Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Did You Notice Your Angels Today?

A couple weeks ago I ran a simple poll, asking my readers what they'd like to know about angels. The intention was to channel a post, or even several posts, on angels. The #1 question was a pleasant surprise: 

How can we help the angels do their job?

The angels love this question! It has so many layers. Angels have a huge job to do on earth: healing, guiding, protecting, and inspiring us all. I love my angel classes because they give me a chance to strengthen that connection with the angels. The more you practice, the easier it is to sense their energy and to receive intuitive messages. Angels and Spirit Guides alike can be very specific and useful. An angel reading isn't about seeing the future or asking if/when something we want will happen. Instead, we get pointers from a "friend" who sees a bigger picture. My angel classes are about channeling these messages, for ourselves or for other people. Here's an example:

A couple weeks ago my sister came to visit me in London, and I brought her along as a guest. My classmates took turns giving her readings. Most of the messages were about her life purpose, her career and how she can  open up to give and receive even more good things. These messages were all about her life on a grand scheme. One of the messages, however, was so mundane that it made us all laugh: "Careful when you cross the street." The  classmate who got this message hesitated, but it couldn't have been more relevant. My sister lives in New York and she's not used to cars driving on the left side of the street. She's also airy-fairy and sweeps along the sidewalk in a careful dance. Would she notice the signs at the crossings that say "Look Left" or "Look Right"? Possibly not, especially if she's jet-lagged. I'm glad my psychic classmate passed the message on. 

The reading helped my sister's guardian angel do the safekeeping side of their job. She freaked out for a second, but she remembered. Otherwise, her angel would have followed her along London's streets, making sure she turned her head at the right moment. My sister's angels probably have a lot of practice with this already (as do mine!). At a very basic level, we can make our guardian angel's job easier by taking care of ourselves. They want us to be grounded, aware of our surroundings, and aware of them. How do we go about developing that awareness? A relevant question for another post! 

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Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. helpful info - looking forward to more - thankyou

    1. Hi Fiona, Thanks for the comment. I'll be posting the next article this week. =)
      Got a little side tracked with housework LOL