Monday, September 3, 2012

Blogging a Book on Energy Healing

The past few days I've been on holiday - Now I'm back and ready to go again! It is nice to take a break and regroup, otherwise we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day life.  While I have been away I realised that I haven't been writing about healing as much as I'd like to. My new resolution will be to write about energy healing and spirituality rather than my personal reflections and adventures. Don't worry! I will still tell you what I'm working on and what my new interests are, but the focus will be to explore these topics in more depth and hopefully make it more engaging. 

My roots are in philosophy so I like to spend time thinking about the possibilities, as well as writing about clinical experience.  These are the topics I want to explore in the coming months:  
  • Why people get sick in the first place
  • Approaching Healing as a Complementary Therapy
  • What we can expect to achieve with healing
  • Science vs Faith - and can we bring them together?
  • Genetics vs Memetics / Nature vs Nurture
  • Medical Intuition, i.e. what does the body have to say? 
  • The Chakras and the Subtle Energy Body ... 
  • What happens in a healing session 
  • What to expect from a Healer
  • What NOT to expect from a Healer
  • The difference between Reiki and Energy Healing
  • Energy leaks, Depression and Dis-ease
  • Clearing and Healing Meditations 

I'm planning on taking a more structured approach with the blog so that the posts follow a natural sequence. I'll be Blogging a Book if you like! Please let me know if there are any other areas you'd like me to explore. I would love to get your thoughts while I'm still in the planning phase. The content will be a combination of short-form posts as per usual and longer How-To-Articles that will be available for a small fee. Later this week I will send out a link to a questionnaire with a variety of topics. Please log on and tell me what you'd like to learn about in the coming months and year.   

On another note I am still working on those Energy Healing Guides I mentioned a few weeks ago! I hope to have the first one ready before Christmas - give the gift of Healing this December!  

2020 UPDATE!!! In the end I didn't blog a book on energy healing, but I did publish two of them: one on energy healing & cancer, the other on creative healing tools, intuition and crystal empowerment. You will find both below. 

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 

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