Monday, November 12, 2012

How to Manifest with a Vision Board - Part 1!

Six years ago I was working for an off-the-wall manager at PepsiCo. He was good at his job, though much less formal than the other marketing managers. Since then he’s moved onto international postings, including a gig in New York, which is always the Holy Grail in multinationals.  The thing I’ll never forget is how he “made” our team sit down to watch The Secret. It was a work assignment geared towards our personal lives. He really believed in the power of visualization, and told us to draw a vision board for our life. Tell the Universe what you want from life!

I took his advice and drew rough pencil sketches of myself living in London. In one of these sketches, a black haired girl who resembled me walked past Big Ben on her way to work. In another, she was giving a presentation in a corporate boardroom. For a month I glanced at the vision board every day, and then I forgot about it. The intention was set. Two years later I found myself traveling through London, when a friend mentioned a visa for highly skilled migrants. My MBA and my work experience might qualify. He was right! I got the visa and moved to London. Risky, but then I just wanted to leave home and try something different. 

This was in April 2009, just a couple months after the stock market started crashing. It may not have been the best time to move to London, but somehow it worked out.  I found a European Marketing job that would benefit from Spanish and French language. My French isn’t as great as it used to be (ça fait quelque temps que je ne parle pas). My Spanish is good, though I discovered the team in Madrid spoke a different kind of Spanish than the one we speak in Mexico. It made for a few laughs, especially when I wrote slogans in Spanish and then had to have them translated into their Spanish. LOL

Sometimes I remember the vision boards and smile. It came true, which is pretty amazing. But since then I’ve outgrown that vision board, and it's time for  a new one. One of my Facebook friends updated her status today, saying it was a New Moon. Great time to draw vision boards and set intentions. I’ve spent the past hour drawing a new vision board for myself. I’ll post it tomorrow.  Thinking I’ll give the vision board a booster by sharing it online! 

Click here for Part II  =)

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  1. Wow, Geena, that's an interesting read. It's inspiring me to do the same, which I really should have done a long time ago. :) Thanks for the reminder. :) Have a great week!