Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Dark Forrest (Tarot Reading)

Temperance: I am running down a slippery path in the woods and I stumble because I’m too hurried and panicked. I can feel myself falling head first but someone catches me and helps me stand up again. The angel brushes the hair out of my face, holding me up while I collect myself. They tell me not to hurry, be more tempered and calm in your path. Slowly but surely, you’ll make it. I’ve stumbled in real life this week because of my haste to get out, but my real life guardians threw me a life line. They won’t let me flounder, despite my best efforts and I had that to be grateful for. I’ll be in The Dark Forest a while longer. Its dark and damp but not threatening and I’ll just have to walk carefully. Calm and relaxed. 
Three of Swords: Seeing this visual is like a kick in the stomach, three swords running through a bleeding heart. It is a sharp pain and it muddles my emotions and feelings, casting a cloud over my mind and heart so that I can’t see straight. The images on the card speak volumes: the pierced heart is behind a stained glass cage. I feel cut off and disconnected when this happens. This is how I felt after being coached this afternoon - the suggestion that I should try to keep my day job because it’s safe really got to me. Flexible hours could work while I’m up and running. The truth is my inner peace doesn’t depend on a city or a fancy job or nights out with the girls. The fancy lifestyle. I am wanting more than that and in a way I think I’ve experienced a death. My soul is going through one of those  dark loops before we come out on top. Just need to go with it and see what happens. 
King of Wands:  This was a good card to get! The first thing that caught my eye was the King’s feet, one of his shoes is forward like he’s ready to go and the other one is tucked behind his cloak. That is how I feel now, like I’m ready and rearing to go but still keeping a few cards hidden (or maybe I should have kept a few cards hidden).  The King of Wands is about bringing fire, passion and drive to your creative pursuits and running the show. I take this to mean that self-employment is still something that I should look into. Beyond that I was drawn to the Lions on top of the throne which are about being strong but gentle, fierce when you have to be and confident. There are also two rams to either side which are about persistence and breaking through obstacles. Then the lizard on his cloak and on the chair which are about creative passion and drive. Finally the happy and relaxed look on the King of Wand’s face, which tells me that he brings all these together easily. So when I have a chance to develop each of these attributes I will be ready to go. 
Seven of Pentacles: We see a man who stands on a straight dirt path, having walked a few miles. To his left a tall crop of plants & five gold coins. To his right a lawn with one golden coin and a rabbit jumping head first into the grass. Everything  I’ve experienced up until this moment - every opportunity and every closed door - happened with the express purpose of me ending up here. It doesn’t even feel like a choice, it’s an opportunity. There is a new gold coin and if I take it I need to leave that path. The second message is that I’m not really losing anything by taking this new route. I’ve been fairly compensated for my work to date so I’m not losing out on anything. The skills and experiences will follow me to my next adventure. My eye is drawn to that little rabbits, its diving head first into the new field and I can’t see where it will go. I keep thinking of a portal, for some reason. 
Six of Pentacles: This card shows a nobleman giving donations to beggars on the street. My 1st question was, am I the beggar or the giver? I got the answer that I will never be that poor, but there will be “pennies” handed out. My handouts will be to reduce spiritual poverty, and I’ll help lots of people one little bit at a time. I’m still worried about the poverty bit, I don’t want that for myself. This is a concept that I’m struggling with, is it because I have this idea that spiritual people are bound to be poor (me?). That is a program that needs clearing! I need to work through my attitudes toward money and spirituality. Can’t expect to launch a successful healing and psychic business unless I program myself to do well! 

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Reiki hugs, Regina 

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