Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm Sorry, Forgive me, Thank You, I Love You

The past couple months I have been playing the victim and using something that happened as work as an excuse to leave. That was really immature of me. I kept thinking "if they don't transfer me soon" I will leave and start a healing business. When the option was finally on the table, I didn't feel the offer was  right for me. Instead I asked for the chance to work part-time. That would give me time to work on my healing and writing, which is what I'm most interested in. The thought had occurred to me on several occasions but I kept pushing it away. Staying in my existing job would have been the safe thing to do. 

Something happened in July that pissed me off, and that is when I decided to go. In hindsight that event helped me out. It gave me the guts to acknowledge what I wanted. Otherwise, I would have stayed on full time, when I really want to do healing. My reasons for staying at my job were mostly fear based. The big question is whether I can sell enough books in my 1st year to keep my work visa in the UK. I need to sell about 10K copies, which doesn't sound impossible. I think I can do it, especially with my family, friends and Facebook friends behind me. I have this neat little support group that I am very grateful for! 

It all started to click yesterday when I googled a healing technique called Ho'oponopono. It is a Hawaiian healing method that requires the healee to take responsibility for every good or bad thing happening in their life. I had heard the theory that thought creates reality. This takes it one step further by encouraging the healee to apologise to themself for creating the situation, forgiving themself, and then thanking God for giving them the chance to start over. The whole process takes seconds, and all you need to do is repeat: 

"I'm sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you."

By repeating those words, you ask for forgiveness, give it, thank God for giving you a clean slate, and then say I love you to your subconscious. I also hear this exchange is directed at your inner child. The inner child is said to create the external situations and stressors in your life, with your actions, beliefs and thoughts influencing it. I imagine it would also create the good things. You can also apologize to other people, though I'm not sure if this is  done out loud and in person, or just on an energetic level.

The past two days I have been directing my intent at this situation, whilst repeating "I'm sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you" at myself and at anyone who was involved. Quietly of course, I don't say it out loud. Most of the time I say the words to myself, apologising for creating anger and stress through my reactions. I'll move on to another issue when I am done with this one. Off the top of my head, I think this could work with chronic pain. Louise Hay states that pain is about punishment, so this forgiving and loving meditation could work on it. I'll let you know how I get on with it. 

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Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. I recently listened to an audiobook about Ho'oponopono. I love your description. It is an interesting way to think about things sometimes. I create my own reality, including everything that touches my life, and sometimes I have to think "WHY did I create THIS??" Then I think about what good can come of it or what lesson I can learn by it. Then the prayers to cleanse myself and start anew. And always with love and gratitude. Keep at it Geena and so will I, best of luck and love to us all...

    1. I really like this approach. I also like asking myself what can Iearn or gain from this situation...