Friday, May 31, 2013

Seeing with the Heart Chakra

This week I am trying something new. I will close my eyes and see people with my heart. Still not entirely sure how it will work but I hope it will help me see the good in people. And it may also make people with more love in their hearts more noticeable. And others less so.

The thought came to me yesterday when I was sitting on a plane. Long flights bring lots of opportunities for deep thought and contemplation, lol. It also dawned on me that seeing that part of people is more useful than paying attention to what they do (for a living).

Its also a nice way to sense and feel your guides and angels. Rather than visualize them, you can feel them in and through the Heart Chakra. I can feel an angel around me sometimes. Today I also noticed a Merlin-type wizard guide. He gave me a pair of dice.

Its like he was giving me the gift of luck. How cool is that! It was also a message to get in the game though I am not entirely sure what that means. I will keep it in mind though as these messages and gifts are often given a few days or weeks before they are relevant.

Just landing in Mexico now! Adventure-time!

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

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  1. Sometimes the short posts are the best! This is great for a multitude of reasons too long to explain. Please know I appreciate it and know exactly what you're talking about.