Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Hanged Man (or Woman)

My last post was on the Ho'oponopono.  I can't write it, but I love mispronouncing it! Oponoponu, or Onupononu. I can laugh myself silly trying to spell it out. Spelling debacles aside, I like the thought behind this Hawaian Healing Mantra. One of the premises of the Onoponono is the idea that our Inner Child is in control (scary thought), and it creates things based on our attitudes. Everything that happens to us - good, bad or in between - is a choice. 

Sometimes we choose things consciously, sometimes not. We also sabotage ourselves unconsciously. I think we all do this to varying degrees and it is something to watch out for. It may also be about paying attention to the signs, and making changes proactively. So what have I created lately in an unpleasant way? I messed up my healing exam, for starters. Which means I will have to put my healing practice on hold for a few months until I can take it again. 

What a pain! 

I am annoyed with myself, especially because my intuition warned me not to make a particular mistake. Unfortunately I was nervous and I didn't make the link. It only dawned on me after I left. Oops! I'll have to take it again in a couple of months. That may be the thought I find least appealing but I'll deal with it when the time comes. In the meantime, I think I might take a sabbatical. Healing has taken up a lot of my time the past two years, and there are other things I would like to catch up on. Friends and family for starters, psychic readings and angel readings, writing, etc. Plus there's that publishing company I've just started, and the books I am planning to launch in the next couple of months. When I left the exam I pulled a card and got the Hanged Man (LOL). This card is about a period of non-action, and looking at things from a different angle.  

I am being philosophical about the whole thing. I have to cut back on something or I'll go mad. Maybe its time I gave healing a rest. I am disappointed but looking at the bright side, I have time to write my books. So back to work it is. Maybe I'll go for a jog first. It is a nice day outside and we don't get a lot of sun in London. 

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  1. Sometimes life/us do this things and with time one comes to realise that maybe was simply because it was not the time yet... So be kind to yourself, do all the things you love and enjoy and in no time the right time will come... xxx