Monday, 17 July 2017

Loving Your Body vs Your Physical Appearance

Of all the posts I have written on my blog over the past seven years, the one that gets most traffic is on how we can use a combination of energy healing and exercise to clear stubborn fat and cellulite from the physical and emotional body (Read It Here). 

As far as weight loss is concerned, learning to deal with my emotions helped loads, and when I combined that with healing workouts to release emotional or mental baggage, well voila! I was happy with my size and shape (a BMI of 21, which is on the lower end of the recommended 18.5 to 25), even if I wasn't stick thin and I didn't need to be.  

So I fully accepted my physical appearance and also felt that my weight gave me license to treat myself to a varied diet where no foods were off limits. This had been my approach for 14 years. Fun for a chocaholic with a sweet tooth that knows no boundaries. My rationale had always been: if I am relatively fit and I work out, why not? (And indeed, why not???) Balance is Bliss... 

Then a few months ago, I was standing in line at the supermarket when I saw a Ding Dong. I was just about to put one in my basket when my inner voice came in with a timely message: 

This isn't loving your body

WOW! Ever since I have been pondering on the distinction between loving your physical appearance - a self-love that can be tested by fashion magazines, the media and by beauty standards that are in no way based on human anatomy - and actually loving your physical body, which probably includes the former, but goes far beyond that. 

Being loving and kind to your physical body means paying attention to your nutrition, getting enough exercise and sleep, but also keeping an eye on our thoughts (as stress can lead to disease), and listening to our emotions so that none of the baggage plays out physically.

So yes, I've cut back on sugar but I am also still eating foods I love - for example, unsweetened nut and peanut butters (they drive me crazy). My energy levels are higher, I find it easier to meditate and listen to my intuition. I also lost nearly two dress sizes, not because I wanted to, but because it was the natural result of me doing what is good for my body. And with my history of DVT, that involves the annoying but necessary task of going to the gym every day... 

This is where I am now. Appreciate it is rather late in the game for this healer, but I have never been one to jump on a health fad just because everyone says so (I have yet to stray from carbs or gluten). Also, I like to share what works for me, and loving my body is working for me =) 

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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Love, Luck, Joy and Abundance - Need More?

Hello Chickpeas!
I am a geek when it comes to meditation and a few weeks ago I discovered a spiritual meditation channel that is so cool, I have come back to it daily for a new meditation. 

But first, let's rewind the clock to 2013 when I signed up for a creative writing class called the Tao of Writing, led by a British author named Steve Nobel. 
During his welcome speech, Steve mentioned having been the head of a place called Alternatives in London. 

He had just left Alternatives and if I remember correctly, he was writing books and looking for his next move. Since then Steve created a foundation (or website) called The Soul Matrix which is pretty awesome, full of resources for healers, starseeds and Atlantis or Lemuria fans. 

A few weeks ago someone shared a meditation of his on Facebook. Steve calls them transmissions, as the point is to download energy to your physical body. Each of these is like going to an energy healer for an hourlong session - amazing! 

They are fantastic and today I thought I would share some of my favourites. I would suggest choosing at least one, and setting your alarm clocks an hour early, or at night before going to bed. I like to do the meditations lying down on a rug so that I do not fall asleep, etc  =) =) =) 

Without further ado, my favourites so far: 

Awaken Your Inner Magician

OK so I was clearly drawn to the Unicorn when I saw this one on YouTube. Add to that the fact that my latest book is about awakening your inner magician, psychic and Healer - I couldn't resist! This one in particular is a great complement for those of you who are still working your way through my Chakra Healing & Magick book (details here)

Atlantis & Ancient Egypt

These meditations are meant to connect us to the golden period in Atlantis - whether you believe it was an actual place that ceased to exist, or a myth that we can connect to if we want to learn about the potential humanity has for growth but also for decay. In the first one, Steve leads us on a journey to connect to the Brotherhood of Light, as he calls the priesthood that is said to have been active in Atlantean times. In the second we connect with the Ancient Egyptian Mother Goddess Aset to clear and heal any traumas from this lifetime. 

Listen to these if you feel drawn to Atlantis or Ancient Egypt and would like to connect with the energy that it carried for you. 

Connect With The Sun

We all love a day at the beach or summertime because it feels good to have the warmth of the Sun on our skin. It make you feel like you are on holidays even if its just one afternoon. That is what this meditation is like, to the millionth degree. Also, I am including this one because my Mom really liked it and she isn't the kind to do an hour long meditation. I think I might have come back to it twice too. 

A small warning on this one - Your pets might be scared however - my dog hid under the furniture the whole time. 

Radiant Abundance/Love

This one I loved but I decided to leave it to the end on this list, as the other ones helped me prepare for it: namely the Angelic Fire Meditation where we connect with several archangels and clear all of our 12 chakras, Great Central Sun transmission mentioned above and a fantastic one on Clearing and Healing Ancestral Lines that can help us release family karma, patterns and fears. The Ancestral one was so powerful, but I think meditations resonate more when the shoe fits. (OK so I cheated and snuck in a few extra videos...)
Basically what this meditation does is clear and balance our relationship with what Steve Calls 3D structures such as education, money, taboos, and anything that we think we 'should' do so that we can move a Heart Centered place of joy, while drawing on the Earth's energy for love and sustenance. It was a really lovely meditation and I really felt my Heart Chakra Open with this one - I would really recommend it. Might do it again tomorrow as it feels fabulous... =) 

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Reiki hugs, Regina

Thursday, 8 June 2017

An Affirmation To Unblock Your Spiritual Vision

Gabrielle Bernstein has an awesome affirmation that goes something like this: Let me see this (person or thing) for the first time. Technically it's from A Course in Miracles, because that is where Gabby got her start, but I stumbled across it last week while reading her new book, The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith. 

The message behind this affirmation is that when we see something or someone, we don't see them as they are, instead looking at them through the filter of our past, opening the door to prejudice, misunderstandings and even blindness.

Why Would One See The Past? 

So for example, if we went for lunch and were introduced to an athlete, instead of viewing that new acquaintance as someone in their own right, we may project the feelings that we had about the jocks at school onto to them, despite the fact that it has been 20 years. If I had a bad experience, I may not respond so nicely. If I was part of the team, that perceived connection may lead me to be warmer, etc. 

In either case, we respond to a new person based on the past, and not on what is happening in that moment. It's one of many filters that color the way we view the world and how we interact with others. It is a big stumbling block to overcome! 

It Also Blocks Our Learning...

As I am sure you have noticed - I love reading books, attending classes and learning new things. One of the biggest blocks to learning something new is actually thinking that you already know the answer - or an answer. That is why, when I attended my first Reiki class in 2013, I made a conscious decision to check everything I thought I knew about energy healing at the door. This made it possible for me to open up...

I try to do this in every class that I attend, telling myself that there are many ways of working,  practicing healing or accessing our intuition. But sometimes our blindness gets the best of us and we see things the old way. All this year I have been struggling to wrap my head around a concept that we learned in my Practical Kabbalah Class {link}, and today it finally dawned on me that I was viewing the material through the lens of the books that I have read, and missing the mark completely. 

Ask To See The Big Picture

This Practical Kabbalah class is unrelated to the Kabbalah Centre of red string fame, where I also studied. Developed by Dr Joseph Michael Levry, we use numerology and astrology to map out the planets that are most influential in our soul's path. Our main planets are represented on a symbol with five points for Spirit, Air, Earth, Fire and Water. In the books I had read before, whenever someone drew this symbol it was  to infuse an object or a space with one of these four elements (or to remove it). Here, we draw the symbol to activate our personal planets. 

It may seem silly, but I couldn't understand why we were told to draw this symbol in one direction and not another. This question has been on my mind since November, and our teacher, Dalia, explained it to me twice in class. Very patiently too... Anyhow  it wasn't until this morning when I remembered Gabby's affirmation and asked to "see this for the first time" that I realised I wasn't working on clearing or activating an object, I was healing myself. The panorama changes and they way you draw the symbol does too. So yes, this was my super stubborn way of learning to see for first time; I'm glad it is done and I can get back to activating my planets!

Interested In Affirmations?

Affirmations are wonderful tools if we know to pay attention to the feeling that arises when we say it, and to the words. Is the feeling aligned with the phrase you send out to the Universe??? I like to combine affirmations with colouring, mandalas, music and even Reiki, as laid out in my Chakra Healing & Magick book HERE. It is funny because I half-channeled the book and keep coming back to it to heal myself. Hope it helps you too! The intro is a gift for subscribers, details below! And check out Gabby's book =)  

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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Do Crystals Take On a Life Of Their Own?

There is a term in tarot where if you shuffle a deck and a card flies out, you automatically include it in the reading. These cards are referred to as jumpers, and they're eager to be part of the message. It makes me smile when this happens. 

Today I had a jumping  crystal!

I was leading a beginners psychic development workshop where new students learned to activate their Chakras and their intuition, before connecting with the Archangels and receiving messages for their classmates. We do this with by applying some of the tools from my Chakra Healing & Magick book, especially the guided meditations. 

One of these students was talking about how she had seen a bright orange flash of light in her mind's eye along with the words Sacral. Coincidentally, the Sacral Chakra is orange, but I didn't mention this at first so as not to predispose them. The message she had received was about food and health... 

I intervened to say that yes, the Sacral Chakra was orange and that through it, we could heal food cravings, making it easier for us to eat healthily. It also stimulates healing of digestive disorders while boosting our appetite for life. 

At that moment, I crossed my legs, and a large Orange Calcite wand came flying out of my pocket, landing on the floor with a LOUD THUD. I had been carrying it around for a few days (it's a new crystal) and I had forgotten about it. My poor students were startled by the noise, but I couldn't help laughing. 

I smiled and picked up the rogue crystal, explaining that Orange Calcite can be used to heal the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, both of which regulate the flow of energy in our digestive system, as well as cravings and inner power...

What a coincidence!  

The funny thing was that I held it in my hands before putting it back in my pocket, and guess what? It was positively shaking; I swear it took on a life of its own. This may have been my coolest classroom experience to date; I can't get over it! =) 

After class, I went to a friend's house for lunch. Her daughter is about seven or eight years old, and we played with the crystals for a while there too. Children are so sensitive and the colors capture their imagination. My friend's daughter kept one to help her learn, which should make her exams easier. Kids respond well to crystal energy and I find that it helps to keep a few peaceful stones around the house.  

So that was my crazy crystal experience! If you'd like to learn to work with crystals, please turn to the crystal chapter in my Chakra Healing & Magick book {here}. You will learn to clear and program them for self-healing and intuition. The book is also available on Amazon in the UK, Canada, Mexico and Australia

And finally, an update! =) 

I am hosting a live webinar where we learn to balance our energy with crystals, astrology and a bit of moon magick. The class starts mid-July and you can join us live, or catch the recording later. See here for details on the crystal class {link} 

This is what an Orange Calcite looks like! 

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Reiki hugs, Regina

Monday, 8 May 2017

An Experience of Angels in Reiki

A  few years ago when I was still a student Healer at the School of Intuition & Healing, I volunteered to receive healing from one of our teachers during a demonstration in class. As part of our training, we were always taught to ask for permission to touch specific parts of the client's body (usually shoulders and feet), and the teacher included this in the demo. The rest of the session would involve healing and clearing my Aura and Chakras on an energetic level, without any physical touch.  

Moments later, I shocked to feel a hand come down on my stomach. I thought it so odd that she touched me without giving me a warning, that I opened my eyes to see what was happening. To my surprise, her hand was a foot above my stomach - no touch - but I could still feel it on my skin.  Our teacher asked if everything was OK and when explained myself, the class laughed at my confusion LOL 

This week, I had a similar experience with angels! 

A client booked a healing session, and I decided to give him a full Reiki treatment because he was very stressed. Standard Reiki treatments can last 60-90 minutes, and they involve moving through 18 hand positions so that every last cell in the body is directly infused with a bit of Reiki healing. Receiving a full treatment is just wonderful - if at times a bit slow for the Reiki practitioner as there is so much to cover. 

For the most part, I have been working intuitively, beginning the sessions with my hands on the client's shoulders where I can connect with their energy to get a sense of what they need, before moving from one place to the next based on my intuitive guidance. I hadn't followed the A,B,C's since I finished my Reiki Master training four years ago. For some reason, I felt this client would benefit from the full treatment.

The angels had another plan...

I began at the shoulders as usual then moved to the back of his head, placing my hands over the Crown Chakra (Hand Position #1). My angels insisted that I go to the feet instead and ground him - grounding helps us release stress and often that will be my second port of call, during a healing session. They gave me the message by drawing my attention to his feet, they sent whispers, everything they could but I planted myself firmly where I was instead.

Often I will stand on one side of the client's Aura during a session and ask the angels and guides that I work with to help me create a circle at the other end. I didn't ask them to stand at his feet but felt like they were there. This helps us create a lovely space healing space - if you happen to be working with another healer you can do it physically too. 

After 45 minutes I had gone through all of the hand positions - top to bottom - grounding the client bit by bit. I ended the session with 15 minutes of pure grounding before going back to his shoulders to shield his energy field.

Did the client notice????

When the session was done, I asked how he felt. He mentioned that at one point he felt my hands on his ankles, quite strongly, but that he opened his eyes and saw me standing behind his head. What had happened there???? 

I asked him when this happened - just as the session was starting. I couldn't keep myself from laughing and explained that often during a session I will stand on one side of the body, with Archangel Raphael at the other end. This time it wasn't a coordinated effort. However, the angels went to his feet because I was insistent on following the Reiki hand positions one by one. It always makes me smile when something like this happens because often, I have the feeling that I would need to be in two places at the same time and that just is not possible.

Share your thoughts below! =) 

Let me know if you have had a similar experience - I believe it may be quite common. It is also a nice way to validate that angels and guides do exist. The experience had more significance for me given my reluctance to move to the feet from the beginning. 

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Reiki hugs, Regina

Friday, 28 April 2017

Upate! New Edition of Self-Healing, Cancer & Love!

The second edition of A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love is now available with new information on emotional risk factors for cancer. Those of you who purchased the first Kindle version can update it manually HERE. The revisions are small but significant, please read the book with an open mind and an open heart.

Why Republish It Now? 

I first published this book in 2013 shortly after graduating from the School of Intuition & Healing in London. At the time I was really keen to share energy healing with cancer patients and I had just signed up to volunteer at a local support center.

Since then, I have done work with both patients and support staff in different capacities. The subject of emotional risk factors is always hard to raise because quite frankly, cancer patients have enough on their plates already. I wound up shying away from the topic and thinking about what would be helpful at a time when the patient is likely to feel overwhelmed, without ignoring their emotional health either.   

This new edition touches on this, and other subjects: 

  • Responsibility vs Culpability. Let's begin with the toughest question: If mismanaged or negative emotions are risk factors for various types of cancer, does this mean that the patient somehow contributed to his current state of health? This is a tricky question, on so many levels. If we compare a variety of risk factors, the potential link between anger or grief and a specific cancer diagnosis is less clear (and less evidenced) than the link with obesity, smoking or sun exposure. We shouldn't play the blame game in either case, but there is a difference between culpability and responsibility. Responsibility empowers us with knowledge that can help us live healthier lives in the future. 

  • What Does Healing Theory Say? Intuitive Healers are taught to ask difficult events leading up to a diagnosis, operating on the assumption that  cancer often follows a big upset in the patient's life. In these cases, one would send healing to the memory or emotion in the patients body and Aura. We can use self-healing, Reiki and other tools to release emotional baggage. This approach is always complementary to medical care, and because energy healing and meditation also helps us relax, it can be useful for the whole family. 

  • What Does The Science Say? A recent meta-analysis (basically, a whopper of a clinical study) by Peking Union Medical College appears to have found a link between striking life events and primary breast cancer in women. These striking life events were defined to include situations that anyone would struggle with, for example the death of a child or spouse, divorce, or forced relocation. While the researchers do indicate the need for further studies to understand the connection between acute stress, grief and cancer, they also conclude that "women with striking life events were at 1.5-fold higher risk of developing cancer than women without." 

I believe these findings put emotional healing techniques in the cancer prevention sphere. Of course, we can also use these tools as a complement to medical care, as discussed in the second half of A Personal Guide to Self-Healing, Cancer & Love

These are some of the issues raised in the second edition, building on the themes that were included four years ago, namely  how there are a range of risk factors that we can influence - diet, weight, smoking, alcohol and even genetics - and how energy healing, meditation and other relaxation techniques are much needed to help the whole family cope. If you haven't read it, please follow the links below for details. 

Read the introduction HERE or Buy The Book on: 

Friday, 21 April 2017

Using Quartz Spheres To Amplify Our Intentions

I remember wanting a crystal ball six or seven years ago but not knowing how to use it, or even if it would work, whatever that means. I was clueless but nevertheless intrigued by these spheres that sparkled in the sunlight. 

In movies, we see gipsies with quartz balls while they do tarot readings, and they are meant to amplify our intuition, whether we use them for scrying  (scrying is when we gaze into a crystal ball, a mirror or a bowl of water and begin to see images) or just let them sit on the shelf. 

Every now and then I sit down to meditate with my quartz sphere and while it is pretty cool because your intuition is enhanced, this isn't how I usually use it. Quartz spheres are my go-to crystals for intention setting.  Often I will set one on my nightstand in front of an image, a picture that reminds me of something that I want to create, attract or better yet, amplify. 

Why A Crystal Ball? 

The idea is for the quartz crystal to amplify that quality in my life, whatever it is. For example, right now I have a nature scene on the table behind my quartz sphere, it reminds me of peace, stability and healing. We can work with clear quartz in this way because its molecular structures amplifies whatever intention or energy we program it with, and spheres radiate that energy in all directions. We can also give a specific intention more power by lighting a candle and meditating on the image whilst holding the sphere in your hands and filling it with light or Reiki. 

What A Feeling!

The key is to focus on the feeling behind the visualisation - and to ask the universe to bring that feeling into your physical reality (while also asking your intuition to guide you in taking the right steps to make it happen). This is actually quite easy when we learn to ask for our Heart's Desires and not the Ego's. 

Last year I gave a reading where Manifesting kept coming up; specifically, how easy it had been for the client's family to score last minute tickets and freebies to see some of their favorite bands. When it came to other "wants" like a business venture, or a new car, the process was slower. The message that day was about the bliss we feel when we are at a concert and how it is not a stepping stone to anything else - you just want to enjoy the moment. If we want to manifest other qualities with that same level ease in our lives, we have to connect with the end goal (or the end feeling) and not an item that we think will fill that gap.  

We manifest our Heart's desires quicker than the Ego's because the Ego wants security and mistakenly focuses on things that appear to give security, whereas the Heart senses abundance and taps into it effortlessly. I also believe we receive answers to our prayers through the Heart Chakra. This is why gratitude makes such a big difference, and why envy tends to diminish our experience of abundance ... 

The Manifesting Meditation...

If your crystal is new, you will need to clear it first - although I would recommend clearing and charging it anyway to focus all its energy on this new intention. 

- Begin by grounding yourself, you can do this by visualising tree roots growing out of the bottoms of your feet into the earth.  Surround yourself with diving light, and then use all of your Heart and Soul to focus on something that you would like to create in your life. To do this effectively you have to focus on the feeling that you would experience in a given situation, instead of the thing that you want to ask for. 

- Hold the quartz sphere in your hand, and visualise a stream of clear light flowing down from above, into your Crown Chakra, down through your Brow, Throat and all the way down to your Heart. Feel your intention in your Heart, and as it begins to overflow that energy and those visuals travel down your arms to your hands into the crystal ball, where it is amplified so that the feeling fills all your cells. 

- Visualise that clear light coming down from above, and see it changing color to a green, pink or gold. It takes shape inside the crystal and comes to life in your mind's eye. Put the crystal ball back on the shelf and intend for it to continue radiating that energy out, in alignment with the highest good. When that situation comes to pass, you can thank the crystal, clear it and fill it with light again - following the steps in this Crystal Care post. 

It is also worth mentioning that our fears and beliefs can block certain things from coming to fruition, and this is where self-healing comes into play. There are different ways to go about it. Byron Katie's The Work has proved to be really useful for me. If you have my Chakra Healing & Magick book, I would also suggest looking at the section on Affirmations in Chapter 3, as it approaches the verbal and emotional sides to stating our intention and putting our energy into it. 

Identifying Your Heart's Desires...

Below you will find a meditation to connect with your Inner Child! You can use this clairvoyant meditation to ask you inner self what would make you truly happy. I would suggest keeping a pen and paper nearby so you can jot down ideas afterwards. Write anything that comes to you - some of us have an easier time accessing our intuition when we write, so don't hold back and let the messages flow! I recorded this while filming my clear quartz sphere, enjoy! =) 

Sign Up For Class For More! 

If you have crystals of your own that you'd like to work with, be sure to clear and charge them before connecting with them in this way, especially if there weren't cleared when you acquired them. Read this post on Crystal Care 101, or turn to Chapter 7 in my Chakra Healing & Magick book for more on crystal magick. I also have a Crystal Healing Class coming up this July, focusing on astrology as a roadmap to self-healing. 

Follow this link to sign up for a crystal healing, astrology or angel intuition class! =) 

Reiki hugs, Regina