Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Show Me The Money

There are a lot of reasons why I keep going back to the Kabbalah Centre. Something always clicks and even if I don't agree with everything said; there are a lot of good ideas that I can apply to my life. Yesterday we had a no nonsense lecture on MONEY and how to bring more of it into your life. Some spiritual personality types shy away from the desire to be rich, thinking that they would have to be greedy little dudes to focus on having more cash. 

But at the same time, we all have to think about rent and bills. It is also nice to have extra for holidays, a nice place to live, etc. So where do we draw the line between wanting enough and wanting too much? And what about quality of life: do we want to spend time, energy and life force chasing dough? Yesterday's class didn't cover this (haha), but in the past we have talked about money being neutral. Not good or bad. It's what you do with it that matters - and possibly what you do to earn it. For example, quality of life, legality, ethics, etc. 

How do you choose to spend, invest or donate money? You could buy free range products, which are expensive but less traumatic for animals. As an investor, you could look into eco-friendly businesses that treat nature as a stock holder, not a cash cow. Or, you can find another cause to support. The ones with the purse strings decide how and where money is spent. We can do lots of good and enjoy a better quality of life. Nothing wrong with that.  

Not everyone is destined to be a Bill Gates, or needs to be one. But we all deserve to live well. Yesterday's question was, how do we go about experiencing more wealth in our personal lives? Is it affirmations and meditation? Pushing yourself to get ahead? Climbing up the corporate ladder year by year, or venturing out there and starting a new business?

The Answer:  We have to create it, and most of all, add Value. 

Work smart. Work passionately, work with purpose, and ideally choose an enjoyable career that also adds value. No shortcuts here. But we can get a leg up by asking God, our Angels and Guides, or Spirit to point us in the right direction. Where does inspiration come from? Why did the Google Guys suddenly think to reinvent search? Where did JK Rowling get the idea for a wizarding school? The ideas were brilliant, both full of potential, but what made it happen was their ability to follow through. They were inspired, they embraced it and they didn't let up. One of my managers in the cola world used to say that everyone in marketing had good ideas; not everyone had the ability to follow through and get them done. That is makes the difference: Imagine. Believe. Do! 

I can personally think of a few ideas that I haven't followed through with. It's time to get started. Success may not happen overnight, but it can happen relatively quickly when the universe is aligned (including our intention, creativity, and action). Let's get on with it! 

Now just for laughs - a fun clip from Jerry McGuire! 

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