Saturday, October 6, 2012

Can Psychic Readings be Fun ?

I gave a great reading in class this week. Maybe it's because I am finally starting to enjoy being put on the spot. I used to get nervous about whether or not I was going to have anything to say. I still get nervous if I am supposed to start talking without a prompt, like cards or visualisations. This one was easier to give because we started with a guided meditation. Everything you imagine in the meditation is somehow related to the client, and my job is to describe and interpret all of the details. It reminds me of dream interpretation, with everyone awake. You can't do this with a client sitting in front of you, but I think I could do it in an email reading. 

We usually start visualising a big door, and walk through the door into a lobby. In the lobby we see a staircase leading down, into a room with a big elevator. The elevator is like the one in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it takes you up into the sky and then to a Hall of Learning. That Hall is were we go to meet spirit guides and power animals in the meditations. I'm not sure how it works, but I think the staircase down helps to quiet the mind, and then the upward movement of the elevator raises your consciousness. 

This process makes it easier to give readings. Every detail can be interpreted, even the shape and color of the door. If it opens easily, that means something. If you have to kick it down (as I've had to), it means something else. Sometimes you'll see power animals, spirit guides, friends, characters from movies, or even elaborate architecture. Sometimes I get crazy images that remind me of Tim Burton movies. Yesterday I got a scene from Pretty Woman, and that scene helped me understand what the readings was about. 

Everything I saw was so far-fetched that it had to be relevant. I would never make it up. Before I started talking, I asked for a sign and got a scene from the movie. It was Julia Roberts laughing at the shop attendants who had turned her away earlier. I heard the words BIG MISTAKE, HUGE MISTAKE and laughed. The reading was fun to give, and judging by the recipient's reaction I think it was spot on. The whole class laughed at the beginning, became very serious half-way through, and then sort of smiled and nodded at the end. We went from Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman to Buddha on the mountaintop so it was a stretch. I like story arcs =)

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  1. That is so interesting, that you can even bring up movies! You have me very intrigued...I wish you could read me!