Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Homeopathic Reiki Remedies for Beginners

A few years ago I completed my Reiki Master training, which is a fancy way of saying that I'm now qualified to teach Reiki. Our teacher gave us lots of printed information with practical applications and last month I went back to look at my notes. 

I found a section on homeopathy!

I had forgotten about this, but our Reiki teacher provided two different techniques that we can use to charge water with Reiki and use it for self-healing... 

The first involves visualising what we want to create - health, peace of mind, the absence of a headache, etc - while holding a bottle of water in our hands and infusing that water with Reiki. This hasn't worked well for me, I barely notice an effect.  

The Law of Similars

The second option was to use the so-called "Law of Similars" from homeopathy, assuming that like repels like. Instead of focusing on what we want to create (wellness), we use Reiki to fill that water with the energetic imprint of the symptom. 

So far, this technique has worked wonders for me. I have been using it primarily for PMS and I am very happy with the results! Last week I published an article with OM Times Magazine on how to create your own homeopathic remedy {Read It Here!}

If you would like to try this but you haven't been attuned to Reiki, the healing techniques in my Chakra Healing & Magick book will also work. Just turn to Chapter 5, Exercise 3 and once you've grounded, attuned and protected yourself, follow the steps in my OM Times Article. Please comment below if you have any questions. 

A reminder! Reiki and Homeopathy are complementary to medical care, not alternative. Please call your doctor if you have concerns about your health. 

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Reiki hugs, Regina

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Why Listening Is An Art

It's funny how certain things come along when we look for them - and in the weirdest ways. Four years ago I was finishing up my energy healing studies and while the program was very comprehensive as far as chakras and spiritual healing were concerned, I felt I needed to develop counseling skills too... 

At the time I had just signed up to volunteer as a Reiki practitioner at a cancer support center near London. One day my supervisor asked if I would like to volunteer as a Befriender too- essentially someone who sits with patients and talks to them when they need a listening ear.  

During the training sessions we practiced different skills that could help us listen to people and respond without coming across as judgemental, and without letting our own fears, insecurities or preconceived notions get in the way. 

This Friday I am teaching those skills at a cancer support center, focusing on how to listen to the patient so they feel supported, even if we don't know what to say to 'fix it'. 
Applying 'Listening Skills' in Daily Life

I spent a day preparing the materials for class and thinking about how we can apply these skills in our daily lives. Below you'll find some thoughts!

Giving our undivided attention is often the hardest part. Even if we manage to switch off our phones and find a quiet place to chat, our own thoughts are a constant distraction. How do we go about quieting the mind?

1) If you are going to be sitting down with a friend, make a list of everything that you need to do that day/week before you see them. If anything pops up during the chat ask your angels to take note. They make great project managers!

2) Half the time we are already thinking about our response before they are even done talking. Take the pressure off by acknowledging their feelings instead of looking for a solution. For example, "I'm sad this event made you feel this way, how annoying!" acknowledges that they're going through a tough time, without trying to wipe away or repress their emotions. 

3) Your attitude is what matters most. We can help by checking any beliefs, attitudes and ideas about what is good/bad at the door. Be kind, be loving, and be objective. 

4) If your companion seems confused, help them order their thoughts by repeating some of the things they said to make sure you understood. Rephrase it and point out a different way of looking at the problem without changing the 'facts'.... 

5) Let them know its OK to share feelings and misgivings. Demonstrate it with your posture, your facial expressions and by nodding rather than saying "spill the beans" 

In a nutshell, deep listening is about paying attention to feelings, body language and words while offering guidance only when they ask for it specifically. 

When we learn to listen to others, we learn to listen to ourselves - including the body which speaks with feelings and sensations. I'm reading a great book on the subject called The Language of Emotions, by Karla McLaren. Stay tuned for details and please share your thoughts in the comment box below!  

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Reiki hugs, Regina

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Neptune On My Blog

Before I started this Diary of a Psychic Healer blog, I had one called Walking With Your Guides that didn't last long. At the time I was reading Sonia Choquette's book on Angels and Spirit Guides (called Ask Your Guides) and the name made sense. I was also enrolled in one of my first ever classes at The College of Psychic Studies, on spirit guides. After a few months I deleted that blog because a) I didn't like the name and b) I wanted to talk about energy healing as well as  intuition, astrology and angels. 

I can't remember how I came up with the Diary of a Psychic Healer, but I liked the sound of it and the fact that it includes Energy Healing and Intuition - even though, I don't heal through psychic means. Energy Healing involves channeling energy from the universe and the earth, through the body and Chakras, to different aspects of our lives (see here). Still, the the name was catchy and as I discovered yesterday, if I add up the letters, the numerology adds up to the number 7, which represents Neptune. 

Neptune is the planet of intuition, healing, mysticism, astral travel, and more. It rules the sign of Pisces. My astrology teacher at The College of Psychic Studies used to tell us that the whole building had a Neptunian vibe because of the classes that were taught there. The funny thing is that I'm into all of these themes, as you can tell, but when I signed up for a Kabbalistic Astrology class last Fall, Neptune was notoriously absent from the list of planets that are meant to be active in my life. It wasn't until we got to the numerology of names that it finally appeared - in part of my given name, and in the name that I dreamt up for this intuition and healing blog. 

I didn't do the exercise for Walking With Your Guides, but it could not have been better than Neptune. My guess is it might've been earthly, possibly Saturn or Mercury, which isn't bad, but I have enough Earth in my natal astrology chart. The other fun thing that I learned, is that together, my first and last name carry the energy of the Sun which was the other planet that had been "absent" from my Kabbalistic Astrology reading. Isn't it funny how our parents happen to choose the right name for us? I don't think it happens by chance either, it's a vibrational match. 

Want to know more??? I am currently enrolled in the second round of Kabbalistic Numerology classes, with six weeks to go! Subscribe for updates, or follow this link for an overview of what we've seen so far - it's been fun! =) 

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Reiki hugs, Regina

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Do Eclipses Really Influence Us, and How?

We have an eclipse coming up this weekend in Piscis. It's funny because the last year and a half I have been tracking the eclipses - looking specifically at how they touch different points in my natal chart. This would in theory tell us how a specific eclipse will influence our lives - and if it will influence it very strongly. If for example, it aspects one of our main planets, like the Sun, Moon or the Ascendant - it's a big one.   

While there have been changes in my life over the past year, especially internal perspectives, I don't feel those shifts corresponded to last year's eclipse themes. 

That is not to imply that eclipses don't matter. I have definitely seen and felt the impact of eclipses in my natal chart, specifically that of the  two eclipses that happened when I was still in the womb. Our prenatal eclipses are meant to shape our mission in life, and what we have to teach in the world. I started looking into this six months ago when I stumbled across a book called Spiritual Astrology, by Jan Spiller. The theory is that our prenatal eclipses can tell us the gift we have to share with the world, and the gift that that the universe has to give us in return during our life experience. 

According to Spiritual Astrology, the treat that the universe has to share with me was shaped by a Lunar Eclipse in Pisces. In her book Spiller tells us that the Pisces gift is developing intuition. It is a sensitive, intuitive sign that connects with the other realms. Well, looking at my blog and considering the fact that I used to be very skeptical about all of these intuitive things - I think I am making the most of it! 

This weekend's Solar Eclipse is in Piscis - which makes me wonder if it could be the one to connect with me on a personal level, as I am so very engaged with all pursuits Piscean. Stay tuned, eclipses play out over six months so I may be blogging for a while! If you haven't already subscribed, look for the "Email Follow" box on the top right hand side of my blog. Keep your eyes peeled for the confirmation link and be sure to download your gift as well - an introduction to Grounding, Clearing and Shielding ourselves. If this eclipse has a strong  influence on us the skills will come in handy (especially grounding) because Pisces intuition is able to perceive it all! 

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Saturday, 18 February 2017

How Many Chakras Do We Have?

I've been reading up on Atlantis and there isn't a whole lot out there that is based on fact - Rudolf Steiner has a book on Atlantis and Lemuria that I'd love to read, particularly as it was written long before the current new age scene came about. Diana Cooper's books are also quite interesting - I'm reading on the energy body now. The one thing that that stands out in my research so far is the Chakra system. Crystals also come up frequently as healing and tech tools.

Apparently in Atlantean times, humans had 12 active Chakras compared to the 7 that we we have now (the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Brow and Crown). The additional five could be found along the same column of light in the Auric field. I mentioned one of these in my Chakra Healing book: The Earth Star. It is located in the ground beneath our feet and connects us to Mother Nature, including nature spirits, fairies and crystals. The literature tells us that humanity's consciousness fell, and it may have, though its also likely that when technology and large cities weren't so prevalent we were more aware. Think about how sitting in nature for a while will help you connect with yourself and be mindful. 

In my experience, activating the Earth Star gives us deeper foundations so we can then activate the rest of the Chakras: the 8th which is often referred to as the Higher Heart (in the sternum), as well as three further Chakras over the Crown which connect us to the spirit realms, to our solar system and to that elusive quality known as Oneness (the Unity Chakra). We learned about these in school a few years ago but I haven't worked with them so closely. (There are different schools of thought about how many there are). 

The meditations we did in school involve bringing light down from Heaven, to the Crown Chakra. That light also flows through the Unity, Soul Star and Causal Chakras on its way down to the Crown Chakra, and eventually we begin to access the knowledge and gifts that are related to those chakras, even if we are not entirely aware of it. 

This year my New Year's Resolution was to go back to the basics, completing Elliot Jay Tanzer's chakra clearing meditation daily so that I could put the foundations in place before activating these outer-body-chakras. In all honesty - I tried to complete a 12 chakra meditation on January 1st but I had to stop because I began to feel dizzy. Since then I have gone on to connect with those Higher Octave Chakras only after balancing the 7 main Chakras in the physical body - and only connecting with one at a time. 

Six weeks later, it feels like there is a lot more light in my life so I would definitely recommend it! If you'd like to try a daily Chakra Meditation, here are some of my favourites from Youtube. If you'd like to meditate with a crystal in your hands that is also fantastic, just be sure to clear and program it first by following the suggestions in my book. 

When we are ready, we can move onto activating the 8-12th Chakras which apparently gives our intuition a mega boost, and makes it possible for us to channel some of the gifts that we humans have long forgotten. I will have to tell you about it as I explore this topic with meditations, because I haven't found too much information on it so far. Please get in touch if you have any book, video or webinar suggestions! I'm particularly interested in the link between Atlantis and Ancient Egypt, if there is one - if not then boohoo.

Here are some of my fave YouTube meditations: 

A Lovely Meditation by Lisa Beachy

My Own Guided Meditation

12 Chakra Meditation  
(Based on Diana Cooper's books)

So that's all for this week! I have a few spaces for Angel, Tarot and Astrology readings next week - see here for details. Let's connect on email or Skype! For those of you in Mexico City, we can also meet in person at my consultation room in Polanco, where I offer healing sessions too. 

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Practical Kabbalah (and Planets) with Dalia Siman

Hello Chickpeas! 

It's been a while since I posted on the blog. If you are not signed up for my newsletter please enter your details here (and get a gift!) The newsletter goes out every week but for some reason, I haven't published the posts on the website lately. 

Anyhooo, onto more exciting topics ... Last year I signed up for an amazing numerology and planets class. It was taught by Dalia Siman, a healer, numerologist, naam yogi, kabbalist and all-round fabulous teacher based in Mexico ( Her class lasted seven weeks and it took me almost that long to wrap my head around the various topics and how they all come together.  

The Seven Traditional Planets: 

I'm an astrology geek so this is what drew me to the class in the first place. Dalia talked us through the numerology of our birth date and how the day, month and year can pinpoint the planets that are most influential in our personalities and lives. 

So for example, I was born on a Wednesday, the day that is traditionally assigned to Mercury (the planet of communication, learning styles and other fun intellectual and self-expression pursuits). Mercury is the energy that radiates from my Heart, which is lovely, because Archangel Michael is also associated with Mercury on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and I've always felt like he is my angel - the angel of courage, because in all honesty, I often take convincing... =) 

The planet that rules my spirit is Venus, based on the year I was born, and a number of other planets are also key players in my life. The funny thing for me was that I have also studied my birth chart thoroughly, and the planets that came up using Dalia's numerology coincide with the planets that rule my Ascendant, Sun and Moon if I look at my natal chart (as well as planets that aspect my natal Sun). 

Using two completely different methodologies gave the same result. I also noticed that I have the same gaps - notably Jupiter who seems to be missing from my life (although its absence is also its presence, as I have been reading up on philosophy and spirituality for almost seventeen years - sigh). 

Practical Tools To Find Balance

For each of the planets that rule our life, Dalia told us how to identify whether we were leaning towards a healthy expression of its energy, or a stagnant expression. So for example, Mercury is a quick moving planet and when a person has lots of Mercury in their numerology, an unbalanced expression could be the inability to sit still. They might run from one place to the next, and eventually they run low on their supply of energy. If we look at Traditional Chinese Medicine, this over-activity can have a negative impact on our kidneys, which are said to regulate our personal bank of energy. I know of one Wednesday child who had kidney stones, and she fits the description above - is that a coincidence? 

For each of the planets, Dalia gave us yoga poses, mantras and physical exercises to balance the expression in our lives. I like this approach, and it fits well with some of the behavioural psychology that we find in Jan Spiller's astrology books (my fave when it comes to the planets & the zodiac). 

I mention this because Dalia also gives readings, and her approach is unique. Up until now I had come across angel, tarot and intuitive readings that often give similar points of view. Dalia's style is methodical and fact based and that makes it easier for us to put it to work in our lives. Drop her an email: - highly recommended! 

Your Personal Pentagram 

One of the things that we learned was how we each have a planetary pentagram with points representing our spirit, our daily approach to life, your karma, destiny and our gifts. (I should also mention that Dalia is a student of the kabbalist Dr Joseph Michael Levry, who can be found at

I won't go into the details so as not to overwhelm, but as I'm at a crossroads, I wanted to use tarot to ask what I can do to activate each of these energies. Today I used the pentagram as a layout for my personal reading and got these cards: 

Top Card - Ace of Pentacles
This represents Venus in my pentagram, and the card that came up was the Ace of Pentacles. A new beginning that will bring security and lots of growth. It makes total sense as I am job/life hunting right now ;)

Top Left - The Seven of Wands: 
This placement represents the energy that we bring to our daily life. The Seven of Wands is about making an effort to push through and get what you want (it corresponds to Mars in Leo, which is all about using competition to shine). This is actually the card that represents the opposite of my Sun Sign, the traits that we don't draw on quite that often... 

Bottom Left - The Alchemist: 
This is what Karma teaches, and this card is about patience and not rushing it. The zodiac sign on the card, Sagittarius, is  also about long distance travel so it could mean working abroad or with foreigners here in Mexico. Either option would be fun for me =) 

Bottom Right - Page of Fire 
This is where we are headed; the card resonates with the planet Mars, for action and for taking steps forward. I see this as getting back into a bit of a pressure cooker and coming out alright with more ideas, leadership and a bit of character.

Top Right - The Sun
This is the gift from the Universe to help us out -. Here I pulled the Sun which is just wonderful. So right now I don't know exactly where I am going to end up (work or country wise) but wherever I go, it will be sunny and warm figuratively speaking. And it might be here in Mexico (hopefully). 

Middle Card - The Moon: 
The center card which speaks to the Heart in the pentagram I chose deliberately because today the Moon is in Cancer, and the card represents the Moon. The question was: what is going on and how will I arrive at my "heart's desires" and this series of cards was the reply. I quite like the result!

Of course, in class Dalia taught us how to use numerology to ascertain the planet that corresponds to each of these placements in our personal pentagram. We then use the numbers and mantras to activate the energy. It's pretty cool - see for yourself! 

For those of you in Mexico City, Dalia's next round of classes starts on February 10th at 11 am - RSVP here: 5596-9402

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

How To Channel Crystalline Energy

The holidays are right around the corner and some of us are looking for cool gifts to give - below you will find a gem of present. One of my favourite things in the world are crystals, and while I would love to stockpile them, that wouldn't be practical for a variety of reasons. So instead, I channel their energy by following the steps below:   

How To Channel Crystal Healing

  • Sit or stand, and visualise your grounding roots going into the ground. Surround yourself with violet light for clearing and protection. 
  • Visualise your roots wrapping around a crystal at the center of the earth - the one of your choice.  
  • Draw that crystals energy up through your roots, through your Earth Star Chakra in the ground beneath your feet and to your Root, Sacral or Solar Plexus Chakras, or up to your Heart Chakra. 
  • Release any excess energy into the ground, clear yourself with a shower of white light and relax. 
  • Keep your grounding roots and your protective bubble in place, and go about your day! 

We can focus on the Root Chakra for physical healing, the Sacral Chakra for emotional and the Solar Plexus to boost our confidence and release false beliefs. The Heart Chakra is about self-love and compassion. The upper Chakras will also need healing and we can move onto the Throat, Brow and Crown Chakras in future sessions. By working on the lower Chakras first, we can strengthen our energetic foundations. 

Choosing Your Crystals

There are hundreds of crystals to choose from and countless books explaining their qualities, but my biggest find so far may be a set of crystal meditation cards. If you are still shopping for gifts, I can't recommend it enough. The Crystal Deck has 50 cards with stunning photos on the front, and descriptions on the back. I like to look through the deck and meditate on the crystals I am drawn to, whether it is the color or the theme that grabbed my attention. 

We can also close our eyes and choose one at random, relying on the Law of Attraction. The results may surprise you; just this week we had an Interactive Crystal Healing on my Facebook Page and I was surprised by the messages. To participate, choose a number from ONE to SEVEN and click here for details! 

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