Saturday, November 17, 2012

My First Psychic Readings

Two weeks ago I gave my first psychic reading to a complete stranger. Quite the experience. It was during class at my psychic school in London. This class is also the reason for my 21 Days of Angel Readings on Facebook, we have to practice channeling as homework! Over the Internet I use Angel Tarot cards to prompt the message, especially if I'm not familiar with the person I'm reading. Otherwise it can be tough to sense their energy at a distance. In class we don't use props. No questions, background, or general area that they want to inquire about. We do get a name from them, and that's it! We ask the angel to tell us what they most need to hear, and then we start talking. Each reading lasts a whole 15 minutes!  

This wasn't the first time we had guests in class. There are usually 1-2 people who come in for Circle Readings. The group sits in a circle and meditates before starting. Each person gives a 3-5 minute reading. My sister came along a few weeks ago as a special guest. It was fun for me because I could tell that the readings were accurate as we went along. There was also a story arc to the readings, so that each person had a different piece of the story and we only got the full picture at the end. There is less pressure in Circle Readings, as you're only up for a few minutes and then it's someone else's turn. The meditation lasts 10 minutes; more than enough to get a message. We also learn a lot about how to phrase readings by listening to the other students in the class.  

Circle Readings are pretty cozy. The one-to-one readings don't have this buffer, though its nice to have more time. Two weeks ago we had our first set of guests for one-to-one's, and I was lucky enough to practice on three people. I got a little bit stuck with the first one. Initially I rejected the image because it was also a hobby of mine. When I finally decided to mentioned it, the image was relevant. What else? I skipped the 2 minute meditation at the beginning. This made it harder because I found myself receiving images and talking at the same. The next reading was easier. I got three distinct images, though I had to prod her on the messages that didn't seem accurate to make sense of the reading. By the time I got to the 3rd guest; I was glad to be done. This time I saw three scenes in a forrest and described them literally. When we got to the end she understood what it meant. She was also told me my clairvoyant images were metaphors, which helped. It only clicked when she realised the reading didn't involve her hiking in the woods. I had a lot of Aha Moments! after this practice session. 

This week we had our second group of guests in class. I took my time before each session, meditating until I got clear visuals. With one of these I asked the Angels to show me three cards from Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot. They popped into my mind and I went on to describe them. The reading was surprisingly accurate, though at the end I got a little bit stuck when we started talking about what it all meant. That feeling of being stuck belonged to the guest. I didn't realise it and just felt a little helpless. Everything the psychic feels is a reflection of the client. When the last guest sat down for a reading, I was similarly stuck for a minute or two before I realised the sensation I was getting didn't belong to me. At that moment I was able to push it aside and get the rest of the message. It was pretty interesting because the more you practice the easier it becomes. In a lot of ways, sensing the information is similar to what I do in my energy healing. Those impressions help me direct the healing session. During psychic readings, those impressions tell me what to talk about. The intuitive signs are there, I just need a little practice recognising them. =) 

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  1. This is great for me. I do healing massage and today tried my first reading, it was amazingly relevant for the client and I was gobsmacked how easy it was. I would love to do more to practise. Your blog is great to read. x