Thursday, September 6, 2012

Using Reiki in Energy Healing Work - a Guest Post by Nathan

I'd like to introduce this guestpost by Nathan from the psychic blog, A State of Mind. There are many types of energy healing, some involve calling on universal energy and others, working with our own energy which as Nathan points out, can be exhausting and counter productive. The type of energy healing that I practice is similar to Reiki; it involves channeling universal energy ~ Regina

"Every time I have an opportunity to share some information about Reiki, I use it. Today, Geena gave me such opportunity, allowing me to write a guest post for this blog. And since Geena focuses upon energy healing, I think it’s a great idea to explain how Reiki can help you and other energy healers in your work. 

For the purpose of this article, I assume that energy healing is the type of psychic work, in which you use your own life energy in order to heal someone. In Poland, this is commonly known as bioenergy therapy and it’s an official profession, for which you need to have proper authorization and certificates, and you have to be a member of a therapist guild. 

Now, it’s essential to explain the theory behind energy healing, and theory behind Reiki. Let’s start with energy healing - in this form of psychic work, you use your own energy (Chi, Prana, Ki) to manipulate and heal blockages or damages in other’s person energy body - well, that’s standard theory, in practice it looks a bit more complex. Because you have control over your own energy, you can shape it into tools, and use it in whatever way you like. But whenever you use this energy of yours, you lose it - your life force reservoir  is being depleted, it’s a fact known to every person who works with his or hers own energy. Therefore, after long session of energy healing, you need to recharge your batteries through various techniques. Reiki is one of such techniques.

How Does Reiki Work

Reiki works in a different way than classic energy healing does. You do not have control over Reiki energy, you’re a channel, through which the energy flows into the other’s person body in order to heal it. It is Reiki that heals, not the practitioner and his energies. And, while our own energy can be contaminated with our own fears, worries and concerns, thus making it risky to use it for energy healing (unless you learn ways to purify and cleanse the energy you’re using), Reiki is a pure, spiritual light - not the most powerful energy in the Universe, but still a very gentle, spiritual form of vibrations. It comes from the Source (God, the Universe, the Absolute), and it flows through the practitioner into the person who needs healing. There, it heals blockages and brings harmony back. Quite simple, isn’t it?

As such, Reiki can help you in your classic energy healing work - even if you won’t be using Reiki for healing as a stand-alone technique. I know a lot of healers who use their own energy to heal, but they use Reiki on themselves after work hours - why so? Because it’s very, very useful.


The very first thing that Reiki can help you with is the process of recharging your batteries. As you work with your own energy - to heal, or to do psychic readings, or to create a psiball or even play with telekinesis (because you can), you deplete your own energy. This life force is like a fuel, the more you do, the more energy is being used. When your energy level is low, you feel tired, depressed, and if you won’t recharge yourself, it’s just a matter of time before you’re struck with an illness, not to mention some more serious consequences for your physical and emotional health. So, you need to recharge yourself.

Reiki can help you with this - after becoming a Reiki practitioner, you can simple spend 30 minutes each day doing self-treatment session, and the spiritual energy will flow into you. Within you, Reiki is transformed into normal life energy, Chi, which fuels your every action, thought and emotion. Doing Reiki self-healing sessions after any form of energy work or psychic work is a way to recharge your batteries, and feel alive once more.  And of course, its a great way to keep yourself spiritually healthy.  

Cleanse the environment and yourself

But more than that, Reiki can be used to create a sterile environment for your healing work. It’s a standard procedure to cleanse the room in which you do psychic work, and to cleanse yourself. Some people use white sage to do this, others prefer candles and magical rituals, some visualize a bright, spiritual light that cleanse and protects the room. In similar way, practitioners of the second degree of Reiki can use symbols to cleanse and protect the room. But they can use Reiki symbols to cleanse themselves, as well, and make sure that their aura is clean, so they won’t transfer their worries and concerns to their patients. 

Keeping your aura and your environment clean on energetic and spiritual level is essential for safe and successful energy healing work.

Heal Yourself, First

Finally, Reiki is a path of spiritual development, as well. It can help you face your own dark side, your fears and worries and bad beliefs. And it can help you heal these so called “blockages”, through self-treatment sessions and guidance on the path of spiritual growth. This leads to two things. First, your life gets better and better. But also, this leads to the fact that with time, you become more and more spiritual person, and the more spiritual you are, the less problems you carry with your own energies. The more spiritual you are, the less probable it is to transfer your fears and negative beliefs to other person. In Reiki practice there is a rule - first, heal yourself! And it’s essential for successful healing practice.

That’s it - as you can see, Reiki is a very useful tool for every energy healer, even if you do not plan to use Reiki for healing others. But since it can help you in your daily healing practice, and it can support your spiritual growth, then I think it’s worth becoming a practitioner of the first two degrees. It won’t hurt you, but it will improve your life and your healing practice, for sure!"

2023 Update: I haven’t been in touch with Nathaniel in years and his website appears to have come down; however, his books are still for sale on Amazon Here. Have a look & read the one you’re drawn to. 



  1. Hi Nathan, Beautiful article and I totally agree! I give myself healing (Reiki) everyday and have since I was a child. When you learn a skill that is just so useful, you use it anytime you can. I'm glad you mentioned about life just getting better and better because I've noticed that in my clients and also in the people I've taught Reiki, the people who really commit notice massive improvements even in areas of life that they'd given up on. Reiki benefits so much more than just health. Fiona,x

  2. Indeed, it's essential to be aware that Reiki is not just a healing method, but a path of inner growth, as well :).

  3. Hi Nathan,

    Great post! It reminds me that I need to pay more attention to myself. Sometimes we get so caught up in our day to day, even when that includes healing, that we're too focused on others and not on ourselves. I've been feeling exhausted at times (understandable with all I've got on) and I'm hoping cut back my hours, recharge my batteries and lead a more balanced lifestyle. =) ... Hold me to it!

    On another note ... I also wanted to comment on the point you made about energy healing using the healer's own energy. It is possible but its not advisable to do so, as passing on your own energy will only deplete you (the healer). Universal / Celestial energy is better for the healer and for the client. I think that one some level my kind of energy healing and Reiki tune into the same energy. After all, how many kinds of energies are out there?

    I think the main difference is that after you've had a Reiki attunement it's always on. And in my school of training we need to go through the energetic process of connecting and disconnecting after every session. Beyond that I can't say much about the spiritual path associated with Reiki as I'm not familiar with it. I do like receiving Reiki healings and "Energy" Healings though and I couldn't tell you which I prefer LOL. Can't tell them apart yet =)

    Thanks for this great guest post! I am really enjoying your book as well a

  4. Geena,

    There are so many different forms of "vibrations", and different sources of the energy that can be used for healing. I focused upon "our own energy" simple because here in Poland, when you say "energy healing", then you mean using your own energy. Using other forms of energy has different names like "elemental healing" or "reconnective healing" or "prana healing" or... Umm, you get the point :).

    It's quite easy to become confused, I guess :).

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