Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The world keeps on spinning

I'm exhausted! Splitting my time across three jobs is as complicated as it sounds.  It just so happens that when I resigned, the company was going to transfer me. It went ahead, and I'm working one morning on my old job, two and a half days on the "new job" and Thursday and Friday I write my Energy Healing book! 

It is lovely to have a three day week, but sticking to that split is a challenge. Today I spent too much time doing the "old" job and I have to catch up on everything tomorrow. Otherwise, I'll spend Thursday doing my "new" job instead of revising my book. My week sounds crazy. Maybe this is an opportunity for me to learn boundaries? Or to prioritize?


My three day a week notice period is a fantastic opportunity for me to transition into my new life. But juggling it is hard. I'm going to collapse when I get home tonight. I'm so tired that I almost wish I wasn't going to Paris for the weekend! My life feels like a noisy carousel with flashing lights and spinning attractions. If it doesn't slow down I might punch a clown. Is that healerly enough for you? LOL. 

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. Dear soul, sometimes life does pushes us like that and you know that all is for the better but one thing is being busy, other is being stressed! One needs to know the difference! So here you know what you need, as you say: boundaries! Maybe you let your work over lap a bit on Thursday morning but that is it! By lunch time what is done is done what is not it will have to wait! From then on is your time! Focus and creat! Can't wait to read that wonderful book! Remember they just need us for as long as we there at service, once we not we all replaceable! So do look after yourself! Go and enjoy Paris! Hope the sun will shine for you! Love and light. xxx

    1. Thank You Maria! I'm not stressed as much as busy/cluttered/tired. I ended up going shopping this morning instead of working LOL. Much better use of my time! Now I'm sitting down to edit my book. I am kinda hoping its cold in Paris because I got a really nice jacket @ Uniqlo and I want to wear it LOL

      Love and Light,