Thursday, July 26, 2012

Working with Earth Energy in Distant Healings

Today I tried a new technique while sending distant healing from the park. I sat near the Bayswater exit in Kensington Gardens with my back to a huge tree trunk. I then grounded and attuned to the healing energy, asked for permission to heal the people who commented on the Healing Post and protected them. 
I could feel energy coming out of my hands very strongly and I visualised a rose quartz sphere floating in front of me. All along I sat cross-legged on the grass with my hands resting on my knees, palms facing inwards. I invited anyone in need of healing to join and the 1st image I got was of the people who were killed at the movies in Denver, along with their families. That image then faded into the planet earth. 
At first I thought the earth needed healing but it is really the people who live there that are in need of healing. The planet has the ability to renew itself and its our energy that needs cleansing. The earth is filled with positive and negative emotions as well as spirits, elementals and other energies. If I stopped to think about this the healing would have been overwhelming, but visualising a basketball-sized planet earth is not so intimidating. And it feels small enough to be healed by one person. 
In some of my classes we work with different kinds of healing angels. One of these are the Virtues and they go straight to war-torn areas (or catastrophes) to give healing. I could see them around me joining in during the healing. When that was done we moved on to the reason for the healing: my Facebook fans!
I like to count during some of my healings and today I counted very slowly from 1 to 30 for each of the people who requested healing (or who might still request it). One by one they were sent healing hugs as well as a healing energy to clear any specific issues. When that was done I put my hands on the grass in front of me and focused on channeling the healing through the ground straight to each recipient.
I saw this clairvoyantly as healing cables running under the ground to their location. It is the same planet and they'll be standing on it somewhere! I also used my intent and the help of the healing angels to clear the group simultaneously, running through each of the chakras and aura layers before grounding, closing and protecting the group as a whole. 

Please Join Me Below!
Reiki hugs, Regina 


  1. Geena, Thank-you so much for this beautiful post. Xxx Emili

    1. You're welcome Emili! It was a really nice healing session for me as well