focus my Reiki self-healing sessions on specific themes - say money, love, career, prosperity or friendship - and set the intention on healing and releasing anything that might be limiting the way that I experience those qualities? Rather than use Theta Healing to sort through enabling or limiting beliefs and possibly never find the right one, I could channel Reiki through my body, with the intention to transmute any beliefs, feelings or filters that paint me into a corner. 

Based on what we learned at the School of Intuition & Healing; beliefs, patterns, and social conditioning can be cleared by focusing on the Chakras, the Aura, and the body. So from a Reiki point of view, I chose one of the above mentioned themes and used the symbols from the 2nd degree of Reiki to send healing to the past (Distance Symbol), clear anything that might be blocking that quality (Harmony Symbol), and filled that space with a fresh burst of energy (Power Symbol). After that, I visualised the Reiki Master symbol around me, filling my body and Aura with light. In school we learned to clear energy from the Aura - or any space - and then fill it with light. 

- Not Into Reiki? Try This:  

Reiki is one of many healing modalities, for example, I have studied three different approaches to Energy Healing and they can all be focused on belief busting. So don't worry if you haven't taken a Reiki class - even though I would really recommend Reiki Level 1 just because it is so simple to apply in our daily lives. 

If you are not into Reiki or can't find a teacher, here are two options that are based on a type of energy healing that doesn't require special attunements: 

This hourlong webinar is based on my energy healing studies. It involves a guided meditation to channel healing through the body, Aura and Chakras. I would use this channeling technique in combination with the Energy Basics page on my blog, using your hands to direct healing through the 7 chakras and the Aura. 

  • My Chakra Healing & Magick book {LINK}  
Check out my Chakra Healing & Magick book for an overview of the Chakras in the 2nd chapter, including a guest post by Maria Veiga, psychologist and author of the The 7 Lies of the Human Race. Then turn to Chapter 5, Exercises 1-3, to learn to channel energy healing through the Chakras. The energy healing techniques in this chapter are based on the healing course at the School of Intuition & Healing in London. 

Visit my Amazon Page HERE. The books are available  in most countries where Amazon exists. If you have an iPad, please download the ebook in the Kindle app =)  

- What Do I Mean by Miracles? 

It is worth mentioning that Energy Healing, Theta, and Reiki are complementary to medical care, not alternative. While they certainly can be used along with conventional medical treatments to help patients who are being treated for an illness (and energy healing meditations do work wonders) the miracles that I am looking for are in our daily, or personal lives. A Course in Miracles tells us that miracles are often unexpected shifts in how we view the world. =) 


Regina Chouza is a qualified Energy Healer, Angel Medium and author of Self-Healing, Cancer & Love and Chakra Healing & Magick. A graduate of the School of Intuition & Healing in London, she is developing a new technique that combines natal astrology, energy healing and crystals. Subscribe for an introduction to grounding, clearing and shielding your personal energy HERE.

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Lord's Prayer in "72 Names of God"

Hello Chickpeas, 

The past year I have been taking a Practical Kabbalah class where we study the mystical meaning of Hebrew letters, the numerology for each letter and where they can be found on the Tree of Life (See Here). In Kabbalah and possibly in Judaism, the belief is that God used specific combinations of Hebrew letters to create the Universe. Our teacher, Dalia Siman, calls them the 22 blocks of creation. 

1)   Diamonds in the Rough 

I have family members that are devout Catholics an about 10 years ago, one of my uncles signed up for a yearlong class on Judaism because - well Jesus was Jewish - and he thought that it was impossible to fully understand Catholicism unless you were familiar with the Jewish faith. Initially there were plenty of Jewish concepts in Christianity, but as we learned in history class in high school, the early Church (100-300AD) ended up dropping many of these to make it easier for non-Jews to convert. 

If we look at the New Testament as a guide, leaving out the historical context gives us a limited view. Jesus is quoted as saying that we would do what he did and more, but we haven't. Maybe it is because we are missing a huge part of the equation. 

A few months ago I had a epiphany about the Bible story where a large crowd is gathered, and how Jesus was said to multiply fish and bread to be able to feed them. I went looking for a copy of the Bible, and as I was reading it again, a visual of the "Diamonds in the Rough" card from Yehuda Berg's 72 Names of God deck came to mind. As it turns out, the exact number of fish and bread mentioned in the story coincides with the numerology of the Hebrew letters on this card. The card is about taking coal and turning it into diamonds, or a bad situation and turning it around. My conclusion was that the combination of letters were the key. Read the post here: Miracle Making With Hebrew Letters {LINK}

2) What Are The 72 Names? 

In the Torah there is a passage where Moses is leading the Jewish people out of Egypt and they find themselves trapped between the Egyptian army and the Red Sea. The sea parts and they escape. How did this happen? And are we meant to take it literally? I don't speak or read Hebrew, but I am told that in this passage in the Torah, there are 72 combinations of letters that appear for the very first time. 

They are often referred to as Names of God (3 letters each) but Dalia, our teacher, tells us that they would be better described as qualities or attributes of God. Yehuda Berg has a wonderful meditation deck with the meaning for each of the 72 combinations, and we can connect with these "Names of God" to heal ourselves, and in my experience, to release fear, anger, or unhealthy patterns, and just generally to feel more loving, cooperative and empowered. 

3) The Lord's Prayer 

Two weeks ago I was thinking about the Lords Prayer and just when I read "Give us this day our daily bread," the Diamonds in the Rough card from Yehuda's deck came to mind. WOW! It stopped me in my tracks. Years ago I wrote a post on how the Lords Prayer is the ultimate manifesting tool (Read It Here), what if those miraculous letters were always meant to activate its power? Is there a a "Name of God" for each of the lines in the prayer? It has taken me a while, but I played around with different combinations and came up with the list below. I included a brief explanation, but it will make more sense with Yehuda Berg's 72 Names deck {Amazon}

And please note that Hebrew is read from RIGHT to LEFT. 

לוו - Our Father Who Art in Heaven: 
The letters are Lamed Vav Vav, and keep in mind that Hebrew is read from right to left - the squiggly letter that looks like a snake is Lamed. This letter is meant to reflect the energy of the teacher, an the intuitive drive to go 'upstairs' and ask God for answers. Yehuda Berg associates this name with "Dialing God" 

היי  - Hallowed Be Thy Name
This one I am quite fond of though I have to admit that I was creative with the interpretation. Hei Yod Yod tapes into parallel universes and appears to give the gift of prophecy, but really, I think it is 'calling it' that makes it happen. The English language word that inspired this was the verb be - the thought that someone can 'say it is so' and it becomes. Not that God's name is hallowed because we say so; the prophecy/parallel universe Name is an aspect of God.  

 - יזלThy Kingdom Come
The letters are Yod, Zayin, Lamed. Dalia Siman, my teacher tells us that Yod (the little one) is the most powerful letter because it holds a spark of divine light that can become anything. Zayin is a sword, or a tool used in harvesting crops. It helps us break through, while lamed draws on the light in the upper worlds. This combination is about switching on our inner light and finding that kingdom within ourselves.  

If you are familiar with Reiki, it feels like the Distance Symbol, which helps us connect with our inner Christ Light or Inner Buddha, depending on your beliefs.  

ייל - Thy Will Be Done 
Yod, Yod, Lamed. This one has worked best for me when I need help as it involves surrendering our will or opinions, and letting the best solution come forward. While calling on that Divine light and asking it to use its power and wisdom in the situation. 

סיט - On Earth As It is in Heaven
Samekh, Yod, Tet. This is the miracle card, and what is a miracle if it's not bridging the gap between Heaven and Earth? What I like about Yehuda Berg's interpretation is that we play an part bringing this about, by transforming ourselves. Also, on a personal level, the Yod and the Tet resonate with the Tibetan symbols that are used in Reiki Master trainings. 

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
The letters are Resh, Hei, Ayin - this is the letter combination that I mentioned above. The numerical value of Resh is 200, Hei is 5 and Ayin is 70. In numerology we reduce numbers down to single digits by adding them, which gives 2, 5 and 7. If you'll look at those passages where Jesus multiplied bread for a large crowd, there were 2 and 5 baskets in one of the passages, and 7 in the other. Bread can be actual physical bread so that we don't starve to death, but also in the spiritual sense if it feeds your soul. 

החש - Forgive Us Our Trespasses
This one I am going to skip for now, I don't want to give it all away but if you look up Hei, Chet, Shin, it should be obvious. That said, there were two or three different Names that could have fit in here. I spent the most time fiddling around with the forgiveness lines, as forgiveness does so many things: it sets us free, heals us, releases guilt, builds bridge and helps us find peace so that we can get on with it. 

ילה  - As We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against US  
You, Lamed, Hey. There is a concept I have heard several times, both at the Berg's Kabbalah Center and where I now study (associated with Dr Joseph Michael Levry). We generate the most bad karma and activate our shadow when we judge others. There is a sphere on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life that is associated with judging or 'punishing' others, when we channel that sphere, it throws our whole ecosystem out of balance. This name can heal that. 

פהל - Lead Us Not Into Temptation
Pei, Hei, Lamed. I love this card and the image that goes with it more than any other in the 72 Names of God deck. It is about conquering addictions, and the soccer player on the card has the number 19 on his back, a number associated with the SUN and victory.  

ייי - Deliver Us From Wrongdoing 

Yod, Yod, Yod. Dr Joseph Michael Levry, who developed the kabbalah tools that I've been studying for the last year, also developed what I like to call a singing yoga (Naam Yoga), where we use mantras, yoga poses and chakra boosters to activate our personal Tree of Life. Naam Yoga is also more fun than any yoga class I have ever taken, though less focused on the yoga workout than the singing =)   

One of the mantras that we sing in class is called Ad Gureh Name: The Triple Mantra for Protection, and it is said to keep our vibration high enough so that we are always in the right place at the right time, and never in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Triple Yod has the same effect. Have a listen below... 

The Triple Mantra (Really Lovely) 

איע - Thine is the Kingdom, Power & Glory 

Alef, Yod, Ayin. I chose this based on my intuition, but I'm not sure how to explain the link between the letters and the phrase. Also, this line is in the Protestant version but not the Catholic one. I  tend to include it because of the link with the Tree of Life.   

The Tree of Life has tree columns (see here for details) and the circles or spheres each represent something. If we look at the column on the left side, Geburah is the sphere of Power, Hod is the sphere of Glory, and the lowermost sphere at the very bottom of the Tree is Malchut, which represents the physical universe. Malchut is often referred to as the Kingdom. My Kabbalah teacher suggested that whoever wrote the Our Father had to be familiar with Kabbalah and with the Tree of Life. I just never thought I'd make a leap to the 72 names of GOD, lol. 

So why did I choose these letters? Alef is the first letter in the alphabet, and it is said to include the full force of creation and everything that is possible (it also has 2 little YODS and a VAV in there, the Vav being the separation between the physical and spiritual world). Then another YOD, which is that first spark of light that makes everything possible, and finally the AYIN which opens your inner eye to the possibilities. In Berg's deck, it's about appreciation. 

והו - Now and Forever
Vav, Hei, Vav. This is the time travel combination, and it talks about past, present and future in one. 

רי - Amen 
Ayin, Resh, Yod = Absolute faith.

How Do We Use This??? 

What I have been doing is visualising the three letter names with each of the phrases, drawing them, or just reciting the names and thinking of the concepts.  To keep it simple, I often visualise Lamed Vav Vav at the beginning and close with Alef Yud Ayin near the end. Before working my way up to this, I had been choosing cards from Yehuda Berg's deck and using Theta Healing meditations to download their vibration to my physical body and Aura. Stay tuned for a meditation on Youtube - coming soon!


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