Monday, July 30, 2012

Drenched in Coca Cola

This week I was clearing myself after a healing session and asked for a bucket of ice cold water to be poured over me. Energetically of course, it doesn't happen in real life. Instead my Guides dunked a bucketful of Diet Coke and Ice on me and then asked if it was refreshing. It was not! It felt very sticky and sugary and I then had to clear myself with a water meditation to get rid of the Coke! 

The clair-sentient message was accompanied by a telepathic comment about Diet Coke not being refreshing for my body either! OMG! I almost laughed but I was also a little bit annoyed. Maybe that's how my body feels when I drink colas. I had never thought of it that way. The past few weeks I have been getting hints that I should drink water instead. 

To be fair, I have cut down on coffee and I'm drinking a lot more more water during the day. But I'm still having my Diet Cokes once a day, and its time to stop. On another note I am also wanting to lose a few pounds I believe the soft drinks are holding me back. Not sure how exactly but I bet there is an explanation for it. I've made up my mind to go cold turkey on fizzy brown drinks for the next month. I can start with that and maybe I'll be able to tolerate a cup of coffee a day.  Diet Coke will be a hard habit to quit, but I'd rather do that than give up my occasional Starbucks Caramel Macchiato. Or Cafe Nero. I'm a huge fan of Nero! 

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  1. Too funny about the coke! I think it was a message for you. I was very addicted to diet coke a few years back. Now I have about one a week and I'm even trying to cut that out. I think the diet coke with the aspartame in it can block us because it's really toxic to our bodies. Despite that, I like the taste of it even when I know it is so bad for me!

    1. I like the taste too but a cold bottle of water is sooo much more refreshing!

  2. I was drinking 1 and a half liter of Cola every evening. I quit because I felt my backpain coming again. (Cola and coffee take water out of the body). And now, months later, when i drink a Cola once, i can feel my body fighting the sticky stuff ;) I feel so much better now, and i drink pineapple juice instead...

  3. Nice visual. I am a fellow coffee drinker who understands the toxicity of the drink (because I add sugar & cream) and have also dealt with weight issues. I have found that by using Doreen Virtue's CD with Angel Healing Therapy, that I am cutting away this toxic drink through the process of 'cord cutting' during the meditation. If you've never played it or heard of this particular CD, I recommend it fully. The few times I have listened to it, amazing transformations have occurred. Truly amazing! I believe... I really believe that she has a perfect combination of words, tones, and visuals to help anyone through anything. It is a "Therapy" meditation... Try one of her online youtube videos... They work wonders!!!