Saturday, July 21, 2012

Burned, Hung and Drowned in a Past Life

Today I went for Spiritual Response Therapy and the things the pendulum pointed out were shocking! Apparently I have been burned, hung, and drowned in many past lives. Mostly because I have a history of channeling messages from Spirit. In most instances, I was betrayed by my community and even by family. It came up at least three times in the scanning process! Can't say I was surprised. This explains my reaction when a colleague accused me of witchcraft a few months ago. He didn't say it in a nasty way but it was all I could do to keep my imagination from running in dark directions. Think I might use this as inspiration to write a story about past-life traumas.

This might also explain why I had to move across the world before I could open up to healings and readings again. It's a lot easier to experiment with this kind of thing when you're far from home and no one finds out about it. My extended family is very Catholic and I haven't told them about my new hobbies. To be fair, my siblings have been really supportive and they do know all about the blog. When I was younger they used to give me a hard time about not going to mass, usually in jest, but those days are long gone. It's also just dawning on me that this past-life trauma could also be the reason for my quiet nature. I don't voice my opinions as often as I should. It's like I'm hiding my true self. 

Today's healing was interesting. It's called Spiritual Response Therapy. It's something I will need to look into. Essentially the healer used a clear quartz pendulum to scan for  past-life issues that needed healing. She had this neat little book full of diagrams and the pendulum would point out the issue that needed resolving. Her intent was to find anything that was holding me back from setting up a healing practice. I had lots of fears come up: fear of failure, fear of disappointing. I'm glad we managed to clear those and now I just need to watch my thoughts and keep them positive (or at least neutral). It was a productive session and we followed up with a great reading about my business plan. Not only am I an energy healer, but I am meant to write about healing so that others will open up to it as well! Funny because I hadn't mentioned the blog to her in much detail but it came through very strongly. 

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  1. I use a clear crystal for many things, but especially if I need an answer to something. It doesn't really bother me what my friends or family think because all the females in my family are like this...some things we just know.
    If I had told, well, I won't have told anyone three hundred years ago, I'd have probably been burnt at the stake too, but then, I think I would have been wise enough not to have told anyone!
    I'd love to be regressed. I think what we did in former lives affects or makes us what we are today.

  2. Very interesting, so glad it made sense to you. I totally believe in past life's and at the moment I fell I wish I knew someone I could do some regrections or something like that. I do feel very strongly I have obstacles that I wish I would understand better... X

  3. Hi Maria, You can do a healing without regressing to see or experience the past life. If you're interested in having a session similar to mine let me know and I'll recommend the healer.

    Otherwise come see me when I'm graduated! LOL

  4. Geena, I know youre still on the edge about PLE's, but Isnt it curious that months ago, you wrote In here that you felt you were a witch from the Salem trials? Or at least accused of being a witch because of your spirituality? Something to note :D *twinkle in her eye, Emili*

  5. PS: I Wouldn't be on the spiritual path that I am had I not found you on Memories. Keep up the writing! People need to learn. You always write such fascinating things. Good luck! -Emili-

    1. Thank you so much! That's very kind and encouraging =)