Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How to Manifest with a Vision Board - Part 2

Six years ago I drew a vision board and just about everything on it has come true. You can read about it in Part 1 by clicking on the link mentioned above. This has been a huge blessing. Since then I've evolved and have managed to outgrow my vision board. Last night I sat down to create a new one. It's always a fun experience, sitting down with a pile of colored pencils and a sheet of paper. Most of the things I've drawn are reminders of the abundance and potential around me. Some of the things I've drawn are just a swish of color, for example a blue haze to signify Archangel Michael. Others I've drawn in detail. I'm not a cartoonist, so I'd like to describe it before posting the picture. What matters is how I see it in my mind, that is what the universe will mirror back at me. 

The vision board follows a chronological order, starting with myself on the left. The right hand side of the page depicts images that will take longer manifesting. I'll describe it from left to write, which might make the story easier to follow. The 1st image is a colourful stick figure. This is me! I've drawn a big smile on my face, and arms that reach out to accept everything on the vision board. I've also illustrated my chakras, not as they are now but as I want them to be. For example, in the picture I am grounded. I have well rounded root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. The sacral chakra emanates orange energy, for abundance. My heart chakra is buzzing, and my throat, brow and crown chakras are clear. I’ve drawn a movie screen in front of my brow chakra. This represents clairvoyance. There is a clear channel between my crown, brow, throat and heart chakra. Finally there are four swishes of color over the back of my crown chakra, each for a different Archangel:

-       Dark Blue for Michael = Protection and Courage
-       Gold and Green for Raphael = Healing
-       Pale Blue for Uriel = Clarity and Direction
-       Green for Gabrielle = Communication

There is a little surprise at my feet: an old fashioned pen, in a pot of purple ink. It represents writing, intuition and spirituality. The proximity also indicates that its at my disposal now. Amazing! =)

To the right of the purple pen, you’ll see a funny looking bicycle. Both of the Wheels are made of Reiki Symbols. I wanted to include a symbol for healing, and this was the only one I could recall. At some point I made this into a bicycle, though I'm not sure how it happend. I took this to mean that I am to jump on the Reiki bandwagon. It will take me places. The bicycle flies up a blue ramp towards the right. That ramp ends with the words Buzz Light Year (To Infinity and Beyond!). This gives me a solid boost, and it ends in a very interesting place! We'll come onto that tomorrow, when I describe the 2nd half of the vision board. You'll also get a sneak peak at my dazzling creation.  

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 

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