Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bending Time and Space

Hiro Nakamura was my favorite character on Heroes. They were all pretty cool, even the baddies, but Hiro was the best. It always cracked me up when he called himself the Master of Time and Space. He  would also squint/blink himself into a different location, usually to rescue someone from danger. 

So today I went to a class on Time Travel at the College of Psychic Studies. If you are wondering, we didn't teletransport ourselves to another time or place. Thank God that is impossible.  I imagine the real experience would be a lot more frightening than Michael J Fox would have you think.

Instead, we followed guided meditations to view our past lives, from the comfort of a nice yoga mat and hard wood floors in South Kensington. It was pretty cool. During the first meditation I saw myself in a Central American jungle scene, under the stars and near an archaeological site. I think I was some sort of a medicine woman or healer (big surprise) and it felt like I was grounded, less of a thinker. No concept of time either. I tried to get a sense of the century, say 1600's? It didn't feel like we had a concept of "European Time Keeping" so it must have been a long time ago. That was pretty cool. 

After lunch we did a second meditation and this time it felt like I was seeing a different place in the universe, but not a different time. It felt like a cluster of stars, rocks or light. And it was full of light beings but no vegetation or water to speak of. No air. No concept of breathing. There were also elements that I would describe as metallic. Some of that light was shining our way. 

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  1. Common second meditation. You've gone to a "life between a life." It's a long complicated explanation, but here's the jist. Your current human soul is a small part of your "oversoul" which is a compilation of previous lives and your spirit soul. You can (or might) have several spirit soul parts having a human experience at the same time. The most blatant example is twins. There are other examples. Your spirit soul is connected to other spirit souls which manifest in (human) groups, relatives, friendships, brother/sister relationships, etc. There are a lot more details. Could be a book. I hope this short explanation helps.

    1. Hi, It does help, thanks. I hadn't thought of it being a "between lives" place. The concept of reincarnation and soul groups is familiar. Thought you might like to visit the Memories of The Soul Forum, on this link:

      The forum members will appreciate your insight (I'm a moderator there).