Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Little Reiki, A Little Magic

A few weeks ago one of my classmates was gifted a healing wand by one of her Spirit Guides. A metaphysical wand, not an actual crystal wand. He gave it to her in a clairvoyant meditation and said she could use it to heal herself or others. This week she told us about how it's worked for her. I'm trying to remember what I've received from my guides. One time I got a cauldron. Another time a frying pan. I think the message was to cook. LOL. I haven't thought about it since (tsk, tsk, tsk). 

Today I was feeling a bit cheeky and asked my guides if I could have a healing wand. When I asked I was sitting in a circle, waiting for my Reiki Teacher to initiate me as a Reiki II Practitioner. I don't need a healing wand, but I'd like a wand. My spirit guide echoed that thought. Instead, he gave me what I like to call a Harry Potter wand, one that I can use to manifest things in the physical world. How exciting! He also said I can use this now to attract clients to my Reiki Practice, readers for my soon-to-be-published book, etc.  

I accepted it gratefully. 

Tonight I had my first chance to give the wand a go. When I came home from my full day Reiki Workshop I was knackered. My shower wouldn't heat up, not good news, and it turns out my boiler went out. The pilot light goes out when it's windy and I have never been able to switch it back on. My landlord usually has to send someone, and it takes them 10-15 minutes once they are here. It is Sunday night and my chances of getting a repairman in now were slim. So I fiddled around with it for a few minutes, and decided to ask for help. I put my left hand on the boiler, called on Archangel Raziel to breath fire into it, and then channeled Reiki at the boiler. I think Doreen Virtue wrote about a time when she healed her car's engine with her bare hands, and got it to start again. I figure I could do the same for the boiler. The pilot light started flashing and the flame came on! In under one minute! How Amazing!!! That's when I remembered the magic wand, not before. I'm not entirely sure why I called on Raziel. His name popped into my mind when I put my hand on the boiler. Raziel is said to hold the secrets of the universe, and that has to include my elusive boiler. 

This reminded me of a card that keeps coming up lately, the Queen of Earth from Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot. On the card we see a woman using a magic want to manifest a pot of gold and magic around her. While the Queen of earth is about material comfort, that comfort is meant to be a basis that makes it easier for us to enjoy our life, including time with others. Today's magic wand brings me back to the visual and being able to manifest that pot of gold. For myself and for others, as everything we share comes back to us tenfold. 

This is where I am right now, an exciting place to be! Reiki is referred to as healing fire, and along the same lines, we can make the most of the elements.

Music & Magic with Lindsey Sterling 

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Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. Nicole Durepos-BatesNovember 25, 2012 at 9:10 PM

    wow!!! Thats wonderful!!! What a beautiful gift to receive from your guide!!! How lucky you are:-) I'd love to receive such a wonderful gift:-) Thanks for sharing!!!!


  2. That is soooo cool! I received in a meditation I did last week a golden heart and a white dove... still don't know what they mean... the person that was conducting the meditation (it was guided) told me the dove meant spirituality (is that a correct word?) but I still haven't made sense out of it...

    1. Hi Saranjei, That's a beautiful gift! The white dove is often associated with peace and the gold heart is for healing (I think). Peace and Healing sound pretty awesome to me. What part of the world are you from?

      I'm just thinking there are so many places with wars and strife right now, a white dove/gold heart could really come in handy. I think these are gifts that you may be able to share with the world =)

  3. I am loving it! Now you trying to heal things! I have done work on boilers, washing machines... Hehe even my oven at one point needed help... Hehe and yes it can work. I founded using a bell was a very good tool. And of course a lot of intention and determination! lol xxx

    1. Hi Maria, Agreed! Its a great way to fix things (especially if you're not mechanically savvy) One of my blog readers actually emailed to say that she tried this herself after reading my post. That made me happy LOL.

  4. It was Sonia Choquette who related the healing of her car in her book: Ask Your Guides <3

    1. Hi Emili, I also saw that in one of Doreen's books recently.

      Maybe my memory is failing me though, could be wrong =)

      Love and Light,


    2. Here's a link =)