Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Reiki Readings

Last night I came home to a nice surprise! Three Angel Readings booked online! I am not charging much, and when I have asked my Guides if I should raise the price they say no. My readings are short, sweet and to the point. At the moment I am keen to practice email readings and I'm grateful for every opportunity.  In a couple months I may start with 10-15 minute Skype readings.  

It is a great way to push myself past the stage fright. I used to block the messages because I got nervous, but now they come quickly. One of the greatest challenges is actually translating the Angel Reading from pictograms to words.  Tuning in at a distance is quite the experience too. The novelty should have worn off by now, but I'm still pleasantly surprised that email readings can be so accurate. The angel takes the credit on that one, they are not bound by time or space. LOL. 

Today I tried a new technique to set up the reading. I used one of the Reiki Symbols to build a bridge to the client. This symbol is used to send Distant Reiki. This symbol reminds me of Hiro Nakamura from the tv show Heroes. Hiro was the Master of Time and Space. This Reiki Symbol bends time and space, building a bridge through the Unified Energy Field that sustains us all. We use it at the start of a Distant Reiki session to establish the connection, and again at the end to close it. 

If we can use that bridge to send and receive Reiki, we can also use it to read the client's energy field during a psychic reading. It was a nice experiment! I've had good feedback on the 1st reading, and I'm curious to see what comes up in the second one. If this works I may use it in most of my Angel Readings   =) 

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Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. Yep, the third symbol can be used to connect with people and with your higher self for the purpose of psychic readings. Of course, there's little Reiki going on in such case, it's just a way to connect with someone/something.

    Although, the symbol you've included in this article is quite different from the third symbol used by Hawayo Takata nad Mikao Usui. And, I advise you not to publish images of these symbols. Why so? It's because if someone isn't initiated, he or she might be so excited to use these symbols - and it's not wise. While the third symbol is useless without Reiki initiation, the first and second symbol is used in other traditions, and without initiation, you won't use Reiki, but some other energies. And you don't want to attract unpleasant stuff, do you? :)

    1. Hi Nathan, Thanks for the comment. To your point, my intent was not to send Reiki, merely to facilitate a reading with a Reiki bridge. I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out =)

      As to your second point, Reiki symbols are freely available in print, online, books, etc. The era of secrecy has passed and I don't think people would be surprised or excited to find them on this blog... You're right about the image being different from the actual symbol. I chose it for its visual appeal ... pretty, pink, and whatnot =)

      Lots of LOVE and LIGHT as always =)

  2. I am with Nathan. Showing the coveted symbols are out of context when used for your purposes on a web page. When found in print, (another highly questionable move) at least there is surrounding text so that one might educate themselves somewhat about their use.
    It is indeed the point, that one who wishes for instant power cares not about the fine print. So it is within our responsibility of "harm none" practioners to share appropiately.
    Caren Chaffee~ "Energy Ethics" Facebook

    1. Hi Caren,

      I meant no disrespect in posting the symbol. In my culture we wear spiritual symbols on our sleeve and they are something we share with the world. I haven't posted it here to further my interests, as you said. It's an expression of the path that I am exploring, my way of sharing it with my readers.

      Also to Nathan's point, a person would have to be attuned to Reiki to use this symbol. That comes with it's own learning process and I've dedicated enough years studying healing to appreciate that. When I'm asked I always recommend finding a real life teacher (and if that's not feasible, a good book).

      Love and Light,


  3. Hiya Genna,

    You know I am a fan of your page, and I took no personal disrespect by your posting.

    You did imply a question if your sharing was appropriate.
    By sharing your methods and sign widely used by other practitioners, you evoke a karma.

    The karma effects you and whomever takes your posting out of context. Thing is, you may never know who the person who is taking your signs and using them inappropriately.

    Such karma shows in an energy field as a "burden". This can be interpreted as extra energy that is unmanageable as you now have an energy cord connected with the "abuser".

    My, (our) concern, is for you.

    Namaste', Caren

    1. Hi Caren, Thank you, that is very kind =)

      I'll find a pic of Hiro to replace this one

      Love and Light,