Friday, July 27, 2012

Interactive Colour Readings

I am a huge fan of Guiding Star's Interactive Readings. Every week Sandra posts four lovely words and asks her fans to choose the ones they are drawn to. For example, you might get Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso and Hot Chocolate. Each of the words gets an angelic message with advice and a bit of fortune telling. I can't tell you how many times I've chosen a word and then seen it come to fruition in the next week. 

For a few months now I've been drawn to trying a similar reading style on my page, with a colourful twist! What I would like to do is post a bright and contrasting image and have people choose the colour that screams at them (yes, colours do scream). I believe colours heal through their vibration and we'll be drawn to the one that we need most. Or to the message we need to hear most. I'm not sure what shape these Interactive Colour Readings might take. Its a great time to start though so have a look at these beautiful flowers and choose one of the colours below! I'll post the readings in the comment box this weekend. What are you choosing today? The options are: 

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. Green! Absolutely green today... both the word and the color are screaming at me :)

    1. Nice! I love screaming colours =)

    2. Thank you for the GREEN card description... It's funny, but today my color is PINK... That's fascinating! How just a day can create a need. I first learned about 'what we need' when I got a massage. The masseuse would use an "atomizer" at the end of a session, but she would wave the 2 or 3 scents under your nose first. Whichever one you could smell, was the one you "needed" as if being "hungry & craving" something your body needs!
      Does that make sense? Our bodies are so smart all on their own. Those who 'ignore' their body's messages are not able to fully enjoy life. There is much joy in living fully! :) <3 HUGS

    3. Sunday... Today as I look at the image I am sensing WHITE as the colors trying to show through... The lighter 'shading' in the colors and in between some of the lines... White it today's color.

    4. Interesting, think you might be picking up on the healing energy which is often seen as white

  2. Purple for me, has to be purple

  3. I find it hard to choose one. First when I look at it I am not drawn to a color on the list. And they all are screaming at me. So I guess I better listen.

  4. Blue for me. Thank you

  5. Usually it is purple for me but to day GREEN is really catching my eye.
    I am totally drawn to it, just can't get mi sight away from it.

  6. Hi Guys! I'm really excited about my 1st Interactive Colour Reading. Today I'm using my new Angel Tarot deck, by Doreen Virtue. I like to connect to my own team of healing and reading angels so some of the messages might stray from what you'd typically get with these cards. Feel free to Share with your friends, the great thing about these readings is everyone get's a colour (usually!) Love & Light, Geena


    Funny enough I pulled a green card for this reading! The Queen of Earth - The words associated with this are Thoughtful, Creative, Warm and Sensible but also Power and Magic of an earthy kind. This is a time to call on your inner Goddesss (or Inner God) and start channeling the divine energy through you into the world. The more grounded you are the better, as you'll be able to direct your creative energy with your mind. Be soft and realistic and understanding of those around you. Any challenges you face now are merely tests so that you can learn your own strength. This is the beginning of a learning curve that will raise your vibration to a positive and life affirming level.

    Bonus Card: The Chariot - You may be faced with opportunities that pull you in two different directions. This is because of the duality in your own nature. Spend careful time in meditation and do what you can to integrate your spiritual and materialistic aspects. It is possible and it will give you peace.


    I've pulled the KING of AIR - this card urges you to incorporate an intellectual and cool minded approach to your spiritual nature (purple is the color of spiritual wisdom). The King of Air is Brilliant, Impartial, Diplomatic and very professional in his manner. He can come across as detached but people trust him because he is FAIR. This card is about being honest and upright in your interactions. Speak your mind with trust and confidence that it will secure a peaceful resolution. The King of Air is able to communicate openly and honestly and he doesn't let emotions muddle up his thinking. A lesson to learn.

    Bonus Card: - The Dreamer (otherwise known as the fool!) This card is about wanting to start a new adventure, which often requires a leap of faith. We never "leap" alone though and this card also tells us we have guides and mentors to help us along.

  7. PINK

    Pink is a cute and bubbly color, one that we often associate with Love. Which is interesting as I've pulled the KING OF CUPS for this. The suit of cups is about love, relationships and emotions and each card tells a different story. The King of Cups is someone who very much wants to jump into the water of emotions, but they are also afraid of the risks. This card suggests that we need to take the plunge to feel the rewards of a loving relationship. Open your heart and mind to those around you and don't be afraid of getting your feet wet. It is OK to feel overwhelmed by emotions sometimes, it comes with the opening up process! Take the plunge.

    BONUS CARD: Archangel Michael is with you in this new journey. He brings strength and courage to those who need it. Call on him for help facing your fears. Sometimes the hardest battles are internal.


    Love this card! I pulled the 8 of Earth, which shows an angel sitting in a clearing with a pile of books. He's taking time out to learn and let his mind and his soul expand. This is about a quest for knowledge and personal development that runs very deep. Take time out to learn, read books or even go back to school. You might be drawn to Self-Help books at the moment and if you are it is your Teaching Spirit Guides that are driving it. This is a period for introspection and change. Embrace it!

    Bonus Card: The EGO - This card is about freeing ourselves from the grip of the word "SHOULD" Things are what they are and what we need them to be, whether or not we think they should happen. The energy of SHOULD is driven by the ego.


    Dear Yellow! I've pulled the ACE OF CUPS for you! This card is about seeds we plant in a new relationship or a new passion. Give it time to grow and develop into something more powerful, more concrete. You may feel an upsurge of emotions, these are linked to your intuition and they are messages from your Higher Self. Pay attention because these feelings will guide you. However, feelings run deep so its important to journal or meditate on them so that you can know their true meaning. This card is about a period of change, growth and love. Welcome it and allow it to happen.

    Bonus Card: You're going through a time of change and upheaval, which culminates in an AWAKENING. When this is over you will see things in a different light. Wait for the dust to settle before making commitments or big changes in your life.


    This wasn't on the list but I felt drawn to pull a card for orange. I got the SIX OF FIRE, which is about Victory, Celebration and Good News. Keep your thoughts positive and expect the best, this card is about reaping the rewards after a period of hard work.

    Bonus Card: The Lovers - This is about love, intimacy and growth. You may have found your calling in life, a soul mate or a creative passion.