Monday, September 24, 2012

Are Psychic Readings just Common Sense?

Sometimes I wonder if psychic readings are just common sense on steroids. The literal meaning of the word clairvoyance is "too see clearly," and  this has little to do with visualisation, symbols and images. It is about being able to see people, situations and challenges clearly and then using that vision to formulate a plan of action. This isn't to see that clairvoyant images have no role in readings. On some occasions I might get a symbol about what a situation means. 

For example, you could get a "stop sign" or a green light. In my daily life I won't activate my brow chakra all the time, and instead of an image I'll just understand things faster. I also think my mind is good at making connections and sometimes intuition kicks in and helps with these. Sometimes it feels like common sense and not intuition. I do wonder what that is about though, especially when things appear to be so obvious but other people just don't see them. Then again, it is so much easier to spot someone else's problem. My own can be very elusive! 

Today I gave my boss a psychic reading. I didn't mean to and she didn't ask for one. She asked for advice, and my mind kicked into channeling mode. I had to tone it down to make it work-friendly but it was a reading. With clients we're taught to tell it like it is.  In this case I had to be sure the words I said sounded professional and I found myself word-smithing the reading to give it corporate lingo. We talked about growth opportunities instead of karmic lessons and soul contracts.I didn't say half of the things that were running through my mind because they might not be tactful. It went over well though and I think it helped her. If anything, it made me realise that I'm ready to start coaching people. Call it a psychic reading, intuitive coaching, or common sensical advice.  

Have you ever seen the movie Cool Runnings? This is what intuition, clairvoyance and meditation can do for you. Love it!  

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