Sunday, July 29, 2012

Clearing Myself After a Session

One of my Facebook Friends asked a good question this week. Do I clear myself between psychic readings and healings? She also asked if I felt like those things affected me after the session.

I get this question A LOT from my healing clients, some of them worried about whether or not I'll hang on to their junk. Clearing myself after a healing is easy, but sometimes I'd feel their issues during the session and not realise what was happening. I might feel their frustrations and fears and think they were my own. For example, one of my clients was lacking direction in her life and I wouldn't know where to go during the healings. My supervisor pointed it out in one of our sessions, until then I was a bit clueless.

Sometimes I'll also get these feelings during psychic readings. The 1st time it happened I was reading for one of our special visitors in class, a lady who had just come back from visiting John of God in Brazil. I knew her from my previous classes and I really noticed a huge energetic shift after her visit. As soon as I sat down in her energy field I felt the tropics around me, music, dancing, jungle, creative flair. I remarked on how quickly she was blossoming and opening up, and then got a sinking feeling in my heart. It was regret that it hadn't happened earlier in her life. I'm convinced the feeling was coming from her but I didn't realise it at the time and I missed the opportunity to set her straight:
  • The timing was exactly right for her, the message wouldn't have clicked so easily if she'd gone earlier. Some of the rough patches had to happen 1st to get her ready for her big awakening. 
  • She is young and still has a long life ahead of her! 
At the time I had no idea why I was feeling that regret all of a sudden and I completely missed the point of the reading I was supposed to give her. These feelings come as an indication of what I should work on, and I am meant to acknowledge it and let it go.  Readings and Healings are easy to disconnect from and to clear. After a healing session I imagine a huge bucket of ice water pouring over me. Funny enough that image was inspired by a football tradition which you may be familiar with! It is very refreshing and I associate it with a job well done (or a match well won!) With tarot I visualize a cosmic hoover sucking everything away as I shuffle the cards. I will also cut ties to the readee and send them off after the reading. It helps to see them as a bird flying into the horizon.

The tougher links to break are the ones in our day to day life. More and more often I find myself mistaking someone else's feelings for my own. Sometimes I get a sense that it is off and I'm not really sure till they are gone from my energy field. A few experiences the past week have me grounding, clearing and protecting myself a lot. I also asked Archangel Michael for help with boundaries. 

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  1. Ah this is a good topic! For myself I make a distinction between the kind of clearing I need to do energetically, for which I might use visualisations or tools like sage, and the kind of clearing I do emotionally.

    The first kind doesn't always feel particularly psychological- I often need to do something similar after using the London underground during rush hour :-D. It feels more like energetic gloop or debris, rather than someone's emotions.

    It's interesting with your healing client about the directionlessness. It's interesting you were affected by it, because it's an issue you yourself have been processing. I guess it means you're more susceptible to an involvement, because it's something you energetically resonate with.

    This is one of the reasons why personal psychotherapy and therapeutic supervision are good things- to help us differentiate between the client's and healer's stuff, especially when it's with an issue that does touch us..!


    1. HI Justin, Thanks for the comment!

      To your point about using the underground, there is lots of energetic debris down there. I tend to protect myself before I go in and then I pour that bucket of water on me as I go out lol. It feels like slime, I've only ever had that after a healing session once and it was because I didn't clear the room afterwards.

      I guess that's one of those mistakes that we only make once =)

      Take care!