Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to Manifest with a Vision Board - Part 3

This is the 3rd in a series on Vision Boards: Read Part 1 HERE

So we're back for the finale! In my last post I described the 1st half of my vision board, which includes a healthy energy body, well developed intuition and my 1st book (soon to be published!). The last thing I described was a neat little Reiki Symbol, which somehow morphed into a bicycle. I suppose the question is, where does Reiki fit in this image? 

I somehow found myself drawing a picture of this blog, underneath the bicycle. There is a picture of me on the landing page. It may have been an Author Biography. The page stats on the left read 500K Page Views, and the Facebook buttons have lots of marks. I’ve also drawn a published copy of my 1st book, an Energy Healing guide for cancer patients called Healing Cancer with Love. The cover is pale blue, with a big red heart on the cover and a sun shining out of the corner. The sketch makes it seem as if I'm releasing it, sending it out into the world. The book leaves a misty blue trail as it goes, with little red hearts and gold coins. The hearts represent healing for the readers, and the gold coins are for abundance. The coins may indicate a low price: a couple pounds. Maybe this can help me share it with as many people as possible. 

Up to here, we're half way through the vision board. Next to the book I dropped in a newspaper.  The cover reads New York Times bestseller. To the right of this newspaper, I drew a certificate for energy healing. Interestingly enough, I'm sitting for the energy healing accreditation in May. Could this mean a best-seller is waiting for me, in the next six months? The images just popped into my mind as I went along, and I was pleased to see the layout when it was finally over and done with. Lots of potential this year!

The bottom right hand corner of my vision board has a nice little collage. I drew a pink swish for Isis, goddess of love, healing and magic. You might also see Merlin in a purple coat, holding cards, crystals and a pendulum. I also drew a brown hat that belongs to my spirit guide. Below the pink swish I drew a pair of brown sandals, leaving a trail of steps for me to follow. These images are punctuated by a pair of musical notes. Finally, I drew something that looks like a wedding cake. I'm not really a bride though, as I'm wearing a purple dress. There's also a puppy next to the couple. =)

Here is the drawing of the vision board! I hope that teaching by example worked, in this case. I started out with an idea of what I wanted to include, but now exactly how. My imagination filled in the blanks, and I was left with a board that includes all my wishes! 

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. Was there an unconscious process prior or doing your vision board? Your description seems to include almost a shamanic process. My first and only understanding of a vision board came from The Secret. In the movie, it seems that this is a conscious goal setting board. If you did, can you describe the preparatory steps to creating your board? Thanks.

    1. Hi There =) Thanks for the comment.

      I tend to use the same opening up meditation before any kind of psychic work, whether it's a reading, channeling, writing or in this case drawing. The steps are simple to follow, I've taken this quote from my post on automatic writing (channeled writing):

      "Step 1: Ground Yourself: Bathe yourself in a cocoon of white light and throw your roots down from the bottom of your feet to the center of the earth. If this is new for you, imagine each of your legs like the trunk of a tree, and visualize roots growing down into the ground. This helps keep you anchored, which in turn leads to clear and centered messages.

      Step 2: Ask for Protection: The white light helps, but if you're looking to contact a spirit you are much better of with the big guns looking out for you. I always call in the four archangels to cast a protective circle around me. It might be overkill, but I like to bring the whole crew in so I can ask for answers without worrying about who is communicating.

      Step 3: Open Up: Today I started by pulling earth energy up my left leg and then down the right leg back into the ground. This gets the energies flowing and also makes you more conscious of your own vibration. Then visualize and feel the energy flowing up both legs past the root chakra and up the spinal column, flicking on red, orange, yellow, green, purple and blue lights as it passes each of the 7 chakras."

      When I'm writing or drawing I'm also asking my guides and my higher self to guide me through the process. This means I may end up including phrases or statements that I hadn't thought of. That was the case with the purple pen and the pot of ink - I think its a sign from my guides that I have a lot to write about and that the inspiration will keep on coming =)

      The other thing is I will visualise the image and see how it makes me feel before drawing it. I like to imagine a movie screen in my mind with images, or a blank canvas. Its easier to play around with them there, and when I finally have an image that feels write I'll make a sketch on the vision board.

      The Secret describes these as "Conscious Goal Setting" but I think it can be used as "Spirit Guided Goal Setting" ... You might also think that the drawing shows us what we're capable of =)

      Thanks again for the comment! I think the reply might be more useful than the original post LOL

  2. I have mine with images not that I draw, that I found that I liked online. A few things have come true! Has been a slow process though! You know about the timing, does the Universe has a timing for everything or just happens depending the way you manifest? xoxo

  3. I have mine since a while ago made of images I liked and inspired me from the internet. Some have come true already, but has been a slow progress. I don't look to it daily though, you think I have to? Also do you think the universe has its own timing or is the way you manifest, how quickly it comes true? xoxo

    1. Hmm good question on timing.

      I think we need to be ready, and the universe needs to be ready too. In one of my Kabbalah classes they talked about how we can manifest something before we're ready to handle it and that's why some relationships or opportunities just seem to fizzle.

  4. Very, very cool!