Friday, November 16, 2012

Can Deepak Chopra Save the Economy?

Deepak Chopra  launched a series of guided meditations focused on abundance. Its nicely called the 21 Day Meditation Challenge. There's a well known psychology theory about how long it takes to establish a habit in our minds. If you do the same thing everyday for 21 days running, the pathways in your brain are rearranged to make this recurring activity a habit. In the current economic climate, this series of meditations will be very helpful for thousands of people. It's particularly relevant for me as I start my healing and writing business. Kudos to Deepak for taking steps to shift the collective unconscious in a positive direction. Barack Obama, David Cameron and the rest of our global leaders could thank Deepak for pitching in on this one. =) 

I'll go into this in more detail in my next post on the 21 Day Challenge, but economic theory tell us that the wealth of a nation expands and contracts over time. Economists track the Gross Domestic Product which is the sum total of all the wealth that's been generated by the private sector. On another level, the stock market reflects people's expectations about the future. It rises when the financial world is optimistic, peaks it gets carried away and falls when the bubble bursts. The past five years have seen all three stages. Our political and financial leaders have a big job to do. They need to bring people back to a state of realistic optimism. Otherwise, consumers pull back on spending because they worry about financial problems in the future, which leads them to believe they need to stock up on cash. This limits the flow of money in the economy. It's a vicious cycle, because cautious consumers generate fewer business transactions. Companies find it harder to turn a profit, which may lead to cuts across the board. 

Though many people are having a tough time now (or are worried about having at tough time in the future), there is still plenty of potential to create abundance and wealth. Just look at Apple, who has seen record growth over the past couple of years. They sell gadgets at a premium price, despite the fact that we managed to do without them for years. And people love them - heck I love my MacBook Air and my iPod. What sets Apple apart is the inspiration and the purpose behind their products. Steve Jobs may not have been the nicest person, if you read his biography, but he had a clear vision and it paid off. I'm guessing he had overactive brow and solar plexus chakras. The brow is linked to clairvoyant vision, and the solar plexus moderates our levels of aggression towards others. These two chakras are energetically linked, and when I read his biography these qualities stood out. We don't need to go to Steve's extremes, but we can still be successful. A shift in consciousness will put us on his side of the fence. 

Good job Deepak! =)

I'm running 10 days late with Deepak's meditations. Listened to Day 3 this morning. Before you tell me off for being a slacker, my internet's been down! What a coincidence though - The mantra today was: Today, I focus on what I want to attract into my life.  I've spent all week drawing my vision board, and this series of meditations will help me bring it to life. The next 3 weeks I'll do one meditation every day. When I'm inspired I'll write about it too. I'll try to keep my commentary brief, so that I can carry on writing about my angel readings, healings and other stuff. This has turned out to be a busy month, with 21  Days of Meditation thanks to Deepak, and 21 Days of Angel Channeling on my Facebook page! Sometimes it's entertaining to have a lot going on. 

Thank you for reading!
Reiki hugs, Regina 

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